Monday, July 30, 2007

The Rules of His N Hers

When it comes to matchy matchy, the usual rule is that it is something that couples should avoid.

Anyone who has ever seen a pap shot of Victoria and David should know this, and presumably because of their influence, the same now goesr for Tom and Katie.

But after spotting Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson's get ups, I think an exception to the rule must be made. This picture seems to be full of things that just shouldn't be right, but somehow just are and work so well.
Firstly, this is the "his 'n hers" factor, and secondly its those bloody desert scarves! These have had some serious over exposure in my opinion (and yet Balenciaga still incorporated them into their winter collection!...)

How is it that Josh and Diane manage to carry them off in a way that is chic and smart and sexy, rather than fashion victim, bandwagon jumpers, and mutton dressed as lamb? I think its because its simply them.

Miller Time

Sienna Miller looked great at the launch of (yet another celebrity turned designer) her line Twenty One Twenty by S. Miller, the line that her and her sister Savannah have been collaborating on. I think she took a cue from Liv Tyler who hands down trumped her in that Stella McCartney Spring 07 dress, by adding a touch of classsss with a tux jacket.

And I love her shoes. Spiky Louboutins? I've tried to work out which ones they are, but can't. The little spike like gems add an edginess to the shoeswhose red soles are nowadays mostly assosiated with fashion wannabes and footballers wives (Oh, and those rip offs in New Look!)

Sienna has been looking pretty good recently, mostly whilst roaming the streets of NYC. And her shades are obviously to her what those Balenciaga boots are to MK Olsen.

But Who can blame her? They're certainly a refreshing change from the hoards of Raybans and LA oversizes. And I'd like to point out that they're not Linda Farrows like I said they were a few posts ago, they're AM Cosbey.

Spot the Difference

And did anyone catch a glimpse of Gwyneth Paltrow at the Comic-Con? I loved the colouring of her dress, and her red lipstick was very flattering, but she just seemed a little rigid to me, A little shy and embarrased to be in the limelight. And her trademark straightened tresses looked a little old and dry. She just looked a bit like she didn't want to be there. Thoughts?

PS, Vaguely disappointed that I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday, but it was my birthdayyy! Had a lovely weekend of eating and socialising, which is a perfect way to spend time, in my opinon. Got lots of lovely presents, and lots of new additions to my wardrobe. Hoorah!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Mael Model

This is actually Discotheque Confusion's debut Male model post, and what an appropriate name he has for this occassion, don't you agree?

Now Male models aren't my thing in the eye candy department, (Not a fan of the meterosexual look) but male model Mael Dalla Zuana is be-a-utiful!

as nice as his name. This picture sees him walking the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 07 show.

I'm thinking the presence of Male models on the blog would be welcomed? It adds so much more variety, yes.

And I really think that male models are overshadowed by all the big female supermodels. While we're on the subject, what do you think of model couples? I'm of the opinion that they're rather boring. Too pretty pretty. It would be so refreshing to see a male model step out, smitten, with a woman who caused everyone to think and mutter "Uhhh, why her?"
Teresa posted about male model Sean Opry last week, who is apparently one half of a model couple with Diana Moldovan.
Questionable other halves are so much more interesting. Eg,
Brittany and Hubby...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Guess Who

I'm guessing this is Ms Roitfeld giving Wintour the finger after their little spat.
All I have to say is, Carine and Mario, you are geniuses!*

Check out Susie Bubbles article (click on the title for the link) Just shows to show that Paris Vogue is the one to be embraced.
And can someone please get Townsend and Newhouse (you know, the Conde Nast dudes) to give her the boot. Mind you, they're hardly likely to have enough fashion common sense to fill Moss's bra, and thats saying something.

A Moss Matter

And speaking of being given the finger, has anyone noticed a teeny absense of Kate Moss overexposure from their magazine pages?

Because she is no longer starring in the Burberry or Calvin Klein Jeans ads. It seems that when you
let yourself go, others will too!
Although shes still filling up our pages. Longchamp, Cavalli, Versace? She's still hanging in there.

*but we knew that all ready, right?

PS, Hang in there for that Winter 2007 collections post! It's cooking up.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Very Big Crisis

She may have a
habit of killing off the goodies, but this doesn't mean that the death of one of the best Spring 07 pieces should be taken any more lightly.

I'm thinking that Jack and Lazaro need to have a serious re-jig of their PR team and find out who it is who let this happen? Proenza Schouler is for the quirky girls, who take risks and go edgy, not for matchy-matchys who rely on their Christian Louboutins to make their outfits "acceptable".

At least Chloe can chuckle at this matter of schadenfraude, safely in the knowledge that her specs trumped VB's mere attempt.

When Summers Over

And onto cuter matters. I wanted to say something about Rachel Bilson and applaud her outfit that incorporates high waisted, flared jeans whilst steering clear of either the "mommy" or fashion victim connotations.

She's a natural (or at least
Nicole Chavez is) at all things subtle (right down to her lovelife) and she is undoubtedly aware of what compliments her look.

Rachel keeps things casual with the jacket, and I like the fact that despite the heavy looking fabric it doesn't take away from the rest of the outfit. The detail around the collar adds interest too.

Anyone else feeling a sudden pang of missing Summer?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun for all the Family could be true

In the past two posts, I have delved into territory that usually, I would avoid. "Fun-for-all-the-Family" entertainment in the form of Harry Potter and The Simpsons just isn't very cool. Well, Harpers Bazaar* have quite possibly changed my mind.. The fashion magazine has injected some genius humour into their stuffy pages. How funny are Velma and whatshername, chainsmoking under Viktor and Rolf's controversial lighting dresses?

I would have expected something as genius as this to have come from POP!, but Harpers Bazaar?* Getting Groening to etch your editorial is one smart move, and even more so when there is The Simpsons movie to market to the fashion crowd.
So what happens when the 1st (yellow) take a trip to Paris with, you guessed it, Linda Evangelista as their tourguide? Dude, I had Liya Kebede showing me the sights of Bilbao.. Yes it gets better... run ins with Karl, dress up with Donatella and runwy prep with Viktor and Rolf. Jealous, me?

Is COOL still cool?

The KEDS campaigns still seem to be going strong. As much as I like them, I still haven't been convinced that the granny daps are something that I would want to be seen in..
But as cheesy as they are, I'm still a sucker for a bit of "Cool Is..." even if the phrase may have been overplayed a little now? How many seasons worth of these campaigns has I flipped through in Teen Vogue, I wonder? Thoughts? Bored or Brilliant?

Short But Sweet

MK looked as teeny and fabulous as ever when she turned up to the Weeds press conference. Not sure who she is wearing, but I'm sniffing a bit of vintage? She's always fantastic at accessorising too, in my opinion. Steering away from the mathcy-matchy ala Paris.

Not at all believing those rumours of Sibling Rivalry that I read in Grazia last week? Apparently Ashley disaproves of MK's relationship with Max Snow (who by the bay is Uma Thurman's cousin!)

I say what.everrrrr.

*Thanks Mrs Fashion for the correction. The Simpsons ed is in Harpers Bazaar, not Tatler as I said. I always get these two posh ladyyy glossies mixed up! Personally I never read them myself, so thats probably why!...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Round Up

So back from my two week trip, and the joys of Tivo/Sky+ style TV, magazine subscriptions (the new Vogue is actually rather good), gossip websites and of course blogs, means that I am very glad to be back and within reach of adequate technology.

But I had a very nice time, thank you very much!

So first things first- I really never thought that I would write about an actor from Harry Potter, but it's kind of topical, no? I always enjoy keeping an eye on the wardrobe of an actress who istouring the globe with a new film. Miss Watson is particularly inriguing, and not just because we have all watched her tranformation from a frizzy haired littl'un gracing the red carpet to a chanel-ed up young ladyyyy, but also because of those Chanel rumours...

(Surely she's not a new muse? What you think, Irina?)

And although I find her over emphasised posh ways a little nauseating at times, I would like to give a thumbs up to whoever has been responsable for dressing her. She doesn't look like an over oranged up, over sexually active little wannabe like other teen starlets (Jamie Lynn, anyone?) Her outfits have stayed true to her "posh girl" character without making her look like a victim of fashion-age confusion ala Kate Middleton.

Speaking of Posh. I would like to point out that I am acknowledging the Spice Girls reform. Thoughts, everyone? And I'm feeling a little bored already of the amount of pictures I've seen of my favourite Chavs settling into LA LA Land. And we've all seen those W pictures, surely. Uhhh, yeah. They're interesting.

Two pap shots that have caught my eye (I spent a lot of time yesterday working my way through the Popsugar archives from over the last 2 weeks) are of MK and Penelope both pulling off very different shirt dress looks to a Teeeee. And I would like everyone to give them a round of applause, purely for the fact that they didn't cinch their waists in Fendi style belts like VB probably would have done.

And last but not least, a nod of recognition to this anonymous ladeee, an attendee at the Karl Lagerfeld party for her fantastic dress, which no doubt, was only suitably viewed from one angle. Lets just hope she didn't do a Lindsay in the pants department! Shuddder

Thanks for all the comments, I've been slowly but surely checking out some of your latest posts, I feel like I've missed so much!

And will be shortly starting work on a Winter Trends post so keep your eyes peeled...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hoorah! I am now coming to the end of my time in France, and tomorrow will move on to Bilbao. I have found going cold turkey (from blogging) very hard, so felt very excited when stumbled across a "Mediàtheque" with internet access in the little village of Montcuq, where I'm staying. So bare with me while I get the hand of this unknown keyboard set-up, and please also excuse the absense of pictures from this post, donùt let the length put you off!...
Thanks for all the comments you left for my last couple of posts- I look forward to having a better read of them when I return home on the 13th, as well as checking out some of your latest posts.

But onto some pressing matters...

Tourist Snobbery

Snobbery is a funny thing. And I meqn funny odd, not funny HA HA. At tines it is very unPC (though ironically it's easy to be snobby of snobs) but often, especiqlly during the holiday season, it is inevitable.
I'm talking about one kind of snobbery, and thats Tourist Snobbery.

The sight of a fellow English person in the french village where I have been staying, decked out in khaki man shorts, white ankle socks, a camera bag strapped across his waist and a bulshy, overloud voice made me squeal slightly with embarrasment.

I find that I'm conscious not to stand out as a foreigner because of sights like this, and the other day even found myself considering the pros and cons of wearing flip flops, and whether they would give away my "real identity".

But after a little consideration; I found myself a little ashamed by all of this. It seems incredibly pretentious and a little know it all to attenpt or pretend to be a local in a foreign country. Travelling is all about experiencing different cultures and learning new things, but this doesn't mean you need to embrqce a new foreign identity.

As somebody who takes an interest in style, I relish the thought of putting together a holiday wardrobe, but at the end of the day, it's surely all about being laid back and comfortable with your own and even your country's) sense of style.