Thursday, August 14, 2008

oh my goodness gracious me

he didn't!
he didn't?

he did!
mr todd selby knows us too well.

it feels like a whirlwind romance, as we've all pretty suddenly fallen in love with his site the selby.
and instead of buying us flowers, making us mix cds and holding our hands at gigs, he treats us to interior shots of the homes of erin wasson, thom browne and like, loads of other totally cool and like totally interesting people.

and now, to top it all off..

eeeh. i'm wilting like a week old cut peony...


cupcakes and cashmere said...

this is so fabulous! i can't wait to dive in.

a. said...

ahh! i saw that it popped up just last night & freaked!

i was like noo wayy! he didnt!

gah, love. thank you todd. you have no idea.


Rollergirl said...

He didn't?!!!

He did! Loving the whole site. Only discovered it yesterday (thru you) and now my boyf is hooked as well. Off to have a play now :)

The Clothes Horse said...

How did he get this gig? Seriously, dream job. I think I'd rather photograph tons of apartments like this than have to choose one to live in!

emsie said...

I've been loving this site since I found out about it from you yesterday. Some great apartments there.

Anonymous said...

Yer i've been on the site before... amazing houses for sure!

GDW said...

I love your blog and I was wondering, would you like to link up with mine?

Marilynn said...

Aww that sounds so fun. I would love to just photography apartments.

I really like that brown leather couch for some reason.

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alex hannah said...

my heart skipped a beat when i saw it.
what a rad job he has!

belle.chantelle said...

Ah! Thanks for the site! Selby is wicked!

MR style said...

amazin wang !!!

Juliet said...


juliet xxx

Sunniva said...

I reacted exactly like you when I first found out. I had to take a little time-out to get my act together again. Todd Selby might just be my hero..after Alexander Wang that is.


Style-Rocker said...

cool blog!!!

SICK. said...

yay :]


we could grow up together said...

selby is so my latest addiction!

Anonymous said...


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Jessica said...

I freaked when i saw his studio was up too. It's such a beautiful space.