Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Vogueing

At the sound of a heavy clunk coming from my letterbox this morning, the same thought popped into my head as at the end of each month "Maybe, just maybe this time It'll be interesting..?", but as I tore away the plastic packaging from my July UK Vogue, I was horrified!
The catalogue style cover models grinned back and me and the words "trying to hard?" popped into my head.

models l-r: yasmin le bon, cecilia chancellor, lily cole, lizzy jagger, marie helvin, erin o'conner, jaquetta wheeler. Yawwwwn!
This is Vogue! I know recently I've been declaring my boredom for it, but I didn't think it could stoop this low! Marks and Spencer models! Where are the fresh, new young models that should be gracing the cover? And most of all, this is where the knife was truly stuck in, Vogue has attempted to copy the US Vogue "troupe of models" cover from last month. The US Vogue cover was disappointing enough (where was were Hye, Iek, Tanja and Freja?) so I don't need the wife of somebody who used to be in Duran Duran looking all proud from the 'recreation' cover.

That is all I have to say.


Mischa plays dress up with French ELLE!
[click for a better(?) comparrison]
I love Mischa Barton, but doesn't it strike you that at the moment she's biding her time a little and just seems to be doing the "magazine circuit" because shes got nothing else to do? Still these pictures are interesting, though I can't say I love them. Thoughts?

Baby Photo Time!

Theres nothing like a little spell in rehab to kickstart a bit of Lohan gossip. I bet Dina released them just to keep her little precious in the limelight! And her little Lindsay too...

Westwood in Biopic

Vivienne Westwood has become the latest fashion designer to have her story adpated for the big screen. Dahhling, it's like, the new high street collaboration. There is also going to be a biopic about Coco Chanel, and Audrey Tautou has been chosen for the lead role. No word yet on who will play Westwood.

Ooh, lovely a nice little project for Lindsay to work on once she gets out of rehab. Shhhh! Don't let Dina hear about this film!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Strike a pose, Vogue

We're all familiar with Vogue. The instantly recognisable title, the layouts, the reputation, the photographers. We all know what goes into the making of a magazine(or at least like to think we do after a viewing of The Devil Wears Prada). Many of us dream about The Book and the fashion closets.

But what about the people involved with the production?
Surely the cooler the magazine, the cooler the Editor? The editor says a lot about the magazine, and I'm not saying that old=uncool, but for UK and US Vogue, this just seems the case to me. Some people are beginning to doubt the "coolness" of Anna Wintour and the effect this is having on the magazine. I, for one am one of those people and feel a little traitorous that these days UK Vogue seems a little prone to make me YAAAAWN. Instead, I look to sexy and fun Paris Vogue for inspriation. What are your thoughts?

Either way, Lets take a look at some of the influential people behind one of the fashion world's most influential brands...

original, sexy, and ultimate french chic?young, blonde and cool?
UK Vogue: boring and unfashionable? (apart from Bay Garnett, of course!)
US Vogue: old fashioned and over obsessed with fur?

PS, The Fashion Quiz is still happening, enter below if you fancy your chances!

pics: the sartorialist,,, stardust, the fashionspot, getty images

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fashion Quiz

So after a little inaugural test run, the Weekly Fashion Round Up Quiz is back! But this time it's fortnightly. Not quite the same ring to it, but shhh! So I'll turn the comment moderation on, and I'll announce the votes in a fortnight along with the next edition.

As before, just list your answers to the questions in a comment.

Remember, this is for fun
, even if some of these questions are a little tricky!

[click on the pictures for a closer look]

Question One
Question Two
Question Three
Question Four
Question Five

Question Six
Question Seven
EDIT: Ooh, you're all doing very well this week! The competition is pretty hawwt! So far about 14 people have answered and lots have full marks...maybe the winners will go into a second heat?...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bright Young Things

Forget fussy fabrics and understated chic, bold and bright is a sure great way to go when it comes to summer, and is often a very clever way to compliment a tan (see how well the yellow works on Eva below because of her skin tone?...)

Yellow is a colour that relies so heavily on choosing the right shade. Wearing yellow shouldn't literally equal jaundice, but these girls have hit the nail on the head with Michelle drawing attention to her beautiful pale skin in Vera Wang.

Wearing a classic red is guaranteed to wow the crowds, but choosing a simple cut is pretty important. Less of the thigh grazing and more of the "dignified and sexy" to avoid looking like Paris is that red dress and fishnets combo.

Going bold and bright requires a natural confidence (but whos to know if you just fake it instead?...) Isla, Cameron are all "funny, cool girls" and Chloe in particular gained lots of recognition for wearing this Luella creation. I think its because she has that self confident appearance which means that she could parade in a old blanket for all anyone cares. (..Oh, wait MK already did that...)

Cobalt blue has been named one of the colours for 2007, so Kirsten is right on trend with this trapeze dress, Kimberley uses a leather jacket to her advantage by adding a casual and rebelious twist and Cameron knows that wearing minimal accessories earns a thumbs up.
Green is not a colour that we're used to seeing on the red carpet, and is often worn by the braver and more "quirky" stars. It works especially well for blondes...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lindsay Lohan

It's hardly Rocket Science to state that many people consider Lindsay Lohan as somewhat of a modern day style icon...

While many people (myself included) may not approve of the loves of her life...(Calum Best, Cocaine and Dina Lohan, anyone?) its hard not to take a fancy to some of the gear that she parades around LA in.

Of late she seems to have a new BFF. No, not Samantha Ronson, I'm talking about that straw hat stolen from Li.Lo's girl crush Irina Lazareanu (but give credit to Karl..)

I'm rather relieved that Lindsay and Rachel Zoe have truly left the old Zoebot trademarks of bib dresses, floatty halternecks and all things boho chic in the past.

Its more than can be said for Mischa Barton...

Instead she has adapted to the bold look of 2007. Square shapes, strong silhouettes and more masculine that feminie, 2007 is clearly not the conventional style of Rachel Zoe. And as hard as it is to say it (my teeth are gritted right now..) Raisinface seems to have done A OK.

We all know that Lindsay wanted the Chanel campaign, but personally, I just don't think it was for her. Chanel is such an iconic brand and I think shes too young and controversial to be fronting a campaign for them. I've always been rather sceptical of the idea of her fronting campaigns, but she proved us wrong with the Miu Miu and it looks like shes done it again with this new Jill Stuart ad.

Monday, May 21, 2007

When Changes are good...

Wow, wow, wow! What happened here?
May posh have finally discovered a style that suits her? (Maybe suit is too strong a word) but this dress is definelty an improvement from these days...

A line and princess skirts do nothing for her and tight black pencils can just be a little too harsh, so by playing it fun in pastel colours and an easy going cut, she doesn't look as if shes trying too hard, but shes still in keeping with her trademark of "smart" styles.

Hmm, its very easy to have a laugh at her (fashion) expense, but its always harder to admit that just maybe she got it right for once...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

W Magazine: The supermodel Relaunch Issue

Just when I thought our realtionship was finally over, she goes and does a fantastic photospread for W magazine, it seems that all the publicists of models-gone-bad have been slotting their clients into the pages. Well, just Naomi and Kate...

I hate the fact that I'm doing a post on Kate, because at the moment, I feel like everyone is very sick and tired of her (myself, included) but this just seemed to good to miss because I'm sure you'll all have lots of opinions about it.

I love the hazy atmosphere and the dreamy quality, my only disapointment is that they seem to be presenting her as Kate Moss the celebrity reather than Kate Moss the model. Or maybe its just that its Kate Moss?

This portrait reminds me of the one of Natalie Portman taken my Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Its the similar colouring and dreaminess.Thoughts? Are you sick of the Moss Madness or still intrigued?

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Just when I was getting a little sick of all this Pixie cut talk....

this picture popped off, and she rocks the style to a teeee!

She looks so incredibly feminine too, which is sometimes something that women struggle to pull off with this cut.


PS, exams, exams, exams.... you catch my drift? so I apologise for my absence! pics: thesartorialist

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Model of the Moment

Meet Noreen Carmody.

This switzerland native hasn't yet made it big, but according to COACD she already has "All the cool kids raving".

Not bad.

These polaroids caught my eye-she looks so stunning and subtly, and I love that her hair doesn't look all sleek and tamed like Irina, she looks like shes been skipping along the switzerland countryside with Heidi.

pics: and COACD, scribbled on by yours truly.

PS, What happened when me and
Coco collaborated? Thoughts...

Saturday, May 12, 2007


So the answers have been counted and "verifed". You can view the answers and check where you went wrong by viewing the comments from the original post.

I have a confession to make, though, which is that I made a mistake with question 4, turns out Hilary, Coco and Chanel all graced the catwalk, so I haven't included that question in the final marks. Watch the video here.

13 of you took part, and here are the winners:

1st Place
Cool Like Chloe and Teresa are joined place with maximum marks.

2nd Place
Allure, Mash and "Anonymous"* are all 'in the know' with 5 out of 5.

3rd Place
Dulcie stands alone and proud, no one to share the prize with, yayy!

Well that was fun.... same again?

*Damnn , bad luck to the person who put kept their identity schtum on their comment.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kirsten Watch

Heres a "vintage" post for you to feast your eyes on, (ie, one of my drafts that Ive been meaning to post the past couple of weeks...)

I'll post the answers to the Weekly Round up Quiz (See last post) tomorrow night, so get any answers in before then..

One of the biggest perks of being an international film star?
Selecting wardrobes for the premieres, of course!

I'm sure that most of you will be aware that Ms Dunst is both one of my favourite actresses and style icon, [hence the frequent posts on her of late] and I've been keeping an eye on what shes been wearing to the various world premiers of Spiderman 3.

And I think the girl did good! [Click the picture to view full size]
She has stayed faithful to Stella McCartney, her favourite designer in the beige jumper dress and she donned her chunky black heels to most of the events. Love the fact, that like us "citizennnnzz" she has her favourite staples that she can't get enough of.
Anyone else think that the dress she is wearing in the picture with Johnny Borrell is reminiscent of the dress Christina Ricci wore recently?

Also, what are your thoughts on her wardorbe choices? Take part in the poll and discusssss.

Which Kirsten get up are you most jealous of?
The futuristic metallic dress
The feminine pink dress
The red bow number, I'll take one!
Stella M jumper dress, obviousss
The minidress competing against Johnny B for Kiki's affections...
The Orange buttoned trapeze coat
The purple belted dress
The black Rodarte number
The boymeets girl tux free polls

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekly Fashion Round Up Quiz

EDIT: Change of plans people, got invited out last minute to a Seafood restaurant daahhling, so the results will be up asap, late tonight or tomorrow evening, its a busy weekend! Sorry to disappoint...

Thought I'd go for something new, so let me know what you think.
I've written some questions that will relate to some of this weeks big and not so big fashion stories. Have a go and see how you do.

Just post your answers in the comment box. [I'll put the comment moderation on so that you won't accidentally peek at each others answers!] And I'll reveal the answers in time for the next round up! [No cheating!] and Good luck.

Question One

Question TwoQuestion Three
Question Four

Question Five
Question Six

Question Seven

The A-Z of Life at TeenVogue

Wouldn't we all jump at the chance of taking a peek? Take a trip and learn what its like to be an intern at the worlds biggest teen fashion magazine.

Standing in on shoots and unpacking Christopher Kane clothes? Jealous?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good Vibrations

Summer is very nearly here, and it looks like this year it's set to be a scorcher, so lets hit the beach!

To Do List:

Exfloiate Legs

Cream up 20 minutes before leaving the house.

Walk with a smile, If you can't be ridiculously happy during summer beach season I'm not sure when you can.

Pack Beach Bag:

1 Bright towel (Needed to prevent getting lost on way back from ice cream van)

2 Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (Prolong that salty surf hair)

3 Straw hat, or other (It's always easy to forget to protect your head from the sun, but nobody likes a flaky scalp, do they?)

4 Assortment of sunglasses (So many great ones around on the high street, why bother forking out for the expensive ones when you can stock up on the cheap and cheerful ones that look genuine.)

5 Cover up. (Take a cut from Ashley Olsen and ditch the kaftan. Instead reuse a thin material oversize tee. Cheap and can be worn around town during the day)

6 Swimwear (Of course. Mixing and matching bikinis is always fun but I like to shake things up a bit with all in ones too)

7 A good stack of magazines

8 Suncream and plenty of water. (Dermalogica is good for the face as its non greasy, but remember to stay hydrated and don't fry yourself. You don't want to have a face like Rachel Zoe do you?)

PS, All you UK-ers, for extra british tradition brave the freezing cold waves for revitalisation.

Paris is going down!

Well, thats what happens when you drink drive and violate your probation twice.

She'll spend 45 days in Prison. Haha, this is so funny I love it.

Siennas turned redhead.

Ms Miller has turned red for The Best Days of Our Lives, which shes currently filming with Cillian Murphy. Damnnn, I had a packet of strawberry blonde hairdye and everything. She blatently saw me buying it in Boots... ha

Cue everyone to go ginge.

[Click on the images for a better gawp]

Friday, May 04, 2007

The World According to Olympia Scarry

Half Austrian, half American this socialite is the granddaughter of Richard Scarry (Remember those books
!?) And despite the famous family factor, I'm rather interested in her style.
Hardly a style icon, but certainly worth a peek.

If anything for those fabulous YSL pompom heels!

Olympia injects girly touches into fun outfits with frills and pink hues.

From the front row to the after party, I like the fact that Olympia isn't another it girl. She's got an unconventional look and a healthy glow rather than going the St Tropez way.

...But she can still play dress up like all the other girls.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thats what I'm talking about!

yess, and Miss Parker hits the nail right on the head with the street chic.

Its all about mixing your comfy-est clothes and slightly fug hair but still managing to inject a bit of chic. A frapp here, a nice pairs of shades there.

Ok, so she may look like a bit of an ASDA mum, but I think shes on the right side of the boundary without looking too Mary Kate.

Other examples:

Kate Hudson, Rachel, Kirsten D and Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz also demonstrate the "fug chic" look well.

But remember, this is an anti-look. It's for those days when your hair could do with a wash but you feel perfectly contend, and maybe a little rebelious, walking around in an old cardigan, your battered converse and an oversize white tee.

But theres a difference between this and walking down the road with under a blanket with furry teeth and smelly toenails. Yes, yes there is.