Sunday, April 29, 2007

Top of the Crops

Recently I've discovered the joys of home colouring my hair.

After a while of dithering over whether I would take the plunge, I did. I headed down to Boots and came back £6 poorer and felt rather smug that it hadn't taken a £80 appointment at the hairdressers to get such worthwhile results.

After an ego boost of compliments, I'm now (almost) addicted to changing my look every few weeks, and encouraged that you needn't break the bank doing it. Here are a pick of some of the best examples of the way they do it in La La Land.

PS, I recommend Loreal Casting Creme Gloss, which is what I've been using as it adds a "Hollywood shine".

Over Exposure

So I'm getting rather sick of all this Kate Day malarchy, and her range hasn't even hit the shops yet!

But this made me giggle. It has emerged that Kate Moss will pose as a mannequin at the launch of the collection at Oxford Street on monday.

Self Absorbed?

And I really don't think thousands of shoppers are going to let Kate Moss get in the way of her spree! She'll get caught up in a stampede.

Oh dear, Model Citizen and Coco, I think I'm starting to suffer from over exposure to Kate too. I never thought it would happen to me!

Hopefully she'll lie low after all the topshop business. I don't want the Kate era to have to end for me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Phew. So things are heating up in the world of education at the moment, just finished my two day art exam today and am now preparing for my french orals next week....

garrr! So just to let you know that I'm still around, I'm just pretty busy, so sorry If I'm taking a while to respond to comments etc. Blogger is a fantastic distraction from revision, and I must resist it...

Hope you're all well, though, enjoying all the fantastic posts being produced at the moment.
I'm working on a couple at the moment (I'll leave you decide whether they're "fantastic") which should be popping up sometime soon.

I leave you with pretty pictures.

S xx

Pics, dazed digital and google.

Friday, April 20, 2007

How to be a fashion icon

#1 Take risks

Taking risks is so crucial, and can determine whether you go for the dress that everyone remembered for years to come (I bet you can name the wearers of The Swan Dress and the safety pin dress?)

Many of the risks taken by Style Icons are just before they pop to the cornershop for a pint of milk, and thats the beauty of it, because it shows that their fashion creativity is effortless.

2# Be true to your personality

A new nose shouldn't mean you need to ditch your inner grunge in favour for a plastic playgirl get up, but Ashlee managed to tone down on the kohl whilst remaining true to her style.

Wear what suits you (yes, Victoria Beckham, that means you!)
Nothing stands out more than somebody who wears a style that just isn't them.

#3 Have a trademark.

For MK is was shabby chic, but of late that seems to have changed (yay!) for Kirsten its her street chic look of grubby grey tees and her favourite thin gold chains.

#4 Wear everything with confidence.

You could be feeling completely insecure about an outfit, but as long as you wear is with a huge smile and a confident walk, you'll fool anybody. Nobody knows if Cam was faking it, post-justin, but do you care? She looks hot and she knows it.

#5 Don't be matchy matchy

I hate the colour co ordinated bag, belt and shoes look, it seems to be one of those "Mum rules" that Plain Janes swear by religiously, come on Paris, its not the 1950s anymore!

#6 Remember to champion new designers

Rachel Bilson supported Thakoon way before his CFDA days, and Sienna is a frequent self appointed muse to Marchesa. Whilst its easy to accept all the freebies from the big names, Style Icons are respected for championing the "struggling artists" because quite frankly, "they were all there once, dahhling!"

#7 Don't hop on the bandwagon

Pahh, Ashlee and Scarlett caught onto this one way too late. As for you Ms Beckham, put that Christopher Kane dress down, now! Down, leave it!

#8 Don't kill a trend, start one yourself

How could a style icon be a style icon without a CV of clothing revolutions?

Sienna Miller.........The boho days
Kate Moss............The waistcoat, ballet flats, skinnies (shall I continue?)
Chloe Sevigny.........Ray Bans
The Olsens.....Layers and black nail varnish

PS. VB, Are you still trying to join in? Go away!

#10 Don't be a sell out

Nobody likes a label whore, end off.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can do fashion!

Oh britney, we still love you though.

PS, woww, has anybody else heard/seen this video? I admire the girl (yes, shes being sarcastic everyone.) but shes also getting more mad by the day. Thats what I like though, a bit of un-PRed speech!*

Except the OTT accent?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What makes a model?

A trademark pose? Example, Coco and her open mouth.
A quirky personality? Example, Iekieline
Eastern European heritage? Example-Lets not go there!

The list is endless, but I think the most important attributes are undoubtedly versatility, effortless cool and well, to be blunt, a bloody striking face!

And Hye Park is one of the few humans to be blessed, the salt lake city homegirl has (long ago)caught the eye of the fashion industry and has been one of the models, along wiht the likes of Du Juan and Ai Tominaga, responsable for the rise in interest in asian models gracing the catwalks and magazine covers.

Hye is undoubtedly one of my favourite models of the moment, so as a tribute here is a pick of her finest catwalk moments.

My favourite is the gold D&G dress, its my favourite snap from Spring 2007. And yours?...

Iceberg, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Marni

Dsquared2, Giambattista Valli, Dolce and Gabbana

anna molinari, viktor and rolf, la perla

marni, emaunel ungaro, antonia berardi

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The downfall?

Whats going on?
Is this the doing of Rachel Z?

Mischa seems to have been losing her touch recently.
Shes been going overkill on cow. Cheap looking leather boots, Almost Famous style coats, crochet beanies and too much brown.

She isn't listening!

I'm thinking she needs a new haircut too, I'm getting sick of her locks, I think she needs to go for something dark brown, a lot shorter and I want to see the return of that fringe that she flirted with momentarily. But some people could argue that her hair is her trademark. Thoughts?

The Good Old Days.

Lets reminisce...

click image to get your ogle on



Those of you who are american are bound to be ahead of the game, but for anyone else in need to a boost, this should do the trick.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Suvi Koponen

are you joking me?

well well well, never in a milliion years would i have guessed that Suvi Koponen was the winner of Finlands next top model!

I don't see Danielle, Caridee and co strutting down the runway at Prada, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. So few of the thousands of reality tv stars who are constantly bombarding our screens actually make something of themselves so I'm pretty impressed that someone who's making a name for herself in the farrrshan industry came from a Next Top Model show.....

Maybe theres hope.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hey everyone.

Don't know about anyone else, but the weather in the UK seems to be rather out of character and lovely, prompting everyone to scarmble into their dresses and summer sandals and run to the park.

It brings out the best moods in everyone and I love it.

I have a little question to ask you all, and I know its one that is asked
very often, so I put my hands up to you and apologise for not paying attention before (haha, used to saying that to teachers...) but how do you add pictures to the header of a blog without having the code show up at the top of the screen andin the computer toolbar?

Any help, and I would be very grateful.

PS, Here are the blogs that I'm particularly loving at the moment, so check them out.






and of course
COCOS TEA PARTY who I kind of consider as my blog bitch because I've been a loyal visitor pretty much from the beginning and (I think!) its been the same for her.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Great Scott

Jeremy Scott's designs are providing me with some serious eye candy at the moment. Yes, I've now moved on from Leigh Lezark.

His Food Fight collection is my personal favourite, and its been popular amongst the more fashion forward It girls as well as our very own Agyness.

His designs are fun, humourous and very unpretentious, which I think we all agree is so important in fashion.

But...the bad news, you can't get hold of any Jeremy Scott in the UK, but keep an eye on ebay and his website for "developments."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Body Con

Due to a flash of inspiration after reading Coco's recent post I have decided to give the Zoebots, a sans-Zoe look.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of Zoe's current styling which seems to be a stuck in the past side effect of the Sienna plague. [Leather coin belts, fur gilets and floaty skirts anyone?] Out with the boho and in with body con.

I want to see Lindsay, Mischa and co ditching their feminine halternecks and 70s inspired vetements for 80s power dressing in the style of Marios Schwab and Preen and Linda Farrow sunglasses teamed with skyhigh stilettos.

The Get Up

The Shoes

The Accessories

Paint the town
red acid with neon streamlined clutches and jelly shoppers.

Top the look off with short and chic white nails and big plastic watches-the cheaper the better!


Its been revealed that Johnny Borrell will grace the cover of UK Vogue's May issue [shirtless and in his trademark white skinnies], making him the fourth man to do so after Robbie Williams, Bono and P Diddy.

Hmm, I find this man digustingly arrogant, but also rather likeable. Thoughts?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sundays are usually a day that I detest. Last minute homework, slumpy tiredness and hangovers, the prospect of the end of the weekend....

The saviour of this Sunday Afternoon Blues?

...Style magazine, which comes free with the Sunday Times.
And I loved it even more when I saw the cover.

After a large anti climax and slightly disapointed feeling after my peek at the Kate Moss Topshop collection in this months Vogue, I found these pictures much more satisfying.

And Irina's status will no doubt become more mainstream after this work. I'm predicting even more people will be adopting the fringe, so I'm making the most out of mine while you can!

Has anyone else noticed the resemblence to Pete's style? [above, left]

Overall, I like it! Don't build up your hopes though, god knows how quickly it will sell out, and how many fashion bitches will send to hospital for stitches post store floor scuffle.*

Sleeping packs and elbow pads at the ready!

Opinions? Anyone feeling a little disappointed, or is it all you could have dreeeamed of?