Monday, April 20, 2009

are wwwd onto something?

just in from is this:

Girl of the Month Mélanie Laurent

I've heard others voice similar opinions about Who What Wear Daily, that often they seem a bit behind on trends and it girl-spotting but this time it looks like they're onto a winner in the form of French (already a recipe for success surely?) actress Melanie Laurent.

Better head to her Fashion Spot thread, pronto!

pic whowhatweardaily


Tea For Two said...

wow, she's one to watch. That orange red carpet ensemble is smashing.

Rollergirl said...

Ooh I saw this too ! I like that she's a writer/director as well as an actress. mmm, interesting! x

Mash said...

I love her <3 and she's so stylish !

grace said...

haha totally agree. FINALLY, wwwd. shes a cutie