Saturday, July 31, 2010

goldmine bristol

Calling all fellow Bristolians! Our dear city's vintage credibility just went up a notch with pop-up vintage store
Goldmineopening up on Stokes Croft. From the founders of Dutty Girl comes a temporary boutique with the 'come, browse, consume baked goods, drink tea' philosophy that we all love. The launch night is tomorrow and nicely rounds off what's been a busy Bristol weekend (thanks to the Harbourside festival, I've lost count of how many sunburnt bodies I've seen slumped along the Arnolfini.) Make sure you turn up at 7pm to thumb through the clothes (which thankfully are just as pocket money friendly as Dutty Girl) and make the most of the free wine and DJ sets.

Goldmine on Facebook

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

nominate discotheque confusion for cosmo blog awards

ph by patrice jackson
Cosmopolitan Magazine have launched their first ever Blog Awards, and if you deem Discotheque Confusion a suitable candidate for the Best Fashion Blog category then you can click here
to vote. Pretty, pretty please?

You just need to type Discotheque Confusion and into the URL box with one little reason why the blog should be nominated. Okay, schpiel over..

hello sandwich

This blog, Hello Sandwich is doing nothing except invigorate my current thirst to visit Tokyo. Go dream and time waste..


Just got back from a quick daytrip to London where I..

wore this outfit, freshly bought from Beyond Retro after overheating.
went to have a thoroughly entertaining snoop around the Jacques Pop-Up Townhouse with fellow bloggers.
and spent the last of my pennies on this fetching little 'Mexico' bag.

The Jacques event was so much fun, and as always catching up with fellow bloggers was a laugh. Ella from Coco's Tea Party, Susie Bubble, Bip Ling and my Bristol accomplices Charlie and Alexxsia turned up too. Jacques have taken over a beautiful Grade II listed building in Fitzroy Square and they'll be putting on lots of free events over the next month which I highly recommend you check out with a few girlfriends if you're in town and scrapped for cash. You can pop your name down on the guestlist here. Throw in some fortune tellers, delicious fruity cider served by witty bartenders, cupcakes (I asked Ella if she could ever see this fad dying and she truthfully couldn't) and benefit beauticians into the mix and you have some bloody successful afternoon organised by those clever, clever people at Exposure. Not quite repping it for the bloggers where digital technology is concerned, I bought my Olympus XA2 (still on loan from Josh) so photos are to come once they've been developed.

Monday, July 26, 2010

the chunky black boot

Chunky black boots are a little vice of mine. Sadly I had to leave my favourite pair on my Brooklyn Couchsurfer host's shoe rack after Talking Shoe Syndrome took hold of them (when the shoe and sole come apart and flap or 'talk' as you walk). Eh, shit happens and in all honesty those were by no means the holy grail of Chunky Black Boots. As a result, my search continues despite having two pairs sitting in my wardrobe baffled by their apparent inadequacy. I trawl eBay multiple times a week and charity shops when I have time as they're abundant in 90s shoes that toe that pretty/ugly line. I haven't had a lot of luck this week but the good news for you is that if you also possess a love of all things leather, chunky and booted in the shoe department (and not in the naughty way) these are some of the pairs that weren't quite right for me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

swapping swallows for cherries

just a heads up to those of you still in the depths of a miu miu shoe whirlwind romance.. river island's embellished platforms can be your fall back option. they're decorated with cherries instead of swallows or kittys but will still whisper sweet nothings into your ear for the delectable price of £55.

cinema style: the big chill

Last night I watched The Big Chill (surprising that it's taken this long when there has been a copy on our shelves for the last 15 years) and was left feeling not only a desire for a replica group of friends (this is no reflection on my own, you'll share my thoughts if you've seen the film) but also for the men's wardrobes. Jeff Goldblum's glasses, William Hurt's gold wristwatch, an array of shirts in moleskin and soft cotton, beige windbreakers, toffee coloured chinos and the creme de la creme; the matching running trainers the 8 characters wear in the middle of the film.

The gospel according to Kevin Kline, Tom Berringer, William Hurt and Jeff Goldblum sadly implies these get ups look better worn with broad shoulders, clean shaves and hairy arms, so male readers should especially take note. Don't mistake this as statement as a promotion of gender specific clothes; those of us without adam's apples should absorb these details too and while at work I've noticed hoards of brown tapered trousers which perfectly emulate Big Chill bottoms.

You can watch the trailer below but I'd recommend you save yourself as it's one of those annoying types that gives away the best lines and moments before you've even watched it. There are cheap copies over at Amazon (click here if you live in the UK) (or here for US) if like me you're living a frugal lifestyle..

Friday, July 23, 2010

juergen teller


Juergen teller, easily one of my favourite photographers. This series which sees two of his muses, Racquel Zimmerman and Charlotte Rampling stark naked, breezing around the Louvre also holds a special place in my heart. I tore the second picture from weekend newspaper supplement over a Saturday breakfast sometime last year and it's been stuck above my bed ever since. I love that (in the fourth photograph specifically) there is really very little difference between Raquel and Charlotte's bodies. As far as Louvre rendez-vous go, I think these portraits safely beat Theo, Isabelle and Matthew's racing through the gallery in 9 minutes and 27 seconds.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

venetia scott
kate moss by venetia scott.


I had a brain wave this morning while browsing through This photograph jumped off of the page; an overdue solution to my wardrobe predicament of having too few skirts and too many shirts. Of course the fashioning of a skirt from a shirt look is not new ground; anyone who has read fashion blogs for at least two or three years will have seen many a shkirt experiment but this is the first version that has really made an impression on me. Likely due to it's resemblance to a nice little camel button up- the sort of skirt that to me in this moment in time would equate to the Holy Grail.

Full credit to the faceless woman photographed, for today I have acted as a complete copycat. Also note that her entire outfit would be perfect for a little do-it-yourself dissection. White shirt as jacket, ho hum ho hum..

rainbow hair

looking back to coachella, it was the middle of the day with the sun at it's highest and most merciless and Joanna and I were taking refuge in the shade of the Gobi tent. crowds were a pleasing size before the 5pm swathes that arrived with the cooler afternoon air. while we lay on the grass completely motionless bar the occasional flapping hand to shoo a fly, I spotted this girl standing a couple of metres away and spent a while staring at her head, completely mesmerised by her hair. with it's rainbow colours it reminded me of a handful of pick and mix sweets (it was just as appealing.) I didn't want such an incredible hairstyle to get away undocumented so thank you to the girl (whose name I never found out) for being so obliging (in a quietly baffled sort of way) when I asked to take her photograph.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

la garconne

The La Garconne Autumn/Winter lookbook epitomises all that you could (in my eyes) possibly desire to wear in the upcoming season. Something I really love about this lookbook is the fact that it is kept so simple; a simplicity that has me kicking myself for overlooking such a formula and failing to apply it to my own wardrobe. If Maths is what keeps the universe turning then we can be certain that it's also the key to a perfectly styled outfit.

Striped Jersey + Suede shorts= Monday
Mohair Jumper + Tight Jeans= Tuesday
(Leather Skirt + Riding Boots) x (Rain Mac + Satchel) = Wednesday

etc, etc..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

fishing hats
1. dudley (royal tenenbaums)
2. alexa chung for madewell
3. jak and jil
4. rachel comey SS10

I give you the fishing hat (or bucket hat) as my choice headwear for the summer; perfectly hardy and fuss-free. I've always felt the hat market has been saturated with hats that are too fussy for me. That's not to say I haven't seen a well-worn beret in my time but in truth I've never had the desire to wear one, and well, if I did I'd look a bit of a pillock. Instead a neat little canvas Bucket hat (with a couple of eyelets, no less) in a navy is much more appealing. Both UK and US Amazon sell incredibly cheap bucket hats that fit the bill (see here). To be worn on the beach with a simple high waisted bikini (like american apparel's) or during the day a la Rachel Comey with long hair and legs on show.

Monday, July 12, 2010

july 12th

from this.. to this.. I've spent most of my day decamped at my local while the internet connection at home refuses to cooperate. after lots of satisfying keyboard tapping, productive activity and coke and peanut consuming i'm now feeling a little brain frazzled. but in a good way. have also been getting my head down with working on an exciting project which for now will remain under wraps but hopefully after more ground work has been put in I can tell you guys about it.

tell me something good about your days?

current wishlist

(click item descriptions to see more..)

I've been spending an awful lot of time listening to The Beatle's Rubber Soul over the past week since I finished reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. The book, which I'm sure many of you have read (though if you haven't, do!) is filled with references to the album beyond just the title. My current favourite is Girl for the breathy romantic inhaling and dreamy sound which feels oh-so appropriate for the summer.

topshop and the trials and tribulations of the transitional season

The Topshop AW10 campaign images are in. They're very tantalising and doing nothing to help my current state of transitional season limbo. What is it about this time of year? Outside the sun is glorious, the skies are clear, the pavements are warm and all I can do is hide from the heat in a shaded cafe for the stubborn sake of wearing a camel cashmere jumper. The editorials are powering ahead waving all these beautiful winter collections in our faces while we desire a less sweltering climate in which to wear them. I'm beginning to think the obvious solution would be a move Down Under. The southern hemisphere's season is more in line with what I'm calling the Fifth Season. The Fifth Season being that fictional season-the one always out of reach but always in the pages of magazines. Models prance in their shearling jackets and suede shorts just as the sunshine we spent all of the winter coaxing out emerges. 

I would love to take the higher ground and refuse to let the pages of Vogue apply this 'always wanting what I can't have'' desire to the weather as well as the contents of my wardrobe. But you know, I'm a product of the whole system and it's bigger than me. It's bigger than me and I'm too weak to fight my dirty little sartorial desires. I too shall blindly follow suit and power on with autumn dressing lusting. And continue to toe that tricky transitional season line even if it means succumbing to layering induced fainting spells..

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

hanne gaby odiele

she's a charmer, that one.

shop discotheque confusion

I've grown tired of extortionate eBay fees and decided to set up shop myself over at Shop Discotheque Confusion. I've kept it all reasonably priced (everything is currently under £15) and you can even listen to a little Simon and Garfunkel while you browse. Lovely. I'm shipping internationally and those of you who fit into the 'can't wait' category everything can be bought instantly-no more waiting around for 7 days ala eBay.

Everyone's a winner!

Also worth mentioning; Discotheque Confusion is now a dot com! After almost 4 years of blogging and ten minutes on the phone to a domain helpline I managed to figure out how to do it. Typing the old hefty blog address into the toolbar is now a thing of the past..

Monday, July 05, 2010

angus part two

some pictures from my last few days in angus, scotland. favourite moments include:

Lily and I arranging flowers for the table decorations in her greenhouse (blooming peonies so beautiful they made me weak at the knees)
enthusiastic ceilidh dancing in the evening
a day of endless prosecco
eating fresh strawberries from rachel's impressive fruit and vegetable patch
seeing the night out in the marquee after everyone had gone, helping ourselves to leftover hog roast from the caterers tent and dancing to curtis mayfield and jay z.