Sunday, May 31, 2009

the other side of the lens

garance dore by vincent lappartient. says..

"I'm usually hanging out with Tommy from Jak & Jil and Pete from Superfantasticpicturetime & Elle US, with Stylesightings Eddie dragging editors and models halfway across the park for the "perfect" shot, Scott Sartorialist and Garance Dore floating around, Altamira Craig catching off-duty models for TeenVogue, Kemal from Style & City who smiles up in my face then posts photos of me and Jak & Jil referring to us as "Japanese photographers always ruining his shots"... And then there's Vicki and Harriet from Grazia and Elle UK who we love, and then George (or was it Johan?) from some Dutch magazines, and redhead Geraldine who I've seen for years but have barely spoken to, and a French woman who always wears drop-crotch pants, that old guy with the jacked-up teeth who always scares away the models, a pair of unpleasant Frenchwomen who are like vultures, and then of course the legion of Japanese photographers as seen in the video..."

Friday, May 29, 2009

chung fix

Alexa Chung attended the Burberry Party last night in nyc to celebrate the brand's new headquarters (along with 50 ft long Burberry logo which is now an addition to the city's skyline.)

She also DJed, cus you know, that's what all the cool people do these days.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

thou shalt not dance to the macarena

We had our Leavers May Ball on Tuesday night; a sad but exciting signifier of the end of college. Unlike our Prom a couple of years ago which saw me and my friends meticulously planning the 'perfect' dress and hairstyle, this time round we took a more laid back approach which paid off because the actual ball was awful, and a complete waste of money!

However, the getting ready process, which involved us all lounging on my bed listening to Peter, Bjorn and John with the summery air coming through my window was much more enjoyable.

In terms of my outfit, I wanted to go down the Virgin Suicides inspired route of something floral and floaty but nonetheless easy, and ended up saving £ by borrowing it from my Granny and pulling it in at the waist with some black ribbon. Going for an intentional floral clash I wore my new lace up Vagabond wedges, and wore my hair down and unbrushed (i like to think ala Marion Cotillard at the Baftas.)

Curious to know if anyone else has had their May Balls/Proms yet, and what you wore?


the inspiration..

how to look after your hair

hair tips from luigi murenu, via i-D magazine.
images, unknown sources via wildfox and lefashionimage

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the new song from phoenix.
shot on super8, so hey it's pretty but nothing groundbreaking.
you can read up on the idea behind the title here.
or you can just listen to the music and watch thomas mars's mannerisms, in order to imagine what sofia coppola sees on a daily basis. because admit it, that's what a lot of us do!

cinema style: boogie nights

boogie nights
channel rollergirl and amber waves from paul thomas anderson's 1997 film.
rollerskates, spontaneous pool parties, sports socks, 1970s sunglasses, flares, jumpsuits, teeny skirts..

pics:, imdb

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

model whimsy; you'll love this girl

I've never been particularly mad on the Victoria's Secret girls, but throw in a second hand bicycle, a ukulele, some home grown vegetables and I become very open minded on the subject.


Organic Farm

Pania Rose is a modern day fairy princess, and though as a model by day she is preened, prodded and dressed up, she enjoys getaways to her cottage in Long Island where she grows flowers, plays with her dogs, makes log fires and can slum about in her dungarees for as long as she fancies.

As somebody who lives in this city, she induces some serious lifestyle envy. Makes me miss the days when I lived in a caravan on a farm with my Dad and would hide in the raspberry bushes eating fruit until my fingers were bright pink and my stomach hurt!


More reasons to love Pania Rose:

+beirut is her favourite band
+she likes to spend her weekend reading the New York Times, pottering around her cottage and taking a drive in her old Falcon car
+she's worked with Peter Beard who "was completely nuts and utterly charming."
+she's insanely pretty but refreshingly interesting
+these two videos..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

rejoice, rejoice!


by jove! after a break, swedish blogger alma h is back.
let the knot tee shirted, jean latticed supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness continue!

thanks to camille for the heads up.

click click..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

buttoned up

i've been experimenting with that buttoned up shirt look..
it take a lot of attempts to ensure that you don't look like an office worker.
and even then there are different levels of "office worker acceptable":

1. looking like a male office worker from the 1960s is fine (add a swipe of lippie for androgyny)
2. looking like a sexy contestant from The Apprentice is not. steer clear of this look by avoiding pencil skirts.
shirt from h&m, trousers from topshop (both old stock)

starry eyed surprise

Eniko Mihalik by Inez + Vinoodh, W Magazine

PS, hahaha, did anybody recognise the song reference in the title? i just remembered
this song, who remembers it? pretty bad/secretly good.

michelle williams and sienna miller

Back in ye olde days of this blog, celebrity style made a much bigger appearance. I gave myself a bit of a rule only to feature "worthy human beings with worthy jobs" (!) Alas, this did not mean I had lifesaving surgeons in their customised scrubs or teachers and solcitors in income appropriate footwear, it was purely as way of making sure nobody like Paris Hilton ever made an appearance

These days the list of stars cropping up here has slowly shrunk to Chloe Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst and the Olsens. with Jen Brill added later. Akthough as a downtime socialite she's a bit of an anomaly to this rule.

I do miss a bit of mindless celebrity street style salvating! Here's to more of it over the next few weeks.
michelle williams wearing that rvca x erin wasson dress causes me to love it even more.
and as for sienna miller, for services to menswear, i salute you!

pics, justjared, the fashion spot

bubblegum and cherry hues

No Cockles, Just Muscles.
Dazed and Confused May 2009
Photography Magnus Unnar

Styling Karen Langley
Model Carmen Knights at Ugly

As with everything in fashion, pink has come full cycle. Not since the days of saturday morning cartoons and colouring in books has the urge to dress head to toe in bubblegum been so strong. Is head-to-toe pink is the new head-to-toe black.

You can see the rest of the editorial

even in the rainy weather

pics; the fashion spot

tip of the day from chloe sevigny: button your shirt all the way to the top

Thursday, May 14, 2009

the birkins


Kate Barry, Charlotte Gainsbourg, & Jane Birkin,

summer oh nine on the beach

from left: bikini opening ceremony, book the french new wave by jean douchet, espadrilles toms, stripe bubble top built by wendy, connecticut tote bag nasty gal vintage, luca pink sunglasses topshop

from left: boater hat asos, book valley of the dolls by jacqueline susann, feline vintage shades urban outfitters, lace crop top topshop, bow bandeau bikini topshop

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one, two, three, gasp!

pics; garance dore, hanna terese nilsson

attention to colour is always something that I really notice in other people, I think mostly ironically because it's something that often slips my mind when planning my own outfits. a flash of a shocking pink slip just peeking from under a long black coat or the subtley winning combination of navy and black are the catalysts for fully blown style crushes.

jade, who was captured by garance dore is one of those mesmerising examples and i want to stand up and start enthusiastically clapping, (ala that concluding scene in every naff american romcom) for the genius of this pink pairing. the nude belt is all that ensures she teeters and avoids that fine line of matchy matchy prep.

before i run, inspired, to my own wardrobe; applause, applause!

inspiration on a wednesday


and have a listen to exlovers too.

if you love elliott smith or the kills.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

jaime winstone


i know, i know, londoners can hardly open the pages of the paper without being greeted by images of her running around town. but why jaime winstone doesn't get more recognition for her dress sense baffles me. she also inspires me to run to the hairdressers grasping a photo of her ever changing locks.

kickstarting cannes

With the MET costume gala just behind us, Cannes is another event of sartorial importance soon to be ticked off the list. Tomorrow sees the Film Festival kick off; cue an onset of premieres and floor length dresses faster than you can say "P. Diddy's yacht". To start things off, snippets of an interview with Margherita Missoni who shares her Cannes tips.

Name your Cannes essentials.
It's quite easy because you only have to pack gowns. I wish I had brought a trench coat because of the rain, but I didn't think that far ahead. The most important thing is flats because you have to be ready for boats. I brought one pair of Vuitton patent-leather flats in white with all these gorgeous beads on them and a pair of Prada sandals.

Where do you stay here? I am staying at the Majestic. I would rather stay at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes. It's much more quiet there.

Describe your personal style. Very irrational and distinctive. I start from a piece that I want to wear and then I build on that. I am never matchy -- ugh. It's hard to dissect my style but it is definitely bohemian.

Where do you perch to watch the scenery? Nowhere. I keep it tight, in the sense of timing, and go to events. I don't hang out here that much. I love the South of France, but it is too intense and crazy for me.

Do you have a life motto? Judge for yourself. The only person whose judgement counts is your own. I try to live by that.


Monday, May 11, 2009

a little bird told me

Chloe Sevigny Chloe Sevigny
pics; shawn mortensen

“The other day I walked down a street and with the trees right now, the white trees and the petals everywhere, it is so beautiful. Hanging out at Battery Park, I mean, the trees over there are so pretty. There is something magical about New York and the seasons and watching them change.” Mary-Kate on her city.

Chloe Sevigny on the mans cardigan she can't live without
"preferably long enough to cover my ass, and with pockets I can shove my hands into when I get nervous in social situations, which is a constant."

"A year of two I was obsessed with Jane Birkin. Then I realised I could wear whatever I wanted and be happier." Alexa Chung on her evolving style.

"Marianne Faithful/ The kids in Mary Poppins" Leith Clark pinpoints her look.

"If I wear other designers, people know that when I do wear Missoni, I actually like it." Margherita Missoni doesn't feel obliged to wear Missoni 24/7.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

racquel zimmerman


Raquel Zimmerman looked magnificent at the Met Costume Institute Gala.
Let-out-a-gasp fabulous.
Her new platinum hair colour and purple Proenza Schouler dress with quilted detailing subtley trumped the other Louis Vuitton bunny ear, metallic turban action in my view.
I worship at her laced shoe boot clad feet for not going down the Balmain route (or "blah-man" if you will..) like Daria Werbowy and Anja Rubik did.
the fashion spot

peeping tom

how fantastic are these photos..? apparently supermodels chit chat in the loos too, and here is proof from the met costume gala. spot racquel zimmerman and angela lindvall as well as january jones and tamara mellon all sharing a crafty fag and reapplying make up together.

here's hoping that smoke detector didn't go off..

love magazine