Saturday, September 30, 2006

Man, he's stylish!

So, I decided to pay tribute some of the best dressed guys, because hey, why should girls steal all the fun. Afterall, it was the men who originally championed braces, skinny jeans, ties.....uh, boyfriend jeans, obviously, and lots more. But lets not get into that now!

So to get the ball rolling, lets start with Alex Kapranos, lead singer of Franz Ferdinand. This is in no particular order, by the way.

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See what I mean about ties! There were lots of pretty cool pictures to choose from, but lets face it, the retro "grandad" shades were the piesta resistance of the photo.

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Ok, so you might have noticed a pattern emerging already...Its a pretty small picture, but i really liked it. Its Jarvis Cocker of course, and for me, anyone who wears thick rimmed glasses like that deserve to be in this list! belive me, I spent ages trying to find a picture of Marc Jacobs looking this good, but his glasses were the only eyecatching thing[s]. I really like the mixture of dark autumn shades in this outfit. Makes me think of victoria plums! yuum.

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Well, i wasn't going to miss him out of the list was i? Who else is there in the world of hip hop who wears braces, spats and straw hats and manages not to get their head kicked in? Not Fiddy Cent, thats for sure. Kelis was in this picture too, so I guess that counts her leg as being stylish? Well shes one hot mama anyway.

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Oh adam adam adam. Single handedly responsable for the geek revival. Okay, well, hes not "single handedly responsable" because Seth Cohen helped that too. But still, he should probably have trademarked striped sweaters, because H and M have made so much money out of their cohen-esque clothes.

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Okay, so what I was saying about Andre 3000 earlier...I think i need to do a bit of backtracking, because check out Kanyeee! I saw him play in February and wow, I don't think I've ever seen so many hot outfit changes on a guy! There was the old skool blazer [which he's also wearing above], the snakeskin puffa jacket, crispy white shirts and a whole lot of bling and marc j sunglasses.

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I thought I should include Mick Jagger as he's worn some pretty cool stuff in his time, and besides, hes kind of head of one of the worlds most fashionable families. [Surely I don't need to justify this fact? Jade Jagger....Lizzy Jagger.... fasionista spouses like Jerry and Bianca...] And anyway. How cool is his sparkly tux!?

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and last but not least, Viktor and Rolf!
Moustaches, Glasses and fine tailored suits, not to mention a double dosage of euro-charm.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rachel Bilson

There are already so many celebrity reality TV programmes around. In fact, there are too many. BUT, thats not to say that I wouldn't welcome a show that delved into the wardrobes of stylush celebrities.

But unfortunatly there is no such luxury, so instead here is a little collection of pictures showing Rachel Bilson in some of her finest fashion moments....

Rather annoyingly, I couldn't always find out where her outfits were from, but they're "hawt" anyway.

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I love this 1960's Mod Style minidress, and it's capped sleeves.

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wow! Rachel Bilson has gone grungey on us! I love the combination of the cute girly dress, with the ASBO-worthy cropped leather jacket. The big buttons give the leather jacket a modern twist.

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These dresses are Rachel's speciality. They always look really good on her petite frame, and she always seems to go for colours that complement her skin tone.

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I love this Marc Jacobs outfit, I have a magazine clipping of it on my bedroom wall! Its very cutesy and granny chic.

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This is the grey version of a MJ dress that Lindsay L also wore, but obviously Rachel looked better in it. Again, its a typical Rachel B dress, but I love the way the snappy crocodile bag [no pun intended] sets off the outfit.

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Don't actually know where this picture was taken. I think this outfit is mainly down to Rachel's brilliant choice of accessories. Both the record bag and chunky chain necklace are very cool and her shoes are like spats!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cherry Starlet's Boutique

Came across this little cyber boutique on eBay. See the chunky necklace, shown in the last post. [only £3.50!]

There are lots of really cool cheap bits and pieces on there. Including these two pairs of kitch animal earrings. Doesn't the pair with a cat remind you of Maria from the Aristocats!?

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Also this horseshoe necklace. I♥ Pony Club!
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Leopard Print Bow
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It's all very Tatty Devine, except about 10x cheaper! Check out the rest of the cherry starlet boutique...

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Topshop Unique Spring 2007

Wow, topshop "done good". After announcing their K Moss collaboration as of April , everyones favourite shop is on a roll! Here are some pictures from the Topshop Unique spring 07 show. I love all the peaches and pinks that keep popping up in the new spring collections. [see Luella's rosey shades below]. Its nice to mix up the grey, mannish themes as well with some bold and girlish colours.
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So it looks like chunky chains are going to be sticking around a bit longer. Found an 80s variation on eBay, which is pretty cool...

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Catwalk Choons

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Ah Music and Fashion. My two favourite things. Excluding cupcakes that is....

Here are some of the tracklistings for the shows at the New York Fashion Week. Notice lots of JT and Lily Allen, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned, but also kind of ironic that it would accompany size 00 catwalk models, considering quotes she's made about modern day skinnies like Victoria B and The Pussycat "skinny lapdancer" Dolls. mehh.

BETSEY JOHNSON • Your Kisses - Pippettes • I Don’t Think So - Kelis • Smile - Lily Allen • Queen mixed with Athena (Reggae mix) • Evil - Ladytron • Candy - Bow Wow Wow • Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club • Galang - MIA

Trust Betsey Johnson to play MIA on her catwalk!

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG: Shy Boy - Bananarama • LDN - Lily Allen • Cobrastyle Eater Bugz in the Attic - Teddybears vs Hall and Oates • Nice Day Under My Feet - Persephonee's Bees vs. Carole King

LUCA LUCA: Lollipop intro • Sugar Dumpling (Givin' Me Cavities mix) - Sam Cooke • Knock'em Out - Lilly Allen • Shake Yeah - Arlington and Cameron • I Don't Think So - Kelis • Keep On Moving - ESG • Smile - Lily Allen

MATTHEW WILLIAMSON: Hello I Love You (remix) - The Doors

MICHAEL KORS • A Chorus Line Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

PETER SOM: I Don’t Think So - Kelis • Song With A Mission - The sounds • Do You Want - Cassie • Miss Your Touch - Cassie • Bum Breath (DJ Clifford Remix) - Destiny's Child vs. Artic Monkeys

wow, Destiny's Child vs the monkeys. interesting... I googled it, and found it at this link.,98943,16-bum-breath-arctic-monkeys-vs-destiny-s-child-oli-clifford-.html
Its actually kind of good. You can imagine the prancey catwalk when you listen to the beat! boom boom boom...

SASS & BIDE: Downtown- Peaches
love this song.

ZAC POSEN: Young Folks - Peter Bjorn & John • City Of Love – Persephone’s Bees • Nice Day – Persephone’s Bees • Space For Rent - Who Made Who

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Luella Spring 2007

So, over the last year, Luella Bartley seems to have been in the spotlight, probably partly because of her successful collection for american superstore Target but obviously for her amazing designs!
I was completely in love with her Spring/Summer 2006 collection and seem to have been affected again with her new Spring designs!

Lots of black and whites and repetitions of the greys that are everywhere this autumn and winter. But also with cute pastel pinks, blues and yellows thrown in. Don't think Luella's gone soft on us though, her london punk edge is still there, and with her mod style plastic macs its apparent that the sixties will be back come 2007.

Good to see the fantastic glasses keep coming with every new collection.
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Houndstooth Houndstooth Houndstooth

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There's so much amazing stock in H and M at the moment. They really seem to have their fingers on the pulse! Even more exciting is the prospect of the Viktor and Rolf range which will be out soon, but lets face it, that collection will go the same way as the Stella M one did...straight to eBay. So bloody annoying.

But hey, rather than mourning over the loss of Stella M and co, I want to pay homage to all the great clothes around at the moment. I usually shop at H and M but when on holiday in Brighton in August, I decided to pop in, and left with a pure 80s towerblock trash style mustard houndstooth shirt (see picture above). Think Del Boy meets Pony Club. We're in love. Also bagged myself a cute little sleevless grey dress which a high hemline. I'll be wearing it over a black poloneck and leggings this winter, in addition to lots of cosy layers! Also had my eye on a black and white houndstooth coat, but had to leave before I went Houndstooth crazy.

Also re-discovered that I have a houndtooth skirt in my drawers that I bought form a charity shop last year. A very satisfying discovery indeed, because incase it wasn't possible to tell from my enthuiasm for the pattern-It's everywhere!

this diana von furstenburg coat made up for the lack of trademark wraps...
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Alison Goldfrapp in her Lolita style sunnies.

So... I know it was a while ago, but in pure sunday-boredam fashion, I was channel flicking and started watching footage of the 02 Wireless festival that was in june. Saw Goldfrapp perfoming Ooh La, and have absolutely fallen in love with Alison's outfit! The glasses are so cute, in the style of Lolita. I want them!

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The two photos on the left are by PG Brunelli and the one on the right is by Roniek Bannink.

Friday, September 01, 2006

New Blog!

So! This is my first blog.

Basically the aim is for me to just be able to build up a collection of notes and thoughts on general goings on in the world of fashion, art, photography, film...

and for other people to be free to browse and contribute...