Friday, October 03, 2008

skull rings on my mind

when i was in london during august, i saw on a couple of different occasions, skull rings.
one was in gill wing, a jewellers on upper street in islington, which was a bit too pricey for my scrawny "on unpaid work experience" arse.

the other was £20 from a stall off brick lane. i thought that seemed a bit much.

now everyday, i kick myself for not buying the latter.

i found this which perfectly fits the bill. alas, it is £164. better dream on or start saving.


ashleigh said...

that ring is perfect. I've always had a major obsession with skulls I think it's my pirate fantasy. I definately know that regretful feeling too. Try eBay gothic stores!

SJ said...

Lovely rings. I'm actually looking for the perfect snake ring at the moment. It's a shame they are too pricey but at least they probably wont make your fingers go green like the last ones i bought in Topshop! :(

discothequechic said...

sj, i quite possibly bought the same one as you from topshop, and not only did it turn my fingers green, but it snapped in three as well!


I hadn't thought about the gothic stores, ashleigh, such a good idea!

Tinsley said...

oh i know im absolutely obsessed with these! i have one on my current wants list too :)

your past couple of posts have been genious (sorry for not catching up with comments!)

im in love with that owl ring you wore in the 80's inspired post - i think everyone's aspiring for their wrists and fingers to look like kate lanphears!

Juliet said...

It happens to me all the time. So I feel this for your.

juliet xxx

Miss Woo said...

I saw some skull rings in topshop today too, though judging by your comments their jewllery might not be the best quality! Viv Westwood have the perfect skull rings imo, one can dream..

this wheel's on fire said...

i've been craving these too! we better start saving :(

Anna said...

i love!
reminds me of the one keith richards wears. veryvery cool.

a. said...

& what a perfect compliment (or finishing touch) to finalized wrists like miss lanphears! these are too cool.

i always do that though, blow off buying something & then totally regret it later.

ill be sure to snoop around when im in nyc for the both of us ;]


Rollergirl said...

I have a silver skull ring from The Great Frog off Carnaby Street. I've worn it every day for about 10 years. If you can save up for a nice one I bet you'll never take it off...