Thursday, August 21, 2008

new york herald tribune!

what is your favourite quote?

two of my top films: the dreamers and a bout de souffle


Anonymous said...

Amazing movies.


susie_bubble said...

I love that The Dreamers in turn also quoted all of my other favourite movies...a bit of a film feast really...

a. said...

ok so i am dedicating this autumn to films i havent seen & this is at the top of my list.

i figure as ill be so busy with classes, i could use a good sunday movie night every week.


ps, im at work now & would rather wait & reply to your lovely email until i get home & am in my element. i sound mad, but i know you know what i mean.

lots of love!

a. said...

pps, ive just realized that that is the same lad that is in 'love songs'.

one movie i have seen & its very good ;]

plus i kindof have a thing for ludivine sagnier.


~Jay~ said...

Nice blog"

Rollergirl said...

"Got any pot?" ...(That's from Desperately Seeking Susan)

Mattie said...

i love the dreamer. i have watched that movie like 30 times. louis garrel is the sexiest