Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quiz Results

The quiz results are here, and it looks like a lot of you have been on the ball this month, fashionwise. Which means there are thirteen winners! Hmm, hows that for feeling exclusive! But fear not, heres a little quick round to determine who will win!

and for the rest of you, "Its the taking part that counts!" uh...yeah. So here are the answers and the comment moderation is now off so you can look back at answers and compare the results. It was very close, yahh.

Also, thanks to those who don't themselves have a blog, but read mine and took part! It's nice to 'meet' you!

Quick Fire

Let's whittle this baby down! Please only answer if your name is above! I'll be posting the winner on saturday, so get your answers in before then, aiii.


georgii said...

1. Victoria Beckham

2. No idea ...

3. India! Gemma on the cover!

4. Irina K? Dunno ...

5. Zac Posen ... durrz!

Cool Like Chloe said...

woohoo! i made it into the next round :)

ok here we go...
1. Victoria Beckham
2. Viktor and Rolf
3. Vogue India
4. Natalia (Vodianova i think?)
5. Zac Posen (with karen elson)

greta said...

victoria beckham,viktor and rolf,south africa,natalia, zac posen

Anonymous said...

hi! i really like your blog, do you want to trade links?

Ro said...

The girl is Victoria Beckham and the designer Zac Posen,maybe his partner is Julianne Moore.I´m not sure about the spellings I´m Spanish.

muze1990 said...

1. Victoria Beckham??
2. Viktor & Rolf
3. (b) Greece
4. I have no idea!
5. That new one for ChloƩ??

Mrs Fashion said...

I'm such a swot I know - but here are my quick fire answers!

1 Victoria Beckham (why they call her 'Posh" God only knows)
2 Viktor & Rolf
3 India
4 Natalia (Vodianova - extra points?)
5 Zac Posen (plus Karen Elson + baby bump)

I'd give you an apple if it'd help my results!
Mrs F x

dulcie said...

yay!! thankyou for mentioning me in your previous post, i can now die happy having had my fifteen minutes of fame!
onto the quiz:
1.c)INDIA ofcourse-disgraceful that they are using gemma ward as the cover girl though
2.natalia (you said first name basis, but surely it's best if i am specific, just to show that i reallyreally know, so please don't disqualify me if i add a little Vodianova)
also, good luck with your exams. i have mine too at the moment-stress AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey I know all of it, almost!

1. Victoria Beckham
2. I want to say...Victor and Rolf
3. India
4. hmm, most Russian models looks alike, but I'll make a it Doutzen? Kinga?
5. That is Zac Posen, and I believe the eye candy is Karen Elson!


Candid Cool said...

yess!!! I won!

1. victoria beckham. it really pains me, she was so good in 2003.

2. victor & rolf

3. gonna guess a south africa.

4. natalia v.

5. zac posen and i'm guessing karen elson (but i'm sure i'm wrong)

Jennifer said...

Nice blog, i love your little quizzes.

Elle said...

Oh, wow! I won! I won! I won! Haha. (well, sorta...)

1. Victoria Beckham
2. Viktor & Rolf
3. c. India
4. Vlada Roslyakova
5. Zac Posen (with Karen Elson)

Fashion Lolita said...

1. Victoria Beckham
2. I don't know ... but it needs to be he .. no women would do that
3. c) india
4. Natalia Vodianova
5. Zac Posen ( and karen elson)

Mash said...

question 1 :Victoria Beckham
question 2 :VIKTOR & ROLF
question 3 :India
question 4 :Regina Feoktistova
question 5 :Zac Posen with Karen Elson

rosalie said...

#1 Victoria Beckham
#2 Vikto&Rolf
#3 India
#4 Natalia Vodianova
#5 Zac Posen (with Karen Elson)

dianabobar said...

victoria beckham,
natalia vodianova,
zac posen, karen elson

kate the great said...

victoria beckham
viktor and rolf
south africa
natalia volodinova
zac posen with karen elson

rollergirl said...

Pffft, what a fix... *Rollergirl flounces off muttering*

Diana Coronado said...

I like the first pic...