Saturday, October 31, 2009

pocket money


Today was payday and during the course of a stressful morning (essential errands impossible to finish and the sense of a ticking time bomb) with my lovely fresh pay check burning a whole in my pocket, I hit up Superdrug.

I felt a little like my 8 year old self, a wee jovial soul every pocket money day, though this time I opted for some shamelessly girly goodies. Rather than the pointless Pokemon cards or copious amounts of Woolworths pick n mix that way back when were the norm.

And so may I present you with my new dusty pink hair extensions (clip in, for realz, stupidly excited) and three nail polishes in 'twinkle shine', 'button moon' and uh, 'number 19'.


back soon, off to play hopskotch outside and find somebody's hair to braid.

Friday, October 30, 2009

shit, what do I wear!?

Put your hands up if with one day to go you're still unsure what to wear for Halloween? Here are some quick ideas that don't involve rushing to the fancy dress shop and throwing excessive amounts of money at a solution. phew!

It's a bit of a given that if you don face paint at Halloween, you put sufficient effort into your costume and shall command respect from others for the rest of the night. And wearing Day of The Dead face paint in honour of the Mexican festival gives you cool points. You look good and weren't afraid of looking a little bit silly. Wear a garland in your hair and a hawaiian shirt just for the sake of confusing floral nations.


Duh, how bloody cool did Iekeliene Stange look in October's Dazed and Confused. True, she has killer cheekbone structure and fabulously nonchalant platinum blonde hair on her side, and well, you may resemble a green sweating mass, but it's worth a go isn't it?

Wearing ears at Halloween can be risky business; you don't want to toe that 'Sexy Cat' line. But I'd say choosing to pay homage to a character well loved by generations of children means that with nostalgia on your side you can ace it in the costume department. Watch the video below for a how-to guide. Wes Anderson fans may smile and nod along at the film references.

Monday, October 26, 2009

daul kim

daul kim, along with dree hemingway and, in my opinion, racquel zimmerman are all examples of models whose switch to platinum blonde was the best. idea. ever.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


just chloe sevigny looking big time gorgeous. and wearing her belly on show without looking like she has 3 baby daddies and an addiction to akon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

the shorts suit


Anything that has a Virginia McKenna in
'Born Free' kind of vibe is alright in my book.
Which is why I've fallen just a teeny weeny bit in love with this
Arnsforf shirt and short set. Perhaps not entirely weather appropriate for now, but come Spring it'll be just perfect. What's even more splendid is that if you're unable to find $360 down the back of the sofa (because that's how much it'll cost in aus dollars), you can quite easily recreate the look for yourself with shorts and shirts from the charity shop. Maybe an alternating coloured set for each day of the week? From dusty pink on monday right through to pillarbox red on sunday, I dare you.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

an ode to the button up blouse

Ingrid Sophie Schram is one of my style pin ups.
Stylewise we're pretty similar with the whole buttoned up blouse, battered boy shoes and ankle socks look. Except she ups the anti by wearing a tacky sequined baseball cap and making it seem like the most natural and cool idea ever. Or by wearing her ankle socks in sunshine yellow, not plain old white. So doff your hats to Miss Schram who God bless her would probably never ripped tights or studded accessories.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

happy birthday abby!


Happy Birthday to my lovely Abby!
She is celebrating her birthday in the coolest fashion, spending two weeks in New York and playing catch up with lots of friends. For my last birthday I ended up getting drunk, doing karaoke and singing Afroman. Not cool. Luckily Abby can balance out my blip as she will be eating out in a little french bistro and being much more sophisticated.

So here's to a fantastic 2-0, I love having you a part of my life, love, and here are too many more special birthdays.

image sources; kingaburzablog, purple diary, skullset, dan heller photography, abby's photos, my photos, teenage unicorn, various unknowns

just an observation..

I'd say Charlotte Dellal is currently beating her sister in the 'Best Hair' stakes..[charlotte+dellal.jpg]
pic; yvan rodic via the fashion spot

Friday, October 16, 2009

some things I think you ought to know..

Roll up, Roll up! Watch as he sticks feathers to his shoulders and louches about in pink floral shorts! Andrew from Pull Teeth is one of the coolest and best dressed guys of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Nude Lumiere is a bloody ruddy fantastic Tumblr page. Because of her great eye you'll probably end up dragging half of the images she handpicks directly into your inspiration folder.

Top three models. Fact.
Missy Rayder
Lara Stone
Sasha Pivovarova

If you're anything like me, you'll have millions of scraps of paper around your room and word documents permanently up on the computer containing the addresses of blogs you never ever want to forget about. So in homage to this obsessive compulsive attribute, here are a load I have scattered about the place and that I utterly love.
  1. Velvet Scientist
  2. Karla That's Me
  3. Blood Roses
  4. Sometimes I Just Need Quiet. Blog with a naughty URL but great photographs
  5. Mood. Bloody fantastic for menswear references
  6. Raspberry and Red. Cutest polish girl ever. She kind of makes me wish I was 14 again. Or at least that I had dressed like her.
  7. Aprilgatan. Nothing like a bit of Scandinavian crushing. I give you 5 seconds until you have the desire to wear breton stripes and attend a Danish music festival.
  8. Slash Magazine I really really like this online magazine.
  9. Magic Molly. Not only has this girl got the best case of effortlessly cool streetwear disease, she's also an amazing writer. The kind that has me skipping along that 'Oh fuck, I'll never be as good/wow, she's inspiring me to pick up a pen and better myself' borderline.

    Wearing a pair of simple jeans, preferably skinny with a soft or maybe even cashmere rollneck is quite an appealing idea for a lazy autumnal day outfit. courtesy of 1990s Kate Moss and Vanessa of Pandafck

  10. Romance of Thoughts After having spent the last couple of days reading (I've started Shoplifting from American Apparel by Tao Lin; so smart and cynical but in a fresh and intelligently witty way) and overanalysing the way I write (that's what being forced to define yourself for a Personal Statement does!) I've decided to take the plunge and create a Tumblr account. But rather than using it to post inspiring photographs, I'm going to be posting short observations and small creative pieces. If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look. It's quite nice to have a bit of a balance and write about something that isn't related to fashion.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

that autumn haze

Today I woke up from one of those perfectly vivid dreams that you wish more than anything could be real.

And was about to hold a grudge against the day for making it end until I opened my curtain and saw the city under a thick breath of morning mist with the autumn sun blazing through.

And it made me think of this Ryan McGinley editorial and then it was impossible to be mad.

image, the fashion spot
w magazine june 2007
kate moss by ryan mcginley
I know my blogging has been minimal lately, but for the first time ever I can put my hand on my heart and truly say that I'm putting academics first. Getting started on the university application process and my time is being spent scrawling ideas for a personal statement and pretending that aren't unread issues of Fantastic Man magazine and Vogue over in the corner.
I'm missing posting though so will be back asap!

Friday, October 09, 2009

messing around in jefferson's office

You must admit, this little Dazed and Confused spread is rather a fantastic concept for an editorial..
Anouck Lepere frolicks about in her boyfriend's office (that would be his office at Dazed and Confused HQ, no less..) taking powernaps
on piles of back-issues and running her fingers over the moodboard collages while, like a naughty child, keeping half an ear out for the sound of the office door opening behind her.

I have a bit of a crush on Miss Lepere, she has that exact European beauty, the kind that speaks for itself, requires minimal make up and only the most simple pairing of Gallic basics. Having said that, Anouck looks equally as mesmerising in a busily patterned Peter Pilotto dress. She has the kind of beauty that I think other girls in particular notice; it's so effortless and easy, yet she is very often overlooked, and I must admit sometimes I do just that. despite the amount of times I've scribbled her name on my hand as a reminder to post about her..

So this editorial really acts as both a confirmation of her greatness aswell as a kick up the arse to go cruise her fashion spot thread and gasp and coo over her style. And a obligatory scratching of the head in wondering why on earth you don't flick through it more often..

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the boys


Secret Forts blog is the most accurate representation of the kind of guy I would be if I'd been born 'Billy'. Yes, that was the choice of name favoured by my parents (two unisex name options? it makes no sense!) I would wear my hair like James Dean, nurture an appreciation for leather holdall bags and deck shoes. collect vintage girly magazines. shop at Steven Alan and Apolis Activism, go all soft at the sight of classic cars, have a thing for stacks of button up shirts. crush on girls that wear french knitwear and tuxs.

Have a little read and you may end up wishing you could be your guy alter ego just for the day..

inspiration on a wednesday


feast your eyes on these snapshots of girlish, dreamy frolicking from margaret durow and annabel mehran. they cause me to crave autumn roadtrips (sitting with a lapful of blankets and the windows down), skinny dipping in a freezing lake, trudging through the woods until your fingers and cheeks are pink from the cold, picking flowers along the way to pop into a glass jar. and a big cosy bed to return to afterward for cups of tea and crosswords with a mate.

ah autumn, I adore you.

Monday, October 05, 2009

mid monday daydreaming

Missing New York even more after talking about the city to a friend on the phone last night.
He told me he broke into Central Park Zoo. But was promptly kicked out, which made me laugh.
I'm scrimping and saving and my fund is growing at quite a satisfying rate; with any luck I'll be having my own adventures over the pond come Spring.

New York Dolls, Vogue Nippon April 2009
Eniko Mihalik in Another Magazine FW 2009
Perdue dans Manhattan, Paris Vogue September 2003
Bright Lights, Big City, Pop Magazine FW 2008

Sunday, October 04, 2009


How about a little Liza Thorn to induce a trio of envy? Her platinum hair, her mish mash of sparkly vintage finds and her messy little whitewashed San Fransisco bedroom. I'll take them all, please!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

burberry prorsum SS10


If there is any time to amend my habit of lateness, it is was for the Burberry show. With half an hour to kill before meeting Ella of Coco's Tea Party for a cuppa, I strolled from Pimlico station towards the venue, getting a sense of the building excitement the closer I came to the Chelsea School of Art. Photographers and news reporters were stood on street corners nearby taking orders over the phone from their editors and I laughed as I passed a coach just down the road with the handsome all male waiters and events staff piling off in a sea of black shirts and excellent gene pools. I later told Ella is was like the 'anti school trip' with these young men looking like they'd been sent straight from a casting agency.

Disney Roller Girl was right when she compared the proceedings of the evening to a film premiere. As I arrived and took a seat on a bench just outside the Tate Britain to watch it all unfold I realised I had been a little naive about what to expect. The sheer scale of glamour and gloss was overwhelming; a white carpet and an army of press, this was of an entirely different level to the Unique shows I've attended.

Having my heroes walk straight past me was incredibly surreal, and I'd love to say that I acted all cool and uninterested as is convention at fashion shows, but alas, with Carine Roitfeld, Mario Testino or Anna Wintour walking by it's impossible not to bat an eyelash.

The start of the show sent shivers down my spine as soon as the opening track started. The haunting lyrics of Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors by Editors (not usually a fan) and the glow of the all white tent set a peaceful tone. All the more perfect when combined with the soft botanic pastel shades that sailed down the runway to reflect the distant spring. The understated confidence of the models and their gentle glides had me entranced, despite the intricate garments they wore and the price tags attached to them, it was all very modest and unshowy.

Altogether it felt like a very special moment to be witnessing; the show symbolised the close of a hugely successful 25th London Fashion Week and of course Burberry's return to show at London after eight years. Burberry has never been a label I would particularly see myself wearing (bank balance aside..) purely because, well, it's just not very me. However, sitting in a tent full of fashion industry bigwigs and veterans sitting elbow to elbow in anticipatory silence to left me feeling rather patriotic (not a common characteristic in Brits!) and proud of the status of this British brand.

After the show ended, we all left (though Ella and myself went via the front row to sneakily grab Carine Roitfeld and Mary Kate Olsen's place tags (see, I told you we weren't part of the aloof brigade, and anyway we used 'But I'm a blogger, it is my duty to return with evidence' as our excuse for such behaviour..) and with Disney Roller Girl quickly met Mario Testino before heading to Burberry HQ for the afterparty.

Any worries of a school disco type scenario, with that metaphorical 'loser' wall being designated for the bloggers were put to rest when we went inside. Actually it was quite the opposite as rather ironically the area which had been set up with computers for some instant reporting had been adopted by Team Paris Vogue and Team Love as their very own hang out.
So as we settled down to do one obligatory post before enjoying the rest of the party me and Ella exchanged bambi style glances at the situation we found ourselves in; Carine and Julia were dancing to
La Bamba by Richie Valens just behind us as the rest of the room clapped and watched their performance.

l-r julia and jessie from les mads, and ella from cocosteaparty with myself.

Later, we met up with
Jessie and Julia from Les Mads; they are truly the most gorgeous and lovely girls and we shared a couple of drinks before all bowing out. There was something imensely satisfying about returning to my Aunt's flat in Finsbury park, taking off my make up and changing into an old tee shirt before bed. It was the ultimate juxtaposition of glamour, but with images of Carine, Katie Grand and Mario floating around my head all the more enjoyable.

Thanks to Amy and Miles and everyone at Burberry for making it such a fantastic night and making the bloggers feel perfectly well looked after!