Friday, November 06, 2009

cold sea

guess who found an internet cafe!..

POP magazine may be among the less worthy content of my reading material for this holiday (I wanted to swap magazine reading for books..) but I haven't been able to shake it from my head.

The sheer amount of incredible editorial content has me in disbelief and totally questioning my loyalty for Katie Grand post-POP. Of course, I still adore Grand, but my previously very naive approach of shunning Dasha Zhukova ('how could she do as good a job; she's never had anything to do with a magazine before!') has proven unsustainable and I've actually coming full circle, head over heels in love after finding the debut issue of Pop under Dasha to be much more satisfying to my senses than the most issue of 'rival' Love Magazine.

Just a thought.


The Portmanteau said...

Totally agree - Dasha did a great job despite by initial doubts.

A. said...


fashionable palette said...

beautiful photos.

hrose said...

hasn't dasha been surprising? i leafed through a pop for the first time the other day and was really inspired to get it... the editorial content, as you said, is universally fantastic. i've also been disappointed by love. but im hoping that katie pulls her socks up and gets going. love has bucket loads of potential!


Rollergirl said...

J'agree. Mind you, Ashley Heath was editorial director of KG's POP and the current POP so I'm guessing he's had a hand too. Whatever, looks fab.

Dulcie said...

couldn't agree more. POP blew my feels like the magazine I've been waiting for my whole life. and now I'm head over heels for Dasha and am curious to see if her skills translated into her gallery in Moscow. trip to russia anyone?

All Women Stalker said...

Too bad we don't get those here :(


layers&swathes said...

I had an identical reaction... I think I even went as far as bashing Dasha on TFS. I eat my words. And - Yeah, this shit is far more forward thinking then anything Grand has done in a while