Wednesday, December 23, 2009

advent season: day twenty two: admitting defeat

I think it's high time I admit that this years 'advent calendar' didn't quite go according to plan.
yes, working a stupid amount (topshop is exceedingly busy over christmas, don't you know) combined with bro daycare has taken it's toll and as a result all of those fabulous seasonal posts I had on my mind didn't quite come to fruition.

ever wish you had a hermione granger style multitasking machine? my to-do lists are never completed, no matter how hard I try! I know everybody is in the same boat, things get mad in the run up to christmas so this post is partly me talking aloud to myself and partly a reminder to all of you that people work themselves too hard these days. we can't do everything, so put some things on the backburner this christmas and give yourself a chance to really relax. properly relax-turn off the computer. sit, lie, think, clear your brain, stop stimulating it.
lecture over.


Mer said...

:-) I posted about the same. Relax, enjoy and like you say, stop multitasking!, that's why I'm telling myself these days...

happy holidays!


All Women Stalker said...

*sigh* tell me about it. haven't slept and still have boatloads to do.


Eloise said...

I love your blog, on the search for more uk based ones : )

L▲UREN said...

ahh yes so true. you just end up feeling generally stressed by how much you have to do, and how much you have to spend! loooove the blog xx