Tuesday, April 14, 2009

feel like i've come full circle

because I now like harley viera-newton again.

watching this old nylon video made me think "huh, she's not aloof and pretentious like I thought she'd be."


lovelydisco said...

She has gorgeous eyes. She seems kind of... shy, I guess.

Cathy said...

all these "it girls". i like their clothes, but i don't bother watching any videos or reading any columns about them. for me, they can be a fashion inspiration, but nothing else, i do like that cut out dress/skirt so wears toward the end of the video

make believe said...

Oh no! I am so torn...to love or to hate her? The jury is still out!

CapuccinoB. said...

You just made me remember of how much I love this "making off" Nylon vids...

PS: i'm reading your last wednsday post... sigh, i want that new wardrobe you talk about!


jessica said...

i actually really like her .
she seems like someone i'd want to hang out with, not just steal their entire wardrobe .
oh, but i'd do that too, don't be mistaken .

CapuccinoB. said...

can i ask you something?
in the outfit post, next to you there's a note but i can't read it!
It puts: One belongs to...
and what else?


Dane said...

How is it I have only discovered your blog now? I love it!

And I see you cant wait for the summer.. I live in a country that only has spring & summer. I think I kinda miss winter!

Mash said...

hum stupid question i know but I m from France so who is this girl ??????
I love the clothes that they try , where can i find this shop please ?
(many questions i know)

discothequechic said...

Mash, she's Harley Viera Newton, generally known as an another "stylish internet sensation" but she also DJs a lot in her spare time, as is a bit of a "downtown socialite" in nyc.
Google her name and you'll come across her thread on The Fashion Spot.

and the shop is No 6 in NYC.


Anonymous said...

i dont like her ever since i met her a few years ago.. she is another trust fund irritating layabout. Idk, her style is ok but i dont think we should ever 'like' these girls personalities aha. I like it when someone has amazing style AND a brain and when thats found they should be admired.

Mash said...

oh thank you very much for your answers sweety , I m gonna go to search on google right now :-)

Anonymous said...

hm, I have to agree w/ the other anon.. i like her style and have HUUUGE hair envy, but her personality is just meh to me.

..I didnt know she was good friends w/ mischa barton terrible but brilliant show) so i assume like most other it-girls harley is fairly wealthy.

I wonder what she does apart from DJing? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

---just wanted to add she is FAR more tolerable than alice dellal!

Anonymous said...

ehh, wanted to add in my other comment that m.barton went to private school.. she popped up in a episode of 'rich girls' that used to be aired on MTF, which followed ally hilfiger and a friend and was terrible yet brilliant.. thats what i get for forgetting to preview! sorry for flooding this post with my rambles ha.

discothequechic said...

anonymous, you should check out the "great hipster debate" post that I did. judging by what you've said, I think you'd find it interesting!
I have this constant love/hate relationship with hipsters because like you say so many are just feeding off of their parents success and doing little besides flashing their 2.55s in pictures on cobrasnake. But the point in this post was that though I had previously applied this view to Harley, this video actually showed her in a better light than I would have expected.
Anyhow, you can check the post out here, if you wish!


Anonymous said...

oh thank you for the link! I'll leave a comment there & here when ive read :]

Anonymous said...

I think it can be a little ridiculous when a daughter of a rockstar who lives in a penthouse paid for her daddy in nyc rolls around looking like she is homeless.. But then again.. isn’t that what is happening with the alex wang craze at the moment? Idk, fashion can be boring to me at times. A lot of these girls in the blogging world are looking the same at the moment.

IA, very much with the other anon, When it’s someone with amazing style AND a amazing personality, they deserve the ‘it-girl’ and ‘inspiration’ title.. Not a cory kennedy type who goes to parties for a living.. Doing drugs etc.

All of the hipsters tend to blend into the same person for me a lot of the time.. And I guess that’s my gripe with them, its nothing new, nice clothes yes.. But nothing different. I’m bored of them all looking the same, and THAT’S when its frustrating when these girls with dead eyes are on every fashion blog, looking homeless and miserable… when in reality they live off their parents and have very comfortable lives. Being born into good money and then trying to look like they are punks, or live ~on the street~ irks me.

The cooler than thou attitude bugs me too. And the sense of ego you sometimes get from looking at their pictures.. Idk, they haven’t really accomplished anything groundbreaking have they?? Yet they are minor celebrities in the fashion world and have fans..? Hmmm.

In general though I’m conflicted.. Because nearly anyone in the fashion world who is praised has money. People are well off, can afford gorgeous clothes and get praised. Money gives a person means to more.. Being able to shop for a living will make you look great after a while, so the easy nature of these skullset/cobra snake peoples lives turns me off them in a way. Its irritating when I work two jobs so I can afford clothes from topshop and they swan around New york ‘DJing’ and get paid so much more. When it’s the same look its irritating as well, as you feel like any-one could attain the same style if they had the funds.

I also think that people can be embarrassed to admit to liking hipsters style.. I’ve checked peaches geldofs thread on tfs a few times, because I DO like some elements of her style, but id never mention it to my friends, because of her ugly personality.. That and being ‘successful’ because of her dad… hipsters have a lot of negative connotations I guess, so yeah in summary I think that they should be taken for what they are.. Sometimes fashionable people.. With often admirable clothes.

They should be seen for the clothes, not really praised for anything else. They definitely should NOT be icons.. And not taken too seriously.

Anonymous said...

apologies for the essay btw! ha