Thursday, November 18, 2010

juergen teller

Great clip from MTV in the early 90s about my absolute fashion photographer hero Juergen Teller.
Watch him shooting Kate Moss with his then-wife Venetia Scott, talking about Courtney Love and PJ Harvey and the beginnings of his career working for record companies.


Ally said...

This is a real treat! I love Juergen Teller and hearing Kate Moss speak is always fun. I found it so funny when he said Claudia Schiffer has beautiful feet, not sure why I guess because she is such a stunning woman and he is commenting on..her feet. Great post!

N P said...

Impossible to not to adore him.
Absolut hero.

Anonymous said...


Rollergirl said...

Great find Stevie... doesn't Venetia have a lovely voice?