Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Atishoo, Atishoo, We All Fall Down!

A little lighthearted post to add a bit of humour on a bland tuesday! (EDIT: At least that was when I wrote this...) I though I'd think about the comedy values of fashion, and Jessica Stam falling flat on her face pretty much springs to mind!

What I admire though, about these Catwalk mishaps, are that the models got up with grace and a big smile and carried on, when it probably would have been easier to lay in the middle of the catwalk and have a good old cry into their Proenza Shouler and Chloe.

And anyway it adds a bit of fun and takes away the pretense. I think someone should actually instruct their models to accidentally on purpose take a tumbl on the way down the catwalk for a bit of drama. Mr McQueens the man!...

Whoops A Daisy!

Kamila M takes a fall at Vivienne Westwood.
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I feel so sorry for this girl! She got up again with grace only to have another slippery fall right at the end. And it took about five seconds for her to actually reach the ground. Try not to be tempted to search for it on YouTube...

Footsie Roll: Iekieline Stange
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"I was just adjusting my shoe!" Duhh.

Faux Pas: Elise
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Poor, poor Elise! But look how she improvises and walks back swinging her heels from her hands. And bless the front row woman who helps her up. They're not all backstabbers!

Good Trip, Lara Stone?
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Falling over on a catwalk in front of the fashion world's snootiest queens? Or falling over on the catwalk of the fashion world's snootiest queen-Karl Lagerfeld. I think we know which is worse!

Jessica Stumble
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Offf! Makes the palms of my hands feel slightly painful watching this, but also makes me want to laugh.

Have a great rest of the week!

S xx

Monday, January 29, 2007

Just don't ask him to get him freak on...

who else can take a bondage infused collection and parade it down the catwalk...
all in front of Roland Mouret sitting in the front row?...

I love the way Giles has paired short short hems and flirty bubble skirts with spikes and chains to produce something that still manages to keep it's feminity intact! Clever Man. And I'll take a pair of Deacon glasses too!

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and last but not least...
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

My, Oh Miller!

Nylon is my new favourite thing!

Living in the UK means I find it really hard to get hold of, so its only over the past few months that I've started buying it.

But man am I glad I have because not only are their covers drool-worthy, so are their spreads!

Check out Sienna in February's issue!

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I love the fact that Nylon style their cover stars in clothes that you wouldn't expect to see them in yet, they look so fantastic.

I really like Sienna's hair too! Say no to the extensions! and she looks all cute and brooklyn block party-esque!

Yay! Nylon have renewed my "Aww I love her" opinion...

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can't wait to snap it up.

PS, forget what everyone says, roots are hot!

Monday, January 22, 2007

5 things you didn't know...

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This could have had the potential to turn into the blogger version of those annoying myspace and hotmail chains that go around, demanding friends to declare their love for each other, or declaring personality traits under the subject of a coloured condom,
and very luckily it hasn't!

I like the fact its spontaneous, and gives bloggers a chance to take a real peep into the anonymous personas of others! Although I don't write my blog anonymously, its nice to reveal a few little unknowns to you all.

So thanks to Viva La Divas for nomintaing me to have a go-I think I should take it as a compliment!

1.) I have a two week old Brother. Very surrea;l but rather fantastic. A huge age gap, but it's nice to think he'll be able to come as stay with my when he's older.

2.) I have had a seven year old goldfish called Gucci. Love the mock chav-ery of the name. Though Gucci isn't exactly Cavalli, the fact that it was Victoria Beckham's favoutite house in the Spice Girls days makes me chuckle. EDIT: Gucci died in february. Weep...

3.) I'm a rather good cook! I took part in a ten week course a couple of months ago, and after having very low expectaions of my skills, I came second in the final!

4.) My best friend is moving to Edinburgh this summer, and I'm absolutley gutted. I'm going to miss her so much, and at the moment, I'm trying not to think about it!

5.) I am a Wes Anderson nerd.

I'm going to pass the honour onto Teresa of Fashion Orgasm,Coco of Coco's Tea Party, Cool Like Chloe,
Allure of ALLURE Fashion and Alanna of Lipstick Lady
because these are ladies whose fantastic blogs I check most and who I kind of feel like I have a lot in common with even though we've never met.

(and shh don't tell, but I'm going to bend to rules slightly for Siobhan of The Dressing Room
because shes a newcomer whose blog is great and I love reading, and I didn't want to leave her out!)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let's Get Physical!

Nearly nothing excites me more than a whole lot of new spring collections to take inspiration from! And for 2007, one of my favourite new arrivals has undoubtedly been the Sporty look. Featured on the runways of Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney, Belstaff, Y-3, Paul Smith and my favourite, Karen Walker. And thats only scraping the surface.

Madonna hit the nail on the head when the key look of her latest reinvention was a retro purple leotard!


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  • Rework the MC Hammer look with ballooning nylons and wild metallics in parkas and raincoats.
  • Work the urban feel with Y-3 trainers and city shorts. Mix chavvy caps and fat gold chains with flirty dresses for an urban ironic edge. You'll have all the country bumpkins wetting themselves with confusion.
  • Incorporate rave with neon glow and 1990s rebellion. "Nostalge" over the puffa days with Glossy black puffa jackets, and add some androgany with floaty skirts and record manbags.
  • Wear battered plimsolls and flashy men's Nikes with pride.

It's about being sponatneous and effortless and painfully unashamedly street.
your aunty isn't kidding when she talks about being down with the kids!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Top of the Frocks

There are those who deal well with a public split (by using the opportunity to embrace the offers of beautiful new clothes from the hottest designers and to flaunt to the ex just what they're missing.) And then there are those who really, really don't- Britney and Cameron anyone? Must be the Justin effect!... But Reese is definetly the first type, she scrubs up very well indeed in this buttercup Nina Ricci creation and plenty of bling.
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Although many people seem to have disaproved of Sienna going back to her boho roots after wearing this heidi-style do, (including Perez Hilton who seems to have self elected himself as a fashion know-all), I like the fact she did something a little different and think she looks beautiful. Shes got a very healthy and radient glow and looks happier than she has done in a long time. Its amazing what a bit of Marchesa can do for Ms Miller!
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There was lots of debate about this Chanel dress, and it appeared on a mixture of best dressed and worst dressed lists. But my take on it, is that it is a classic examplke of a daring dress that has been pulled off well! A quick peep on Babel star Rinko Kikuchi's imdb profile showed me that we have a style icon in the making. A follow up to boyish tux's and daringly short minidresses? I may never have heard of her before, but Rinko certinaly gets the thumbs up from me! Watch out for a style icon post on her coming soon!
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How cool do the Nicolsons look!? I love Lorraine's hair and although its not my taste, this grey Dior dress really compliments her porcelain skin. As for Jack, you just want to shout "He's the maaan!" He looks like the ultimate dad-a mixture of embarrasing (the sunglasses), but also someone to be very proud of (who wouldn't be proud to see your dad wear that bow tie?). The family affair couple works everytime! Lenny and Zoe K anyone?
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This Gyllenhaal rarely gets it wrong and since the birth of baby Romana, shes been One. Hot. Mama. Glowing in YSL, shes completely at ease on the red carpet while working the volume trend a treat. It makes a change to see her in something quite classic, but her quirky style remains intact.
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The Big Love girls look great! It was immedietly Chloe who caught my eye, as I'm always keen to see what shes wearing, but I think Ginnifer looks fantastic. Her smoky eyes are very sexy, and although I think her Dolce and Gabbana could hang a little better, it dress really suits her. Tripplehorn pulls off the "aging star" look well. As for Chloe, she went down the vintage route in YSL, not sure about the spice girl style strappy platforms though..
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Trust the new "matching tress" twins to show up to a glitzy event like the Golden Globes pre-party in style! On first glance I thought this was a Marchesa dress, but for that night Ashley was supporting the big guns and wearing Giambattista Valli, while MK was probably warign "vintage, dahhling!" And a couple of swipes of scarlett lippy, a cocktail ring and fur (which better be fake!) and you have the typical Olsen cocktail, I'll never tire of their wardrobes!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Irinaaaa, you've got to see her!

A treat for "y'allll"

Just came across this interview with Irina Lazareanu at my new favourite site.

click on her pretty FACEEE!

Didn't know she was discovered by The Moss!?

S xx

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gay Disco at Vivienne Westwood

"Its good to stay at the..."
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Post Script

So I'm bored of the whole Review of 2006 thing.
I feel I've reflected enough on last year and would rather look ahead to 2007.
Especially after coming across some fantastic editorials and ideas in this month's Vogue and Elle and last month's Nylon. AND especially after a very satifying in depth study of the Vogue Collections book.

Its so exciting! Anyone read it?

Having said this, I have a couple of posts that I compiled a while ago about Kate Moss and Cory Kennedy, so these should be reaching you in the not too distant future, too!

Hope everyone is well.

S xx

Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Show Me What You Got Lil Mama!"

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In November, you may remember, I put up a post ( sharing my disgust at the fact that Zoebot and Party Queen La Lohan had been selected for Miu Miu's Spring 07 campaigns.

I was, and still am surprised that the fashion house opted for someone, who in my opinion really doesn't represent the brand's identity, unlike previous models such as Camilla Belle, Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhaal who are all recognised for their quirky styles.

However, I'm willing to (kind of) go back on what I said because one of the first pitures has finally been released (or leaked..) from the campaigns, and I must say I rather like it!

Lindsay has the air of a ventriloquist's doll and the rich tones in the picture are reminisent of the decadent colours used in Miu Miu's winter collection. Her classical glamour look makes a nice change from the unflattering pap shots we're used to seeing of "sober" lohan stumbling out of nigtclubs.

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Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott have done is again!

Review: Class of 06 [chloe]

Part Three: Best dressed bitches


As far as best dressed bitches do, in my opinion, they don't get much better than Ms S! The quirky star shot to fame in ultimate indie film Kids and has continued to be acknowledged by the fashion world for her unique taste and daring ways. (Shorts and long socks, yes please!)

I've selected some of my favourite outfits shes worn this year. My favourite is the second picture, she looks so great in her plimsols, short shorts and girly blouse. Sex. On. Legs.

Of course don't forget the spectacular bright yellow YSL dress she wore 2 years ago... You know which one I mean!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Review: Class of 06

Part Four: Best Dressed Bitches

"What else is in the teaches of peaches?
Like sex on the beaches. huh? what?"-Fuck the Pain Away, Peaches


Note: Eight Days! Damn, thats been the longest time without a post in so long...

Obviously widely recognised as the not so irish, opiniated daughter of the equally opinionated Irishman Bob Geldof. But Peaches is now a name in her own right as a cool scene kid occaisionally spotted on Trevor MacDonald or Channel 4 Documentaries.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I used to love reading Ms Geldof's articles in the late and great UK ELLEgirl, but now I love spotting some of the great outfit choices she makes (or rather flings together) when attending various events.

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Known for throwing together £2.99 necklaces from H and M with some rather more expensive fancies, Peaches is a little indie kid with a big individuality! Graffiti-ing a white tee with the name of your boyfriend? If thats not individual, I don't know what is!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Review: Class of 06

Part Two: Trends of 2006


Isn't dressing like a boy fun? Why else do you think the likes of Mulan did?
All things boyfriend were spotted on the catwalk over 2006, from the tuxs at Burberry to Topshop jeans. To add some femininity to this androgynous looks, flirty blouses, pinky hues and jewellry are key!

Seen below: Noir, Paul Smith Women, Margaret Howell
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Although a trend that by some is considered by some incredibly hard to pull off, I loved seeing Volume around because it was such a versatile look and there is so much you can do with it. From baby capped sleeved in high street shops, to wide high waisted trousers, tulip skirts and cape coats it was everywhere! Steer away from puffball and stick with pairing a slim tee and a tulip or bubble skirt with opaques and platform style shoes for a bit of glamour!

Seen below: Balenciaga, Chloe and YSL
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IT Bags of 2006

The YSL Muse

Spotted on the arms of Kate and Lindsay to name a few, the appropriately named Muse was a spring hit and was available in classic colours aswell as metallic and croc for anyone in the mood for a twist.

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The Stam

How lucky is Jessica!? Shes only 21, and not only is she a success international model, but shes folloing in the footsteps of the likes of Jane Birkin by having a gorgeous handbag as her namesake! Jealous?... and guess who is sampling the Marc Jacobs delight? Thats right, its Lindsay again. Looking gorgeous with a marilyn pic!
For me, this was one of my favourites and I guess it was for a lot of others; did you see how many high street rip offs multiplied?

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The Chanel Purse

From the 2.55 to the many updated versions, the chanel purses were seen on the arm of every young (and loaded) It girl this year, because lets face it, they won't be going out of style for a while, will they? This classic design has had as many reinventions as Madonna, not bad for a bag thats been going since 1955!

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The YSL Rive Gauche

Favoured by Sienna and Katie Holmes, this bag may not have had the same coverage as the others-but look at this sparkling beauty! I love its sheeny texture and slouchy quality. Not bad for £1,800 ($3500)! Ahem...

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Fendi Spy

SJP, Keira, Mischa, Uma, Kelly O, Nicole to name a few of the Spy's "bitches" the spy was the proud owner of a very long waiting list of ladies all waiting to get their hands on the latest IT bag. Sadly, since last year (aha..) Fendi has moved on. But lets not forget how pretty it is.

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Thanks for all your lovely comments I got for my last post, its getting feedback that keeps this blog going!