Friday, November 12, 2010


Check out Disney Roller Girl's amazing yankee sweater and eley nails combo from the Unique show in September! I always look forward to meeting up with Disney Roller Girl during London Fashion Week. She is smart, funny, incredibly cool and a great companion for talking about blogging over a coffee.

Among the sea of black head-to-toe or outfits which seem to have been built in mind to be photographed she never fails to look fantastic yet uncontrived, be it jeans and brogues, a fantastically well cut coat or Eley Kishimoto painted fingernails. She is fuss free and sure of what she likes which are qualities I always admire in people working in fashion as it's so easy to get caught up in the next new trend. Always having a strong sense of your own style at the back of your head and making a trend work for you and not the other way around is to me, what style is ultimately about.

Vice Style have teamed up with Blackberry to make a very cool series about bloggers. (I'm really excited to have also been included-think mine is in the editing suite as we speak) Disney Roller Girl's own video gives us a sneaky peak into her house (think lots of amazing knick-knacks, a boombox and a uten silo wall holder) as well as her wardrobe. The contents of her home alone really sums up what she's all about with her interest in the historical reference points and counter cultural aspects behind fashion. You can watch her video here: Love Blogging.


Ally said...

She is so great, that jumper and those nails are perfect. I can't wait to see your Vice video! And I just noticed you included me in your best reads list - thanks!!! I'm so flattered :)

Fashion Queen said...

I love the nails.

Rollergirl said...

Ahhh, that is so nice Stevie, thank you. Dying to see your vid!

Anonymous said...

Love her quirky jumper + nails combo and can't wait to see your contribution to the blogger series :) x

N P said...

Hello, just letting you know that i linked you on my blogroll "♥ Blogs"
You know im lovin here.

Spence. said...

Great post, I love her nail art!