Monday, April 28, 2014

Sliders and fruit and Giggs

Some recent outfits: 1. A jumpsuit and beige raincoat before heading to the Town Hall to help man the Manchester Modernist Society stand at the Histories Festival. 2. Stripes and the fruity birthday card I made for Rose. 3. The love affair with the cow print sliders continue. I also wore my friend Cai's jumper which he may or may not know I have in my possession. It smells really good because he's one of those people with an enviable natural odour (god damnit). This was my 'lazy-Saturday-but-still-meaning-business-while-I-go-to-the-greengrocers' 'look' (I was wearing my pyjama top underneath). A notable mention goes to the Ryan Giggs moment at the greengrocers:

I don't follow football much but living in Manchester means that sometimes it's impossible to stay out of the loop. Last week, after Manchester United manager David Moyes was sacked there was a 13 page special in the free Metro newspaper, I passed numerous people on the street having "what makes a good manager" debates and then that Giggsy scarf popped up at the fruit and veg shop, sort of like a piece of jubilee bunting. "What do you think?", the man at the greengrocers asked when I took a photograph of it. He obviously meant "what do you think of Giggs as interim manager?" or "what do you think of it all?" trying to engage this possible Manchester United fan, but I just nodded my head and said "I think it's great!", like Cher Horowitz when she is asked if she likes Billie Holliday and then fled quickly. Well played. 


Anonymous said...

ahh I always love your outfit posts!! They always seem to subconsciously inspire me into buying something I didn't even know I wanted to wear. So great.

Anonymous said...

Also, forgot to ask, could you maybe do a post at some point about what your keyword searches are on ebay/any favourite sellers? I always wonder what it is you type in to find such gems!

Anonymous said...

hahaha Super fun outfit posts!! Love it!