Thursday, September 13, 2007

High Hems and Brights at Fashion Week

At big events like Fashion Week, I always think that people watching the crowd is nearly as interesting as the show the itself.

It goes without saying that Scott Schuman captures what people wear beautifully, so here are my picks.*

*Blogger isn't being very well behaved...I'm afraid that pictures won't enlarge and the poll below is adament on staying there.

PS, I got 15/15 in a spelling test at college today. HOW cool am I? And how cool is the teacher for getting us to do one, I think the last time was when I was seven! Bring on the spelling bee..

Which outfit wins?
Picture One: Kruger in Yellow
Picture Two: The Booties
Picture Three: The Red Shirtdress
Picture Four: Florals and a Bun
Picture Five: Head to Toe Orange free polls


fashionistakay said...

i am loving the yellow dress!what wonderful bright ensembles!
p.s.check out my new post

Filó said...

LOve the second picture an the worm colours...

Flashy_Shades said...

d.kruger looks beautiful!

penelope said...

hha!! i chose the wacky floral one cos the girl's paired it so perfectly!! though her bun's still debatable.

anyhow thanks for d comment! haha! nicole's def fab!! and even halle barry's not a cool as her!!


Aisha said...

Bright colours are amazing and i also love the second outfit and already voted =D

Oh, i also enjoyed your post below! (:


lisa mona said...

love the booties outfit! indeed the guests can be as exciting as the show. love it:)

Avenue Geoge said...

Love your blog, it is super cool!

Best outfit? It has to be, for me, Miss Kruger in the yellow Tommy Hilfiger.


coco said...

diane kruger is by far the best in my opinion
i love her style
and yellow looks surprisingly good on her

Diana Coronado said...

Luv that kind of colors !!
Heyy i'm back !! hehe !!
Hugs !!