Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brownie Points
Judging style in the spotlight in a very guilty pleasure indeed, but rewarding style just seems to keep the karma balance. So rewarding brownie points seems like a good solution, and we're I'm talking chocolate brownie points, because if anyone needs them its babymamas and hollywood skinny minnies.

Rachel Bilson can always be relied on in the style stakes. She gets brownie points here for the classic street chic look she always rocks, and those fantastic jeans. Not exactly three quarter length, but bravely ankle skimming, and the zips keep them modern. She always vaguely reminds me of Natalie Portman for her petite figure and her sensible head. You always know that in Hollywood, a girl with a big, sturdy dog can be trusted...

Christina Aguilera gets two brownie points purely for the colour of that dress, and the contrast with the pink lipstick. Although she verges on Prom naff, you've got to love a bit of Christina tackiness, y'all! Besides, babymamas always get the benefit of the doubt.
Recently, Keira Knightley's pap shots have made her look gaunt and transparent. Don't let the rare london sun and floaty dress fool you, but here Keira looks gorgeous, in a dress that on anyone else would look plain and uninspiring. She gets brownie points purely for the sunglasses, they make a nice antidote to those Raybans..

Diane Kruger has recently shown everyone her "style capabilities" and this outfit is no exception. The tee is folky and humble rather than fussy. Usually I'm not a fan of the jeans-in-boots look, but Diane is possibly the only person who can get away with it because she seems to understand that they need to blend rather than contrast. Top points for the bag, it's the right mix of scruffy and luxe. And Ohh, thats not..is it? Is she wearing a headband?

Thandie Newton and Kate Bosworth both graced the red carpet in this pink preen number, in the space of 24 hours, but Kate always looks her best when she keeps things simple, and body con certainly compliments her. Helena Christensen is the ultimate MILF in my opinion; she has that girl-on-girl stare, which is pretty much similar to the attitude that Chloe Sevigny exudes.


Flavia Flanders said...

i love rachel she is so petite and girly and with a lot of style.


Lauren said...

thanks for checking out my blog - im loving yours! and i agree with you on everyone - like the brownie points idea lol

Bella said...

Rachel Bilson is honestly my fave...she's so simply chic...i am extremely jealous...and keira works that dress awesomly...i loved this post :))

Bojana said...

Oh, such a nice post!
Love all the outfits you selected. And Rachel awlays looks so adorable.

Ellie Lee said...

the celebs are all so so cute!! loving the brownie points u've dished out!! so cute!!

but sigh. i still love my ray bans! haha!

María said...

Kate Bosworth never fails, does she?
I am really liking Keira there (I love liberty prints!)

alluretone said...

i lovee kate bosworth's dress.

Ângela Brito said...

I love Keira's dresse, it fits her perfectly. Kissessssssss

Romeika said...

Oh, i think Kate Bosworth and Helena Christensen looks amazing, though i'm not a big fan of this shade of pink Helena is wearing.

Ella Gregory said...

i hadn't seen that pic of helena but omg she looks amazing!!!!!
i love it
i loved this post too.
I think Chrsitina isn't dressing her bump as well as she could, but then maybe Nicole has just spoilt us too much?!
I love the little brownies on the pics, its so cute

hannah said...

i love diane kruger. she is always so chic.

Anonymous said...

the christina aguilera dress is a bit much...and it shows a little too much boob action for me (even if she is pregnant and her boobs got bigger)
I do like rachel bilson's style though

Bojana said...

Okay, actually, deadline : until staurday evening. That okay?
This way it'll be easier for me.

alexgirl said...

i love Rachel Bilson. She's cute without trying too hard.
Not a big Kate Bosworth fan though. That girl is just too skinny.
And Diane Kruger, she is so beautiful!

Kat said...

Fabulous as ever:-) Love all these looks, Rachel is so cute and you're so right about the dog thing! Diane has amazing style.
x x x

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE the hot pink, if only I had the right coloring to pull it off.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I really like Helena's outfit.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Ohh I love christina but that outfit the dress, hair and lipstick is just terrible...she's going to be a mum so it's time to be a bit more classy...what happened? she looked so good at the emmys

Oh and i'm not trying to start a trend or anything with the comments, i'm just doing my own thing...sorry if that came out wrong.

Mrs Fashion said...

I love your karma balance suggestion! Perhaps I should take it up a little?!

Susana Rodrigues said...

Hi :)

Yes I have some obessive compulsive tendancies too lol I had to organize my blogroll list (not having an order was making me mad! haha)

By the way, you are on "My Red Carpet" list!

Kiss and hugs

P.S: OHHH! That Mustafa Şenalp guy is both odd and funny lol

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

i love the pink Preen dress it's absolutely gorgeous

Ellie Lee said...

thanks for d comment! and yer. the worst part abt the "celeb" designer label is LC isnt much of a celeb! she's just famous cos' she's rich and is interning in one of the best teen mag in the world.. owell. and yupp.. her friends wud prolly ged real "designers" too! haah.

and the shoes are fabbb! haha!

Teresa said...

PREEN+KATE BOSWRTH CAN DO NO WRONG. Helena looks amaazing as well!

Teresa said...

Bosworth I mean haha, typo.

SICK. said...

love diane kruger.
her style is major.


Michelle said...

I never thought I'll say this but I quite like Christina Aguilera's dress sense (god, I said it) ever since her 40s 50s Gailliano make over. I'd kill to look that glamorous pregnant x