Friday, October 31, 2008

the anti muse; colonel sanders

i'm a bit of a one for championing an anti-fashion hero.
it's why often I'll find myself drawn to characters in films, or odd characters from books and cartoons.
for the past couple of months ago, my latest anti muse has been colonel sanders.

the stringey chicken buckets and meat stench I can do without, thanks, but take a closer look and you're left with a very ashley olsen-esque white blazer, clear clubmaster glasses and the coolest little cravat, which is rather western chic.

similar accessories have popped up on the catwalk at rag and bone and luella over the past couple of seasons, and they're the perfect accompaniment to a little androynous finery, just how colonel sanders likes it.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my oh my, erin how do you do it?

as some of you may already know, I am lucky enough to work in my local topshop, which means that while working and dancing about with the other lovely girls who work there, I spend much of my time plotting which items I'll buy with my seasonal allowance.

we get ours in a weeks time and I am so very excited.

so I laughed a little wearily when I saw this picture of erin wearing these trousers, as after eyeing them up for weeks, I finally tried them on the other day, and they looked rather shiteous on me.

put it this way, you have to be very dedicated at shaving your legs and as the slits go up so high, new blemishes appear that even the teeniest of mini skirts never dared show. and overall i ended up looking like the ex girlfriend of edward scissorhands (not in a good way, because I know how appealing that sounds) after she has had a comfort food binge.

without sounding highly up my own arse, my legs are my favourite part as they're rather slim and long, and so, I would like to know, Erin, enlighten me, how on earth did you pull these off?

that is all.

pic: snatched from the lovely T at starbucks and jane austen

Monday, October 27, 2008

the rules of halloween dressing

1980s (mid) - Eve, Britt, Emily, Nathan, Blake (we think), Clint, Laine - Halloween - costumes - sitting - 0071 by ClintJCL.
When you pass the trick or treating age, dressing up becomes a substitute for the vast amount of multipack chocolates that you my no longer acquire, and it must be taken very seriously indeed.

Things get a little competitive, with everyone acting all aloof and uninterested until the last minute, plotting a costume that shall never ever, in the history (and future) of Halloween be topped.

Now is your last chance to get on with that undercover research..

my mother can testifty the trials of the halloween costume, and the importance of a bit of prepping. A couple of years ago she popped down to the fancy dress shop on the 31st and was met by the choice of a pvc nun's costume or a fat pumpkin suit. she opted for the latter (and looked 'badasss' in a very deadpan way). and I think the sexy habit ended up in rick owens studio.

here are some of the rules to dressing well for halloween.

do have a drag party

kings and queens welcome, girls grab a moustache and brill creme, guys grab platforms and boobs. gender bending has never been so hot.

don't be
too obscure

as much as i love channelling film characters, going as some extra from a french film just so that you can wear a striped jumper and smoke a cigarette in a holder is the height of pretentiousness.

don't be sexy cats
or slutty devils, dark angels or.. flirty bats. whatever else you could think up along these lines; just no.
why do peoples parents not teach these rules from a young age?

do consider an anti cartoon character
remember when we were little and we were dying to go to parties dressed as ariel, belle and (insert disney princess here)? why not relive this? or the flintstones, tom and jerry, tintin, the snorks, the moomins..
if you're adamant on the cat theme. go as top cat!

don't be afraid to look a little silly
besides, this is the perfect excuse to not look prettypretty and to show your sense of humour.

do embrace headwear
wigs, fruitbowls, pumpkins, trees, headresses, an axe. find whatever will balance on your head and you're good to go.

do be original
118 118 Chris's Bday 005 by Toffee Chrisp.
the 118 118 men do not fit into this category

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

like she writes in her diary

zoe over at sick. just posted a little alice dellal interview.
and asked the readers to offer their own responses to the questions.
which inspired me to ask you some questions as a way of learning a bit more about my lovely readers (and lurkers, please do comment too!) and also so that we can spread the love for, well, our loves.

so let's have a little group bonding session and fill out the questions below.

style icon:
your style:
where do you see yourself in five years?
perfect day:
current job:
dream job:

i'll add my own into the mix at some point
happy saturday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

short shorts and quivering knees

dirty dancing is one of those guilty pleasures, let's face it; it's not a very cool film to like. i'll watch it every couple of years and giggle and sigh in all the right parts, and unashamedly cave in and behave in an overly girlish manner reserved only for this film.

baby is meant to be uncool.
but everytime i watch it, this outfit sticks in my head.

and um, her name is actually pretty rad
imagine being called baby!
better trip down the american apparel, i guess

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

in the name of fashion

i was having a little read of young shields, the blog of the lovely claire and found myself having a sympathetic giggle at the comments she got at school about her fantastic diy ripped jeans. i'm sure most of you (as you're such a stylish bunch..) have also received many a "witty", or not so witty reference to your clothes before; the type that make you shake your head in a vaguely amused way and say "well done guys.." and i thought it would be cool to share some of the tales.

so, i'll start. on friday, i wore my wet look leggings and got

what's funny is that it is usually guys (those two examples varied from the age of 17 to about 60) with a cheekily knowing piss-take tone in their voice, who think they have said something hugely original and proceed to crack themselves up laughing, even when you've heard the exact same comment twice already. it's actually pretty funny! just as long as what they're saying is appropriately witty and intelligent as fashion will allow!

big hugs to hannah metz who created these gorgeous little illustrations for this post. if this is your cup of tea, be sure to check out her blog for more lovliness.. and the snaps of her house because it's the coolest ever.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

miami blaze

summer is well and truly over.

boo hoo.

watch this and then bury your head in the sand.

so that when you deny the fact that it is now the time of blustery wind and showers, you may think of lara stone and puppies (the dogs.. although her "puppies" were out too) having fun in the sunshine.

Monday, October 20, 2008

wrap it up and send it away

last week, i spent the day in bed equipped with many a dried up glue stick and a big old pair or scissors making up care packages for the winners of the last fashion quiz.

some of you may remember that back in may there was a little competition that when down where i asked people to predict who would wear which labels to the met costume gala (tricky, i know..) and tala was the winner of the first ever discotheque confusion mix (yay!) this was so much fun that when I was making up the parcels for the winners of the most recent fashion quiz, i created the"discotheque confusion mix volume II".

it was very lucky that the winners turned out to be a lovely trio of bloggers (jessica from sick., deex from pistol whipped and sunniva from the style spot) and i designed unique cover art for each girl according to what i had already gathered from their personalities.

i love putting together letters and parcels, just because i know what a pleasure it is to recieve them.

for the rest of you, here is the playlist, and this might be a good time for everyone to recommend some music that they love. there is so much droll around at the moment; so please share the love!

australia-the shins
see emily play-pink floyd
vicar in a tutu-the smiths
don't look that way at it-white denim
midnight man-nick cave and the bad seeds
the killing moon-echo and the bunnymen
stars and sons-broken social scene
east yourself-goldfrapp
love will tear us apart-joy division
head over heels-tears for fears
phantom limb-the shins
heimrich maneuver-interpol
enjoy the silence-depeche mode
boys don't cry-the cure
later monday-jon brion
love her madly-the doors

each parcel differed, but overall these were included; a couple of magazine clippings, sweets/a chinese fortune cookie, some vintage buttons, mix cd, perfume sample, viktor and rolf postcards..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

lepere and hack

well, aren't they just the coolest couple.
who wins, anouck with her glasses, or jefferson with this socks?


Friday, October 17, 2008

nylon reaches a new low

um, paris hilton is nylon's new cover girl.

wow marvin scott jarrett, just keeps getting further away from that interesting indie girl muse, doesn't he?

gone are the days of michelle williams, meg and jack, christina ricci.

guess interesting people don't sell!

ps, i have nevereverever posted about paris hilton before (i don't think at least)..
who knows, she hasn't been around for so long, maybe she's becoming a cult icon.

hahahaha, don't make me laugh!

hazy sun, girl in the red dress


bon anniversaire!


come on everyone, give it up for our favourite north carolinan.
raise your drinking devices, be it a cuppa tea or the finest champagne.

and dance around to goldfrapp in stupidly high shoes.
have a good one, my lovely.

the time and the place, is 10.17 (hee..)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

taylor tomasi


click to enlarge

millions and trillions of pictures.

because the word sweetie would seem appropriate to describe her.

but then you spot her collection of amazing tough boots and think again.

taylor tomasi is the biz.

pics, fashion spot

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

snakeskin and cobweb knits

ali stephens in 10 Magazine

"because things that are sheer and have lots and lot of holes are like, going to be so big."

Monday, October 13, 2008

diy on my mind
i always used to be too lazy for diy projects.
well, i kind of still am.

but over the last couple of weeks, everytime I have sat down on the bus after college a couple of ideas have popped into my head..

1. creating some obscenly meticulous latice effect leggings ala rodarte.

2 or settling for an equally gorgeous (and much easier to reproduce) pair ala anja rubik.

3 and getting some studs and sewing them onto the knees of my jeans ala (whisper her name, she smells..) cory kennedy.

my predictions; that ridiculously pain-staking tee shirt project that childhood flames is getting into is going to be the new bleached jeans diy project. then the slashed leggings will follow! if only betting stocks took such predictions..

edit: aww crap. i just checked up on fashion toast and rumi beat me to it! schadenfreude to me, ha.

rolling stone

i rarely buy i-D. I think this is because I'm often easily irritated by some of the editorials which often seem to try too hard to be "edgy" and just end up coming out as contrived and pretentious. but every few issues there will be a golden cover and equally golden editorials.

the november issue features my favourite model the Lara Stone, so this is a must.

Some words of wisdom from her interview, most interesting.

Lara's take on nudity..

When I was 16, being naked was a problem, but it has never really been an issue for me. Better naked than wearing really tight corsets. I don't put myself in situations that I feel uncomfortable with, you know, someday my children are going to see this. My tits are not really that big. Next season I might go for a more dressed up Lara, like a librarian or something.

on mr tisci and ms roitfeld
When I went to see Riccardo, he called Carine and said 'Oh my god you have to meet this girl,' I met Carine, the next day we were working together and we've been working together ever since.

how she feels about the catwalk..
I hate catwalk because 1) I'm not very good at it, 2) I'm always scared sh*tless and 3) . . . I suck at it. I cannot walk in heels. At all. I'm always completely terrified I'm going to fall over, which I did three times my first season. I fell over in London, Milan and in Paris. I had a Chanel fitting that afternoon and it was really embarrassing. I was like, 'Sorry Karl [Lagerfeld]', he didn't have a clue what I was talking about!

can't wait to see the editorial..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

i want my room to be andrew's room.


with kitsch statues of the virgin mary and retro religious art, andrew's room is my idea of heaven.
i don't think i've ever come across a guy with taste as perfect as this.
it just makes me want to dust off an old mustard coloured suit, wear some smartly polished shoes and live my life as a wes anderson like homage to such great guys.

channelling. now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

chloe's outfit

is awesome.
things are incredibly hectic at the moment. i'm so underprepared for my history exam in two weeks, it's not even funny. so until then, post length shall remain slightly unsatisfactory. but hopefully something of a little more substance as soon as I feel like I'm not slowly dying!