Wednesday, April 29, 2009

inspiration on a wednesday

a short and sweet inspiration on a wednesday because from 9.00am today I shall embark on a three day long graphics exam. which means I need all the inspiration that I can get my grubby little prit-sticked fingered hands on!

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oh, and a song to make you tap your toes, too..

Monday, April 27, 2009

sally scott spring/summer oh nine

because it's not quite summer. but that's fine.


finding it rather hard at the moment to keep up with comments and emails.
please bare with me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

an "exotic" location with a difference

US Vogue
May 2009
"India We Are"

I'm not usually a fan of those Vogue-typical eds that see the models in exotic locations, flouncing on the side of rickshaws or playing chess on the dusty streets with locals in a condescending and frankly irritating way.

This is also partly because I rarely find that the styling is enticing enough to make up for the unoriginal concept and location which are usually used as a backdrop to hammer home a tribal print or "neo explorer" trends.

Combine this with my distaste towards US Vogue and heck, I guess I better eat my own hat, because I rather like the May issue's "India We Are" story and Lakshmi Menon is completely stunning dancing on a hazy beach, increasing our thirst for the summer. Yes, I spy an ethnic print or two, but is it the fact that for once Vogue has selected a model to suit the location (Lakshmi after all lives in Goa) rather than plumping for Sasha or Lily that removes the previously patronising undertone? Whatever the formula, this time it works.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anntian SS09

Coming across that Anntian tee over at Oak opened a whole new can of worms..

Clay and glaze is what the Berlin-based designers Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt had in mind when they created their SS09 collection "Pottery" which is apparent when you take a closer look at the clothes; the organic nature of the handprinted shapes and the burnished ceramic accessories. The silhouettes are fluid and dreamy while at times have the boxy maturity that I find reminiscent of Marni and Dries Van Noten.

If ever there was a reason to sacrifice a month of magazines and spending in favour of saving, for me, this is it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

inspiration on a wednesday

new feels, new colours, new shapes.
fluidity, pastels, rockpool patterns, like a cloud to the touch.
1, 2, 3, let's fall in love.


zanita, lula, josh goot, dries van noten, anntian

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gainsbourg on gainsbourg

I adore Charlotte Gainsbourg. And there is something incredibly intriguing about her self-consciousness, it makes her seem almost vulnerable, a characteristic that these days seems so rare in an actress, that it's almost unnerving. As if you feel that if faced with her you wouldn't want to look at her for too long incase you made me feel uncomfortable. She makes me want to tiptoe just thinking of her, even her whisper of a voice is delicate. In this interview taken from Numéro Korea #1 August 2008, Gainsbourg opens up about her demeanor and quite an absorbing read it makes.

pics, hedi slimane

Without veering into the realm of parlour psychology, why do you think you’ve always been so painfully shy and retiring?

I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be. I feel as though I’ve loosened up a great deal, lately. I’ve always lacked self-confidence, but that doesn’t mean that I’m shy, so much as I am reserved and introspective. I’m my own harshest critic. I spend the whole time judging myself, which is something I sorely regret.

Do you wear your aloofness as a form of self-protection?

Maybe. I remember that going to school was always something of an ordeal, because I was forever being taunted for being the daughter of such well-known parents. I had to protect myself from a very early age.

Do you have any recurrent dreams?

No, not really. I do have real nightmares, however. I wake up in cold sweats, screaming. And, believe me, my screams are real hell-raisers. They invariably wake my husband up.

When you crawl into the bathroom in the morning and catch a glimpse of yourself in the full-length mirror, what do you see staring back at you?

I’m struggling to think of something positive to say.

What do you like most about the way you look?

Difficult question. I try not to think about it. I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror.

What do you most dislike about the way you look?

A lot of things. I don’t have the face I wish I had. I’m not satisfied with the way I look, in the same way that I’m not satisfied with many things in my life. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Who would you have wanted to look like? Pamela Anderson?


What’s the most embarrassing tune you have on your iPod?

It’s probably some disco anthem from the eighties.

Monday, April 20, 2009

immediately of interest

Continuing on from the previous post, I predict that Melanie Laurent is soon to be of much interest.

Forget Dree Hemingway, this is the kind of girl I can appreciate, carelessly pulled back hair, some classically cut jeans, a tomboy smile, minimal make up and a breeze of that easy French je ne sais quoi..

all pics; screencaps by drusilla and mulletproof at the fashion spot

are wwwd onto something?

just in from is this:

Girl of the Month Mélanie Laurent

I've heard others voice similar opinions about Who What Wear Daily, that often they seem a bit behind on trends and it girl-spotting but this time it looks like they're onto a winner in the form of French (already a recipe for success surely?) actress Melanie Laurent.

Better head to her Fashion Spot thread, pronto!

pic whowhatweardaily

the dapper twelve

12 ways 'to hair':


james dean, morrissey, michael pitt (as kurt cobain), nick cave, daniel day lewis, jeremy irons, wes anderson, cary grant,
paul thomson (franz ferdinand), jimi hendrix, peter saarsgard, sean penn (as harvey milk)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

nora arnezeder

just a cool girl..
in a "i just happen to be stunningly modelish" kind of way.


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pics; bella howard for jalouse


I'm rather besotted with this Anntian colour block tee, which is unlucky for me, seeing as it's $286.
I think it would fit the bill as one of those tees that you wear and wear throughout the summer; chucked into a sandy beach bag to pull over your swimsuit when the sun is at it's highest and most merciless. Tucked into a pair of black men's trousers for a breezy afternoon lunch (ala kirsten dunst) or under a pair of dungarees for a day of pottering around the house.
Shame I was so awful in my attempts at screenprinting when we did it in my graphic art class last year otherwise I might be up to a DIY!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

please ms sevigny, tell us about yourself

Hearing about Chloe Sevigny's favourite things (circa 2005, that is) is like the sartorial equivalent of curtain twitching, and the little anecdotal slices they're served up with are most entertaining.
(Article from Vice Magazine.)

My aunt gave me a Herrand bunny when I was little and since then my mom and my brother often give me them as gifts. My boyfriend, who is a little shabby looking, had to go into the WASPiest store in Manhattan to get this for me. It’s a place called Scully & Scully. I love that he picked out a pink lamb.
I collect the little place settings they put down at dinners and awards shows and stuff. I like this one because it was misspelled. It was at a Whitney Museum gala.

This is from the first time I ever shot a gun. It was a .22 rifle. This was at like 30 feet. My first two shots are in the same spot!

My friend Lily Ludlow is a painter and sculptor. She made a series of animal masks. She was kind of a starving artist—pretty broke and down on her luck. I wanted to support her, so I bought this one. I always loved Little Red Riding Hood. The teeth in there are carved out of wood.

For my 30th birthday one of my best friends, Tara, gave me a pair of gloves that Marlene Dietrich had owned. This autographed photo came with them. I like how mysterious she was and how she slayed men and women both. When my brother first saw this, he thought it was a photo of me. I wish!

I bought these at Trash & Vaudeville. I used to go there when I was a teenager. I had wingtip steel-toed Doc Martens. Just the shoes. I couldn’t afford the boots.

Out of the Blue is one of the best movies ever. When we were making Gummo, I asked Linda Manz, the star of Out of the Blue, if she still had that little Elvis jacket she wore in it. She did, and she sold it to me. This is one of my favorite things in the world.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so this year my boyfriend and I went to the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts. It’s a bed and breakfast now. The hosts told us we could stay in the room where Mrs. Borden was murdered, but I said “No!” We ended up staying in Mr. and Mrs. Borden’s bedroom. Even that was incredibly scary. I barely slept at all.

When I was in high school, I was really into hippie boys. They were so furry. I’ve been to about 80 Dead shows. My favorite record is Workingman’s Dead because of the song “Black Peter,” but I have lots of live tapes too!

Once a big fashion house flew me to Paris so I could go to their show. They put me up at the Ritz. This was one of the trinkets I stole from there. It’s a nailbrush. I thought it was funny that it was plastic. I stole a towel too.
This is by Herrand too. I found her in an antique shop near Gramercy Park. I love the look on her face. It’s this perfect mix of pain and ecstasy.

My mom got these for me at a thrift store in Connecticut. I used to wear them all the time and I got made fun of in all the tabloids for them. Finally my publicist and my agent conference-called me and asked me to never wear them again. But then in Star or something they had a whole page of celebrities wearing white sunglasses and then a photo of me saying “she did it first” or something like that. I was totally vindicated.

This is a Keane doll, but she reminds me of the Little Match Girl in the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. That is one of my favorite stories. If you don’t know it, look it up.

I was always really into Fassbinder. I knew this little boy Jordan from around town and he made me this. I wore it out a few times, but I got too many weird looks for the swastikas on there.

I got this at the Salvation Army on Spring Street in 1994. Kim and Thurston lived around the corner from there and I had this daydream that this had been his shirt.

These are boots that Balenciaga gave me as a gift. I asked Nicholas Ghesquire for them. They hurt like crazy—they are five-inch heels—but I wore them out every night when I got them. Then one night I was leaving Smiths night and a friend of mine and I were play-fighting in the street. I took a dive in these and bashed my face on the ground. I broke my four front teeth. They’re all veneered now. One is totally fake.

well, well, well..

Very excited indeed that Discotheque Confusion made the pages of todays Luxx Magazine in the Saturday Times!

I'd like to thank my therapist, primary school english teacher, my three nutritionists, my nannies, God, Nelson Mandela for a constant source of inspiration and all of the teachers who ever set me tedious homework assignments that confirmed I would much rather blog.

Thanks to Jo Craven for getting in touch about the piece! It's on page 55 for Brit readers who have that inevitably disordered stack of weekend papers floating about. I'll get scanning for those who don't..

Friday, April 17, 2009

we're going to be friends

Ettika neon bracelet - photo
bracelet, ettika (tackily addictive)

After reading this post over at Refinery29, I have become overwhelmed by the urge to stock up on an rainbow spectrum of thin threads in order to plait my own friendship bracelets, old school style.

And I shall most definitely thread my friends names onto the string in glittery beads and hand them out at 'breaktime' before proceeding to do handstands and doodle my crushe's name all over my school folders.

Who's with me in predicting that this may become a micro-trend? Shall we dig out the mood rings while we're at it?

who's that girl?

diana moldovan!

[thanks to those who solved the case in the comments!]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

strolls through the park, bbq on the rooftop


silk suspender shorts by adam, straw boater asos menswear, acne lace-up boots, eiffel tower crop top topshop, "morange" lipstick by mac, alphabet tote bag urban outfitters

more substantial and word heavy posts coming soon, I promise!

inspiration on a wednesday

"careless in our summer clothes, splashing around in the muck and the mire"