Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Romy Coppola: Everyone say aww!

Ahh, Sofia C finally gave birth to a little baby girl!

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Man, that baby is going to be one cool kid, Marc Jacobs baby grows, French chic, family friends like Kirsten D and Bill Murray, french europop rehearsals in the garage, access to Sofia Coppola's wardrobe

....and on top of all that she gets a cool name like Romy!

Is there a new (yet cooler and more intellectual) Lou Doillon in the making?

Monday, November 27, 2006


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Seeing as I still can't work out how to add links to the side of this pesky template, I thought I would instead
post an entry about my favourite fashion blogs. I'm not talking about the fantastic (but big) ones like Style Bubble, I'm talking about the ones that have had 300 views max, but are my regular haunts.

I just wanted to say to these people how great your blogs are and that I'm either giving you a big far HOLLAAA because you write so well or I love your posts!

check em out dawgg


David La Chapelle, baby

After discovering the book that I am in love with in my local borders, I came home and did a bit of research...
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Its Heaven to Hell, a book of work by David La Chapelle and it is the ultimate coffee table book. Except maybe one to put away when O.A.P Family members pop around. Wouldn't want Granny choking on her batenburg now, would you?

Definetly on my chistmas list..

and while looking around his site, I found a fantasticlyhomosexualyclaustrophobicyetexcitinglyretrocandycolourliscious film featuring Amanda Lepore that he shot for MAC.

Here are some of my favourite stills.

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bubblegum boobs
mysterious briefcases
ornate mirrors
gay cowboys

leave it to la chapelle!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Leatherface and Richie: Its over!

It seems that Winter 2006 has been the time of the Hollywood splits!

First there was Ryan and Reese...

and Britney and K Fed...

now its Nicole and Rachel!

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Nicole has apparently replaced the "Leatherface" because she wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences." while she focuses on putting on weight and tackling her eating disorder. Rachel Zoe styles for most of Hollywoods skinny IT girls and has been accusses of promoting unhealthy body images.

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Then: Although Zoe's styling shot Nicole into the limelight as a style role model, her style became an identikit also being worn by Lindsay and Mischa. Now: Looking grown up, sophisicated and on the way to recovery! Nicole at the American Music Awards, styled by Ehrlich.

The stylist has been replaced by Cristina Ehrlich, who owns a clothing line called Miss Davenporte, and has styled for Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz.

Although...her the davenporte designs have also been popular with the Olsens... hmm, but lets not delve into contradictory points...

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Loveely Davenporte smock dress worn by Ashley Olsen.

Oh No...

My first reaction to this outfit was "Bleuggh! What are you doing?"

...but now I'm not quite sure. Because although its quite chavvy and very bling, it also kind of works because its borderline.

Almost 1970s...
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Well, at least I'm certain that I don't like Gavin's getup. He looks like her bitch! And he looks really gruppy! You know when men dress like teenagers? I prefered his scuffy look, with his wild hair. Now he looks all label happy with his exepnsive looking jeans and leather jacket.

Oh dear...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Orange Delight

Heres a collection of pictures of the great model that is Karen Elson. I love how different some of these pictures are. Like I just don't see the model as being her in the one below, she looks like an anonymous woman from another age, and thats what models should be able to do. She can recreate her identity in an instant. As soon as she walks down the catwalk she makes you forget than shes from Manchester (I was so surprised when I learnt this!) and that she shares a bed with Jack White!

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Are Miu Miu and Li.Lo heading for a crash and burn?

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It has been revealed the Lindsay Lohan is to be the new face of Miu Miu for their spring 2007 campaign, which I find pretty insulting!

I love Miu Miu, and even more I love them for the fact that their adverts feature interesting celebrities and models who have individual styles and unique looks. They're featured lesser known stars and big personalities, and I think its great that they featured models with a 33 year age gap in last years campaign. (eg, the Kim B and Camille B ad below).

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So the fact that from all the talent out there, they've settled for Lindsay (who in my opinion these days is just another tiring LA It girl, who is overpaid, overfeatured and over-revealing her desicion to go free in the pant department!) is such a shame. (But PS, the "Paris is a cu*t" thing was funny, watch the video here. what. an. idiot.)

Wonder if she'll actually turn up for the shoot? The photographers are the duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott who have been responsable for the photos used in campaigns for Louis Vuitton and covers for W and I:D, as well as taking photos of Kate M, Madonna and Kylie. See below and you'll probably recognise their work.

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Have Miu Miu made the wrong choice? and has Li.Lo entered the "crash and burn" stage?

Heres an extract from about her bad experience at the World Music Awards in London this week.

One of the worst things that could happen to someone is getting booed off stage, another would be falling.
...Welcome to Lindsay Lohan's world.
Lohan had jetted to London to host the 2006 World Music Awards in London only to find an audience that wasn't too thrilled with the redhead.
Apparently, Lohan was booed off the stage!
However, despite the cold reception from the audience, Lohan smiled her way through several clothing changes and hosting scenes until she fell down the stairs.
Talk about the last straw...
As Lohan was walking backstage, reports claimed that she fell down the stairs (though not injuring herself).
"Lindsay was devastated," a source said. "She came off stage and fell, and so she had to give up. It looked incredibly painful."

Theres no sign of a clip on Youtube...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Size 00 frenzy continues...

The size 00 debate (well...its not really much of a debate) was sparked over the summer after the death of model Silvia Bitaeres died of anorexia and skinny models were banned from various Fashion Weeks.
Now Brazilan model Ana Carolina Reston has died from her anorexia. She was just 85 pounds when she died (thats about 6 stone).

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Lindsay was the curvy redhead that everyone loved...but as her weight pumeted in 2005, so did her popularity...

As hopefully everyone knows, skinny is not a good look. The likes of Nicole and Kate B need to take note, and take their responsabilies as role models seriously. I can understand that models for the catwalk are generally skinny for the purpose of modeling clothes, but when crash dieting and displays of ribcages become to norm, its bad.

Awareness about Pro-Anorexia sites was promoted after Peaches Geldof fronted a report for the Trevor McDonald show a couple of months ago, its so sad that girls of our age aspire to the lifestyles of the "LA It girls".

so...following these thoughts. These are the girls who need to watch out, they're talented and fashionable women, but they're letting their body hang ups get out of hand and letting them dominate them. Ever wondered why it ended for Kate and Orlando and Nicole and DJ AM?...

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Before: Kate looks happy and healthy and she has a radient glow. After: Wheres she gone? Skin and bones and dull skin. mm, desirable.

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Before: Nicole seemed happy with her size although admited to putting on weight after coming out of rehab. After: This infamous picture was shown all around the world. Its shocking how skinny she is just look how much older she looks too. Her skin in prematurely ageing...

please let me know what you think about the size 00 issue...

Friday, November 10, 2006

London kids

Whilst flicking through the photos on the website, I came across some very well dressed people indeed. They were guests to the launch of Exceptional Youth, which was an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery and was hosted by Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley.

mostly relatively unknown on the fame scale (or people with Rich Dads), and unsurprisingly from london, I thought it would make a special post, and a change from posts about well known people.

Lily Maguire and Tiger Chadwick
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Joanna Natasegara and Henry Holland
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Henry Holland is the designer of the fantastic humorous designer slogan tees. The catchphrases include "Get Yer Freak On Giles Deacon" and "Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey"

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The tees are dirt cheap for what they are and you can find them at knock yourself out!

Edit 2007: Don't even think about it...look away from the House of Holland tees. They're not to be considered anymore, understand?

Leith Clark and Erdem designer Edrem Moralioglu.
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stay tuned for a post of some of Erdem's spring 2007 designs...

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they did good in the dress department didn't they? those londoners...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fashion Icon(s): MK vs Ashley

(pheww..this is a long bitch of a post!)

Each of the twins may be yet another example of a skinny american it girl, and they may be billionaires at the age of 20, but unlike the LA gang (Mischa, Nicole, Lindsay) these New York girls like to let their creative juices flow when it comes to fashion.( ahem, what an odd phrase) and anyway... lets ignore all of their wealthy and take a look at their fabulous wardrobes!

I think if I could choose to steal the wardrobe of any celebrity I'd definitely consider these two...but what about if you had to choose between them!?

So here are six pictures of the creme de la creme of the twin's fine moments to help make a decision about who got the style chromosome! (if thats possible...!)

Ashley Olsen
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On the left: Keeping things simple on a night out, but she still looks fantastic. Shes kind of gone down the school girl route. The polka dot blouse hangs well and I love her satchel style clutch. On the right: Don't the Olsen twins have such great street style? She looks a bit Kate Moss here, working the waistcoat and skinny jean look, but without going down the tacky Victoria B look. Thank god for that!

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Left: Despite the teeny looking legs, she looks like she just flung on this attire without any second thought! Right: This is one of my favourite "Ashley outfits" this is her at the Troy premiere in a little girly crochet dress. She looks very "Olsen" with her babyface features and vintage look.

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Left: To me, this picture represents the change from over the last year in Ashley's style. She's grown up, and the classic bold lipstick, and sophisticated use of all black adds to the glamour of the outfit. She tops it all off with a "big girls" bag, and... a plaster on her foot! Right: If you saw Ashley walking through the streets of New York like this, she could just be a normal person; a very well dressed normal person! (Minus the fact shes got on some Sienna style Ray Bans and an It bag.)

Mary Kate Olsen
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Left: This picture always triggers a debate with myself about whether or not this Micheal Kors dress is flattering? I don't like it with the red shoes, and she looks too thin and lolly popp-y, but the gold compliments her summery glow and maybe if she'd had her split ends cut off it would have been more well polished. Right: This is one of my favourite dresses that MK has worn. I don't know who the designer is though, and I love it! (Although its possible Zac P, as she wore it to his show..) It looks like she found it after rummaging around her grandmother's vintage dressing up box (thats a good thing!..)

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Left: Va va voom! Out and about in Paris during fashion week, Mary Kate puts a humorous spin on things in these quirky Chanel shades, and goes all french on us with the woolly beanie. Right: More street style from an olsen. Looking rather grunge chic in a FRANKIE SAYS RELAX tee and large vintage cocktail rings crammed onto her fingers. hawwt.

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Left: Not keen on the shoes, they just make her feet look really big in those skinny jeans, but I like the jumper with the jeans and shes reworking that classic scruffy olsen look. Right: Damn girrrl. I hope she won the Hottest Supermarket Style award for this. A boyfriend shirt, scruffy demin shorts, and a fendi spy-a like spell a recipe for some checkout romance!

Verdict: ooh thats hard, but I think MK works the street style look better (but only slightly!) whereas Ashley looks fantastic when she goes for the classic glamour look, eg blong hair, red lips and some fantastically girly emsemble.

but its hard...any opinions anyone?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't you wish your glasses were hot like mine?

So okayy, I know its winter, but sunglasses are still possibly one of my favourite things...apart from Krispy Kremes, Live Music and Fashion...not forgetting mix tapes, Keith Murray and Indie flicks.

okay...they're up at the top somewhere...

and especially during this spell of perfect autumn weather we've been having (veery cold air, but beautiful cloudless and hazy sun filled skies, a combination perfect for big scarves, rosy ceeks and smug smiles) , its been very nice to be able to wear my beloved shades!

Take a leaf out of these girls books when it comes to their eye candy!

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Nicole looking in my opinon, great in these cute little shades.

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London designer Carrie Mundane reworking the 80's with her Deirdre shades.
gurl, she knows where its atttt.

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MK + chloe sevigny worthy specs + McQ skull scarf + chanel handbag + scary biker jacket gone good = HAWT

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Some unknown model at some unknown catwalk (sorry about that!) pulling off some toffee coloured sunglasses. Different to the cliched hawge LA it girl shades, and I love them for it.

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An anonymous myspace girl, who I thought looked like a fashion It girl! Doesn't she look fantastic! Sadly I saved this picture a while ago, and lost her URL in the mean time.


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It's all about eBay these days.. its full of little gems, like the 2 pairs above, and the pairs all below for a mere $12.99. and you know what that means don't you...they cost even less in sterling. alrighht.

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beard not included...

and if you're feeling particularly daring how about some lens free retro NHS presciption glasses. I bet all those poor kids who got their heads kicked in for wearing them in the 80's would never of dreamt they were being sold on eBay to the style conscious.

if anyone has any pictures they want to contribute of sunglasses your way...let me know.
would be interesting to see the results, no?