Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gloss Girls

The mass of March magazines with glossy girl icons parading around is making my heart double-flutter and my eyes pop.
This is cover design at it's best. Scrap that, this is cover porn.
Gwen Stefani looking, as Adrian G over at Fashion Verbatim pointed out, uncannily like Ms Lara Stone is decked out in one of the cute SS08 Miu Miu dresses and was shot by Mert and Alas (who else?..) She looks like the 2008 version of her Love/Angel/Music/Baby Alice in Wonderland look.
Lindsay Lohan graces Paper Magazine looking fabulously Hollywood. Shot by her BFF Jeremy Scott and styled by Marcell Rocha (who also styles for i-D when it takes his fancy.) Her blonde hair looks great here, shame she didn't put the effort to get somebody to style it like this everyday. She may be shamelessly whoring her comeback, with a string of magazine covers, but it's working because she finally has a film on the agenda. Put those Razzie awards behind you, and get a stylist to keep up with the hype, pronto!
And while you're at Borders picking these up, be sure to get your mitts on March's i-D with eye candy in the form of Raquel Zimmerman looking not at all US Vogue and very Louis Vuitton. It's got the best editorials in it this month, I kid you not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"I have a fully formed character, then I break it down."

Fancy a peek into Luella Bartley's LFW diary?..

The best moment for me was seeing the first look for my show come together-the hair and the make-up was done, the shoes and the bags were there and suddenly, I saw the character, I was like, "Oh, yes! It's brilliant!" At the beginning of the season, I have a fully formed character, then I break it down into fabrics or whatever. At the end the doll comes alive again-that's always the most exciting bit.

You do end up staying up all night preparing, but there weren't any real hardships this season-although the shoes were very tricky. When we were doing all our fittings, everone was tripping over. Luckily, when push came to shove, the models were very professional. I was literally imprisoned in my studio with the same people for five days. It was quite surreal. I didn't go to many parties-you can't party like you want to because you are so focused. I feel so boring, single-mindedly thinking about a look. And I didn't go to any of the other shows because it can be intimidating. I've learnt not to compare. It's safer just to do your own thing and not be involved in the fashion thing.

An hour or so after the show, I felt normal and part of the real world again. I was so desperate for the show to be over,but now I miss it; it's quite anti-climatic. I went to a karaoke bar to celebrate-nothing glamorous. Last year, I had a big party at Claridge's and it was nice not to have to perform again. You have to become a personality and it can get a bit much.

Seeing the reviews is hard-I've just stopped feeling nervous and then it all starts again. I'm going back to the countryside to chill out with my kids. I won't look until I feel strong enough. Denial is always best for me.

from Mary Meyer's "Backstage Pass" article from The Sunday Times Style Magazine, 24th Feb.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Could you please try a little harder?

Prada is the one collection that is guaranteed to make my hands clammy during fashion week. So when I rushed to read's runway review and was greeted by the word "lace", I felt a little let down and images of cliched Victoriana styled collections sprung to mind. Could the AW08 collection possibly to be the first season that Miuccia Prada wouldn't get it right?

But after putting to the side these inital fears, the collection was a certain grower (hell, maybe not being a fan of Ms Prada's designs would be more interesting?) and now I rather love it. I'm glad to see that Miuccia's feminine yet modest collars which often make appearances in her designs (most recently Miu Miu SS08) are back again.

The plain shapes and muted colours seen in the shirts and thigh grazing dresses, struck me as a little reminiscent of Raf Simmon's designs for Jil Sander, and seemed a perfect contrast against the elaborate doily like lace patterns of the skirtsuit and occasional jumpsuit.

Who's ready for Miu Miu?

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Model Citizen

One of my favourite parts of fashion week is the people watching. When flicking through pages and pages of collections pushes me to breaking point, I take comfort in snaps of the models backstage and on the the street, prancing and showing off their own outfits, for once able to style themselves.

apologies for the break in posting; for the past few days neglecting the blog has made me feel like a distracted parent, but it's good to be back.
Went to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly on saturday night, and enjoyed it so much, I genuinely recommend you all see it, if not for the incredibly moving and in parts humorous narrative, then for the perfect French women with floaty minidresses and bedhead hair.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wasson Your Mind?

It's amazing what a bit of, ahem, Wang can do for gathering attention a plenty. Having been discovered back in 2002, and now at the ripe old age of 26, Wasson is practically a pensioner in model years, which is why broadening her horizons into styling was one clever idea. The world doesn't need anymore models turned actresses.

Many know that Erin Wasson has joined forces with her pal the fantastic Alexander Wang for the past two seasons now, and with urban denim cutoff jacket/baggy short combos she has styled for the runway she proved her self as more than er, a pretty face.

and seriously, I apologise for the title. I thought it was clever for about two seconds.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Go Anti Valentine and Grab an Elephant trunk, too

As I never conform by creating New Years Resolutions, this year continuing to be spontaneous was a resolution that I created for myself.

Well, tonight I popped down the road to the local arts centre-come-bar/restaurant and sat myself down with a group of lovely folk to watch back to back 8 international short films, and I must say I had a very lovely evening. The films are kind of anti-valentine themed because, well, incest isn't very romantic is it? (!) but the mix of dark and candycoated films really worked well, and the homemade mishmash of cupcakes as refreshments didn't hurt either.
The films are touring the UK throughout February, so be sure to grab a friend or indeed other half and see what you think.
one of the films shown..
circus troupes, elephants trunks, jewish immigrants, woodland nymphs, creased satin knickers.. if any of this taketh your fancy, I suggest dedicating a few minutes of your day to lose yourself in Zach Condon's perfect old world.

Beirut-Elephant Gun directed by Alma Har'el

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Party on at Coco's...

Sometimes with the amount of times we've got together to collaborate on posts, I worry that myself and Coco will come across all Tom Cruise and Katie circa 2005 (the gushing, the sofa jumping..) But I couldn't turn down this offer, especially when it involved having my say on the week's style hit and misses (does anybody else find this weekly post perfect to counteract the stress of pre-monday stress?)

Click here to have a read of the Celebrity VS Civilians New York Fashion Week Special.

Thought I'd also use this opportunity to tell you how stunned and over the moon I am that I won the Best Content category in Jen of Mahalo Fashion's Fashion Blogger Awards. With Susie Bubble's Style Bubble one of the contenders, I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I would be a runner-up (I'm not trying to be self-deprivating, I honestly thought this!), so It's really so rewarding to know that not only do people read my blog but they find the material remotely interesting!

Coco very deservedly won the Best Celebrity Fashion category. So you know what this means? "Award winning blogging all around!" Wink. Ha...

Well done to all the other winners and nominees, it's so nice to see the great blogs out there getting recognition. If you didn't get nominated, please don't lose heart, hopefully, these awards can become a yearly tradition.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

When In Stockholm

Size Matters

The skinny jean backlash is well under way and I'm craving a bit of baggy comfort. But who said that a bit of fabric is unsexy? Wear your oversize trousers with a skimpy little vest top and heels.


In the pre-spring months when the weather is at it's most unpredictable, layers are a necessity. But looking like Mary Kate Olsen circa 2005 need'nt be part of the equation. Take cues from the Stockholm girls by sticking to an aesthetically pleasing dark colour palette with unusual fabrics like angora thrown into the mix to keep things lively.

pics: facehunter

Thursday, February 07, 2008

One a Day

Sophia Bush best known for sickly teen dramas and uhh sickly teen films (John Tucker Must Die, anyone) clearly has an unashamed agenda to launch herself as a "fashion icon" these year, loyally turning up to any show she could get an invite to at New York Fashion Week. Oh Dear.

Something that made up for all of that Bush (heh) coverage was Ms Sevigny stepping out 4 times in three days allowing my to indugle myself in a gawp. This may be the last Sevigny post for a while. I'm making a sacrifice for the sake of overexposure! If I ever get sick of Chloe Sevigny, I don't think there will be much else to live for, and with all this ELLE style advisor business I think I'll let Sevigny posts lie low for a while. (Unless something she wears really needs disecting..)
So make the most of this.

Fifth February

Glossy hair, check! These grey tights, a firm favourite of Chloe's this week are such a lovely contrast against the pale rose coloured dress.

Fourth February

Undoubtedly making an appearance in her best outfit all week, and you'd hope so, because she designed it. Small details are vital, and these peeking socks are no exception.

Third February

This was a close call, and to be honest, I'm not convinced about the dress. She certainly pulled it off, but then again, it was the Miss Sixty show she attended. I think I'd turn up in a juicy tracksuit just to convey my bemusement at the fact the brand even shows at NY FW.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Moment

Is it bad that at the moment I'm enjoying dressing a little frumpily on purpose?
If you've ever seen I Heart Huckabees, then I'm having a bit of a Naomi Watts moment. Except minus the chocolate stained-teeth and plus those Clemence Poesy boots I was searched for.

Kniited jumpers + Charlotte Gainsbourg hair + Dad boots + No Skin= The perfect frump formula.
It's very refreshing, and even empowering, I recommend it!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Dressed To Kill

Kirsten Dunst, Bruce Willis, James McAvoy

Whilst Vogue continues and continues to fail to come up with the goods, at least one issue a year, Vanity Fair can guaratee an issue packed with splendor and glitz for us to bury our noses into, in the form of the Hollywood Issue.

The best feature is surely the murder mystery style editorial, taking the concept of an old film noir screenplay, and bringing together some of the cream of hollywood to play femme fetales and murdered spies. With Jennifer Connely, Kirsten Dunst, and Julianne Moore featuring, I'm in.

As much as I favour the more modest yet nonetheless genius POP magazine shoots, it's nice to get a taste high drama and high production every now and then.

Yes, and that is Rinko Kikuchi you spy. (In the second picture.) Remember this time last year when she seemed equally as promising and exciting as Clemence Poesy? Maybe this year she can catch up and excite again.

The spread created by (naturally) Annie Leibovitz and Michael Roberts.

Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren

Rinko Kikuchi, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy, Penelope Cruz, Ben Affleck

Naomi Watts, Peter O'Toole

James McAvoy, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Yawn Biel, Kerry Washington, Amy Adams, Rachel Evan Woos and some other randoms.

Ellen Page, Emily Blunt, America Ferrera, Ginnifer Goodwin et al.

And the cover? Quite clearly sastel never looked so good and that's because this is Dior.

If you fancy some "It's-such-an-honour-I've-read-the-VF-Hollywood-Issues since-I-was-this-big!.." gushing, then click here for the behind the scenes video for the cover shoot.

It's like, all "cul-trawl"

Hey, look at that. It's spring, which means? Vogue have produced another "cul-trawl" editorial. What are the ingredients for one of these spreads I hear you ask? A white, spritely model, flexing her long legs, prancing about with a grin, holding hands and standing around with the "natives". A donkey here, a rickshaw there. And plenty of floral leis or tibetian style bunting.

Granted, with those fantastic Alexander McQueen feathered dresses and plenty of tanned skin, it has me feeling all warm and in the mood for summer, which makes me feel perhaps a slither less opposed. But, please Ms Chambers, give us the Emmanuelle Alt treatment!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I've been in London this weekend, so just a quick note to say "hii".

Looks like you all got your geek on with the SS08 ad campaigns in the post below. It's not too late to have a bash at matching the campaign to the fashion house if you haven't already.

And also, without going all gushy, thank you very much indeed for those of you who voted for Discotheque Confusion in Jen's FBA awards, kind of crazy really, and has made me realise at least I have more then one reader out there these days!

I've been nominated for Best Content and Best Celebrity Fashion Blog, Of course, long time blog friend Coco has also been nominated for the latter category too, so good luck to her, with her delightfully addictive hit and miss posts I'm sure she's in with a good chance, and I'm up against the Lovely Susie Bubble for content. Ahem, yes!

But a little voting wouldn't hurt if you think the blog is rightly worthy(!)

Anyway, until we next meet (sunday, monday I'd say..)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Nerds always know

Hoorah, it's le weekend! To start the weekly two day holiday (I'm particularly tired this week..) off with a bang, I thought I'd encourage you to get your game on. I don't know about you, but with all of the SS08 ad campaign snaps that have been doing the rounds of the internet over the last couple of months, there are some that I feel more familiar with than my trusty casio watch.

A mix of some easies but some nasty ones too (no cheating!) match the number to the fashion house. I'll see how the hardcore nerds get on and then maybe add a list for you to pick from.