Saturday, March 31, 2007

Last Night a DJ saved My Life

Leigh Lezark is my current girl crush. Shes the cleaner, cooler Cory Kennedy of 2007.

Yes, Cory you may be a cute little indie kid, but go away and don't come back until you've had a shower and used some dental floss.

This east coast babe is the current queen of monochrome, without looking like either a cliched Edie Sedgewick wannabe or stuck in the 90's goth.

And even after a night of sweaty DJing, her hair still manages to remain that "Go on, run your fingers through me!" gloss.

Out with boy crushes, they're so boring and unpredictable, and get yourself some girl eye candy!

PS, If you're a fan of Leigh's stay tuned because you can vote for her as the Unknown Style Icon in Sunniva's hunt over at

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Death of Mr Kane

Oh dear god, no this can't be happening...

Its not, is it?

Oh, but it is!

why oh why oh why

Well, it was only going to be a matter of time before Victoria broke my heart by destroying something I love do dearly.

And look at her pairing of the dress with some matchy, matchy shoes.

"Hey, I can wear these shoes because they're red too."

I never thought I'd say this, purely for the sake of feminism really, but I wish she'd take the lead of the other Wags, and stop being so damn snobby. Can't she become the face of Asda or something like Coleen, rather than pursuing this image as a fashion icon which quite frankly, she never had.

Rock N Roll Love

Cute new couple alert! Miss Dunst seems to be doing well in the dating department at the moment, and shes being doing a good job of working her way though the indie kids. First Fabrizio, now Johnny!
[Although personally, I much prefer Fab because Johnny's fake american accent tendencies and "look at me in my stetson motherfuckerrr" attitude is a wee bit tiring. And also because I saw Fabrizio in the National Portrait gallery the day of the Brits last year, with his cute little italian mum in tow!]
But damn they look so hot together. They beat Kate and Pete in the Rock n Roll stakes anyway.
Hopefully Kiki will be spending more time in Dalston, its near my London crash pad! (Ahem, my aunty's flat..)
Pictures: popsugar and brownsfashion

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Simply Red

I'm thinking red is a colour that has been forgotten about of late?

I can't think of any pieces in my wardrobe that are a red this vivid.

And this shirt looks so great with the trademark crimson slices of her sexy Louboutin heels.

I applaud you, MK.


Edit! Check out MK's new look. All chic and sophisticated just as I had hoped. (Sorry, I hate people who say I told you so, too)
Lets hope she retains a little of her indie kid flair under all that new glamour. Watch this space...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dad Would be Proud...

A recent trip to Urban Outfitters (the virtual one, that is) caused me to fall in love.

Not with a skinny, pretty indie boy, thumbing the leather jackets.

No, with a pair of plaid shorts. Maybe its right that girls fall in love with those who have qualities similar to their fathers?

Missoni Spring 07
I think theres something rather cool about finally turning around the whole socks and sandals stigma.

And why not, Stetsons are being favoured by the likes of Sienna and Kate Hudson. And the geek look is something that has now become accepted by the mainstream, but only to the level of polos, skinnies and grandad cardigans. Why can't it step up to goofy print shorts, tucked in shirts, and of course skanals (yes, yes, thats my jargon for socks and sandals.)

This brings a whole new meaning to the boyfriend look, and if its androgenous. I'll take it!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Star in the Style Spotlight

Nora Zehetner

This Audrey Tatou look-a-like has caught my eye recently. With her doll like features and choices of cute mini dresses, I was surprised that rather than being a Paris girl she was from Texas.

Her hair always looks fantastic, whether styled into an short elf cut, slikced back into an alice band or worn down for the red carpet, and she oozes the glamour and grace that can be hard to find among the tabletop dancing, energy drink drinking young stars of today.

I like the fact that she keeps her make up simple, every now and then going for a swipe of red lipstick, which I think really compliments her look.

Her look reminds me of Rachel Bilson and Zooey Deschanel, and thats a good thing, after all...


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank God.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Part II

After the rise of the brunettes, it seems that over in LA LA Land, the insey binsey it-girls are going back to their sunkissed roots (ahem, no pun intended..)

Britney (duhh, the wig!) Lindsay, and now Mary Kate. And thank god. As much as a love MK, the whole dead witch look was beginning to tire me.

I want to see her go a little more glamorous now. So less of the cali-goth, please!

Who next? Anyone but Cameron, I love it too much!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Let the Turban Race

Everyone has their own way of translating a look.
So why should the turban be an exception? These crafty ones have reinvented the look and made it their own, and "thats whats so great about fahhhsion, man."

On your marks, get set, go!

1. Playing it safe can still be cool.

Who says the turban has to be all about satin and glam?

Okay, Miuccia did, but shh!

On a result trip to london, I spied several fashion forward ladies who opted for the fifties housewife headgear look.

Bright and patterned Silk Scarves and thick layered ribbons are the way to go for the test run, or for those who aren't keen on translating trends straight from the runway.

2. My new best friend Twin

The Olsens are these days rather notorious for becoming martyrs of their latest fashion addiction, be it Balenciaga boots, Rayban Wayfarers or that Turban headband.

Nonetheless, I doff my hat ahem, Turban to them for not feel the need to only wear it once, "just because".

3. Eurohit

Two very different interpretations, but they both seem very at ease with their looks.

Love the contrast of the chilled out wellie boot vibe with the metallics at the french discotheque look.

4. Invent, Reuse, Restyle

As the mastermind of the reinvention of the Turban, Muiccia Prada pretty much holds the right to indulge in as many seasons of turban fun without being scolded for "jumping on the bandwagon".

And thats just what shes done. I love this look from the Prada Autumn/Winter 07 collection. The materials are harsh and wintery, but paired with the Brigiette Bardot style hair and make up, femininity still wins!

5. DIY Chic
Ahh, yes! Susie Bubble!
No explanation needed.

Image credit: Perez Hilton, PopSugar, Facehunter, Stylebubble,, styleit.wordpress

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who's your Style Icon of 2027?

Most of us are in agreement about who our style icons are? Kate Moss, MK and Ashley, Chloe Sevigny, Sienna, the Zoebots.

So there's no need to go on about them, we've seen it all before. But what about the style icons of the future? Have a peek below and lets have a little vote for our favourite style icon of the future.

  • Both Kingston and Maddox sport mohicans, are they onto something?
  • What about Lila Grace, who takes after mum Kate by wearing ballet slippers and mini dresses?
  • Apple plays along with family traditions in hippyish halternecks, converse and "yes, I'm vegan!" knitted hats.
Here are some snaps of some of the Generation...uh..... (are we onto A now?) 's finest moments.

1. Lila Grace Moss

Finest moment: Having Pete Doherty as an influence in her life,

Trademark look: Metallic ballet flats, hair accessories, and lollypops!

Beauty tip: "Stay away from drugs, they're
bad for your skin. Oh...."

2. The Pitt Jolies

Finest moment: Every sunday when the family they visit orphanages. So fun.

Trademark look(s): Maddox favours the rebellion look with mohicans and khakis, for Zahara its crochet nadanas and beanies, Whereas Shiloh plays it natural by channeling to Jolie trout pout.

Beauty Tip: "Beauty comes from within, man."

3. Apple Martin

Finest moment: Lounging on Valentino's yacht.

Tradmark look: Apple Marin works to "I'll have mine with Soya" look.
Thats right, in converses, "About a Boy" beanies and fairtrade halternecks.

Beauty Tip: "Its
all about the mactobiotics..."

4. Kingston Rossdale

Finest moment: Having a little chat live on air with Jo Whiley when Gwen popped into Radio 1. Altogether, now "Aw!"

Trademark look: Kingston's a designer baby, so its stictly Dior and LAMB, with his favourite Adidas jacket thrown into the mix. And don't forget that quiff!

Beauty tip: "Its all about Cleanse, tone moisturise! And I personally love to exfoliate my skin with pure gold."

5. Coco Arquette

Finest moment: Getting snapped by the paps helping Mum Courtney pick up Pumpkins for halloween. The ultimate autumn chic snap.

Trademark look: Colourful tights, smock dresses, cute smile.

Beauty Tips "Like, I live in Cali, so its totally important to have a sunkissed complexion all year round."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guilty Pleasure: Mischa Barton

I'm normally more into talking about up and coming style icons (eg, Rinko Kikuchi), people with individual style (Chloe Sevigny) or real people (National Portrait girl, below) but everyone has guilty pleaures don't they?

And I think one of mine is LA "Zoebot" It Girls.

And Mischa Barton is no exception, and I think shes really found her own look recently. Shes still wearing her folky, shift dresses but she seems to be incorportaing leather jackets, smart jackets, metallics and grown up bags into her routine, and I like the results.

Here are some of my "Mischa Picks" from her outfits from over the last couple of months.

Street Style

Every celebrity has their favourite accessories. For Kirsten Dunst, its her Raybans and Stella McCartney heels, for Mary Kate its those Balenciaga boots, and for Mischa its her new Bay bag and of course, little Ziggy!

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I love her leather jacket, I bought one a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to take it off! Its like my new skin. And check out those metallic peep toe platforms. I'm in love.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Street Style

National Portrait Gallery, London, Saturday 3rd March.

Gift Shop Staff Chic
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"I'm meant to wear all black, but I don't really conform!"

And thank god she doesn't! In Cheap Monday skinnies, metallic brogues and retro headscarf, she beats down Mary Kate and Ashleys lame attempts at recreating the turban look, by pairing her headscarf with an effortless, laid back charm.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
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Although I was a fan of her brunette colour, I rather like this too! At least she didn't go all scraggly and witchy ala MK Olsen.

Although is there more to come? On a video of her being papped as she left the salon she was
"They can't see! Guys, my hairs not done right now, its done tomorrow!"saying on the way to her car. Is there something else to be done?


Sunday, March 04, 2007

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I don't know about you, but I starting to smell a new style clotheshorse has been thrown into the mix.

Since first seeing Rinko wow the crowds with her Chanel "pompom" dress at this years Golden Globes, I've kept an eye out for her outfits of choice at premieres, and in particular at the Oscars. Although she didn't have much chance in the same category as Jennifer Hudson, she chose another Chanel dress that, in my opinion, made her one of the best dressed women, along with Reese, Penelope, Gwyneth and co.

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A peek at her back catalogue of get-ups reveals a quirly androgenuos tuxedo and a chic body conscious black minidress among many other great choices, leaving her well and truly covered by the "up and coming" limelight.

I'm impressed.

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