Sunday, March 30, 2008

when it rains, it pours

who knew that alexander wang's denim trousers had a waterproof finish?
solving the jean/rain dilemma and taking genius to a whole new level.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


work, the birthday get together of an old friend, a trip to the local art centre, a poke around the record shop..

i love weekends.

i'll be back soon to post and reply to comments.

have a good one yourselves!

pictured: the paris vogue team. put your hands up if you want to be part of this family.

carine and julia , emmanuelle, melanie and also mario s.

pic: jak and jill

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Virgins Play Dress Up

Coco is right. The Kirsten Dunst void must be filled.
By Kiki herself, not some 19 year old "Hottest Newcomer in Hollywood".

So I waited around a while for something to materialise.

Tapped my fingers up and down on the table.

Wrote a list while I waited.

And then it happened.

This delightful yet over so teensy bit dark (or is that the monochrome?) video popped up on Dazed's page.

Directed by Ellen Von Unwerth.
But even better; styled by the fantabulous Leith Clark.
Turns out it was a short for Erin Fetherston (yawwn) back in '06.

Kirsten and The Like-esque patients channel drowsy Louis Vuitton Nurses until they stumble across a magical dressing up box.

Slightly Virgin Suicides reminiscent in terms of childlike sisterhood, except these girls look kind of cherrypopped. Not a verb, but should be.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

soft nature/ugly urban

i know i'm not the only one who occasionally will be lead down a path of lovely links and inspiration when wandering through the micro-universe that is myspace. and for me one of these delightful trails lead to the page of solo act Golden Mallets where these images gave me much enjoyment.

i know, this post isn't fashion related (a first!) but surely the prettiness of the contrasting rural/urban scenes is worth sharing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

and we all heart lara stone

i love lara stone.
in magazines, she's this glossy, angry woman, a smoker with big boobs, who looks like she is quite capable of beating you up.

but then she hits the runway with her trademark wobbly walk and when she opens her mouth it's a surprise to hear she sounds like a teenage boy.

oh and the ultimate reason to love her?
she got kicked out of school aged 16 and sent away to paris by her mum because she was "trouble"

uhhh, her mum thought paris was a punishment?
wow, i'm so going to post a myspace bulletin about having a house party and see if i get sent to paris for being trouble, too!

girl, i love you!

and i always kind of imagined her as american even though she clearly isn't/

Saturday, March 22, 2008

petite mademoiselle (perfecte)

clemence poesy in german magazine zoo.

we've seen her looking better, but that just shows her greatness.

the sixth picture is the best in my eyes. et toi?

[small pictures]

picture source, tFs

Quote of the Day

'We're French! We smoke, we show flesh, we have a lot of freedom ... ' - Carine Roitfeld

She's a fucking genius.

Ps, Uhmm, Carine in a hoodie and jeans? Love it.

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sevigny Said What and F loads of Facts

If you're feeling like a particular magazine nerd, be sure to read below for F loads of useless but lovely facts and the answers to the "Say What" post.

It was Chloe Sevigny that said this about her Daddy "Always wore a trench coat, always wore hats... he was still very masculine, and very manly and rough and tumble, but still very elegant at the same time."

If there's anyone out there who inherited their style from a bow tied, sock suspender wearing sailor, it had to be her, didn't it?

Well, I thought it was a pretty hard question, but lots of you got it right (see, i knew font nerds read this blog..)

1.) the clue "you'll be sent to the Gallos, Kids!" was a reference to one time collaborator director Vincent Gallo and Kids was tacked on at the end to drop a hint about her first film.
2.)And then anyone really in the know, may have nodded their head in smugness that the song "Daddy never understood" which was on the music player is also in kids.
3.) The quote came from an interview with Chloe Sevigny by Humberto Leon for i-D magazine. Chloe was also Photographed by David Armstrong and styled by Benjamin Sturgill.
4.) Well done to sunni muchacha, d e n i z, Lola Eliza., flashy_shades, marie-kristine, editor and thesearchforchic who all answered correctly, you clever folk!
5.) but allure revealed her true nerd credentials and you're right, you are a "super freak" but we love you for it.
5.) if all of this is going over your head, click here for the original post
6.) Now playing: bennie and the jets by elton john

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am sick of the word "accessories".

It makes me think of lone earrings separated from their other half in the summer sales, and dodgily patterned silk neck scarves.

So I've come up with a suitable alternative.
Additives. Think of throwing some additives into your outfit as a joy, it's the style equivalent of skipping to the pic 'n' mix stand at your local Woolworths and throwing some pink shrimps and cherry lips into your paper bag.

Additives are organic (no, not those additives) and give the finger to the matchy matchy connotations that accessories have. No, my sunglasses most certainly do not coordinate with my shoes and bag, cheers.

Did I sell you my new expression? Anyone got the number for the bespectacled guys at Oxford Dictionary?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Say What?

Can you guess which ladee is talking about her daddy?'ll need to click on the image.

Extra points if you correctly answer the magazine (only font nerds will know!)

Oh, so you need a clue? Well, it's won't be a nice one, because if you get this one wrong..
you'll be sent to the Gallos, Kids!

post comments in the post below, yess.

now playing: daddy never understood by folk implosion

Monday, March 17, 2008

Abbey Lee: Dancing Nymph in an urban setting

It often seems that (generalising coming up..) amongst all these hoards of east european models that have been relentlessly hitting the catwalk, it's hard to match a name to a face and it's even more difficult decipher any kind of personality beyond "heyy, i'm just a beautiful face, that's alll..".
So when a model comes along who's a little different, with a wacky spring in their step or bubblegum in their mouth you know there's something about them.

It has struck me before that COACD often champion this type of girl, snapping poloroids of them goofing about in turtle shaped sunglasses or hiding behind potted plants.
Abbey Lee is like the Australian version of Darla Barker. But blonde. And cooler. And as if she wasn't lovable enough, she has a gap in her teeth.

but you want to know a secret? it's her birthday in a couple of months. she'll be 21, but she's actually being "marketed" as a 17 years old. That's how the fashion industry rolls, kids!

The following mini-torial is from The Sunday Times Style Magazine (UK) a couple of weeks back, and thought it was rather cute.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Just a quick note to say, thank you very much for the comments on the last post.
Gave me a nice confidence boost and a big goofy smile to hear some of your thoughts.
And rather funny that some of you imagined me as a blonde.. it's bizarre that we all build up mental images of other bloggers isn't it?

Until I saw a picture of Coco, I imagined her looking like Selma Blair with a cute pixie cut.

The Fashion's Coolest Couples post is takin longer than I'd hoped; mainly because I'm having troubles with resizing my pictures. So that's still in the pipeline.

Also..breaking news.. it seems that Ms Sevigny is set to be Nylon's next cover start. Yay or Nay?
What Nylon say.. Then April brings a certain style icon with a TV series, a clothing line, and a perfume campaign. Can you guess who she is?

Semms a bit odd that she hasn't starred on a cover of theirs before, she pretty much is Ms Nylon, but I'm worried about the amount of magazines her pretty face is popping up in. Did she ever hear of overexposure? Don't do it, Chloe! I can't lose you, too!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

la mome and my face

it all started on an overcast thursday.
a nice early finish from college.

i hopped onto the bus to see if I could sniff out lara stone at the local borders.
and did. and then paid for the thick wad of glossy paper.

into evening, when I should have been writing various essays, I reaquainted myself with my sewing kit and took inspiration from french vogue to create the following tee. plugged in lots of lamps, a little hapzardly for hazy light and listened to the kills and edith piaf.

a happy coincidence, no, as i had watched la vie en rose just the night before.

and the end results.

this feels a significant moment for me, as i am finally revealing my face after much dithering and wondering.
now playing: only shallow by my bloody valentine

Friday, March 14, 2008

Girl Next Door

Photography Alasdair McLellan
Styling Kim Jones

Gisele is the cool girl next door. The teenager, who as a child you have a bit of a crush on. Peeking through your keyhole dressed in a pair of plastic princess mules and with a newspaper crown you soak up the details of everything she wears. You wish you had hair like a pony, too and a big furry coat like a blue rabbit.

Gisele is not the Girl Next Door. She's a model pretending to be, but let's go along with the fantasy and have a flick through V Magazine and imagine such imaginary moments and memories.

Sometimes they merge into one.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Can you spell "Stylist"?

Can someone spell stylist? I can and I know that Li Lo got herself one. Either that or she started putting extra special effort into NOT putting on those same leggings again and again. I say that, but it's not strictly speaking true; she's just looking a bit better by throwing dresses and polished shoes into the mix. (Perhaps the vinyl jacket has replaced her affections for the leggings, anyway) And actually taking time to make up her face in the morning rather than smudging uneven orange onto her cheeks. Clearly Lindsay will never be on a par with Chloe Sevigny or Team Paris Vogue style wise; her look is not the most unique out there, but in her "hey day" she had a pleasing LA street look; a perfect template to pop up on the early pages of TeenVogue. Maybe moving to New York has done her good in more ways than one.

now playing: starlett johanson by the teenagers

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mr S

I find coming across sneaky candids of Scott Schuman such a treat.

Not only because he is usually behind the lense, but because he has this very lovable geeky quality, with his wrinkled nose and eyes sifting through the crowds for a perfect shot. I find it so refreshing that this geekiness is a Grandad-like geeky-ness; a Dickie Attenborough quality rather than the self styled geek look that frequents scandinavian street style blogs.

Seeing him completely oblivious, behind some well groomed model, seems to me to give more an of realistic insight to the posed pictures.

He knows a good suit, that Scott.
And a good pair of green shorts, too.

Ironically, I think I have come full circle.
For today, the girl crush may step aside. Scott, will you be my friend?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Coming Soon..

Fashion's coolest couples.

Can you guess the 'items' who'll be making the list?
ps, comment replies asap, busy, busy!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Frosting and Ice

While some grace the magazine covers and attend press conferences to promote films, Victoria Beckham's tour of establishing herself as a style icon continues.
Oh, I say it fondly, because although most of the rest of the world can't quite see it, we Brits have rather a soft spot for the Beckhams. And I have to give her credit for being such a good sport with that Marc Jacobs advert. And not forgetting, of course, that laid back grey tee and sans-handbag combo from this week; so refreshing in comparrison to the usual rigid uniform.

Posh's latest "venture" is onto the cover of UK Vogue where she has been "Vogue-ified" as Editor in Chief Alexandra "Mrs Business" Shulman put it. Uhh, yes. Shot by Nick Knight and styled by Lucinda Chambers describes her as resembling a "Cecil Beaton Muse".

They've kept her glamour in check with plenty of luxe fabrics and "frosting", but I'm afraid to me (bearing in mind the issue hasn't yet hit the shelves) like another of Vogues interpretations of Glamour. Remember the "Glamour Issue" back in September, which had Sasha P gracing the cover with a similar perm? But who knows, perhaps this time I shall be forced to eat my hat. But I don't think I'll be rushing on the phone to Stephen Jones to help me prepare for this event.

now playing: it's not you it's me by coconut records
ps, I update the music player with each post, but it doesn't automatically start, so give it a click and let it buffer, if you fancy hearing something new.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Visual Wolf Whistle Moment

The title is an ode to Deex's over at Pistol Whipped's most recent post, and I thought "visual wolf whistle" was the perfect way to sum up that instant "ohmygoshthatoutfit" moment that we all experience every now and then.

I just had this wolf whistle moment, but it wasn't at a gig or on the bus as usual, it was on the net, which really dilutes the great moment that it usuallly creates (is it only my system that creates adrenalin when a perfect outfit rocks down the street? it's like i'm excited on the person's behalf for putting together something so genius.)

but I digress.

For this momentary girl crush was Lena Headey, a brit actor (yes, I had to look her up..) with a not so great resume, but what do I care.

Take a look at this. Well, I fear that I have over-hyped the moment, but really I wanted to put more emphasis on the wolf whistle moment rather than her outfit. Instantly assuming the tee was Urban Outfitters (she just has that look) I found it on the online store (on both sides of the atlantic).

This look is very easy and perfect for a day when you fancy hitting the snooze button on your alarm. Roll out of bed with 20 minutes to leave, skip washing your hair and pull this gear on with a squirt of your fragrance du jour. Of course, the just "got out of bed look" doesn't excuse sleep breath or dribble mouth. Whoa there, don't be forgetting etiquette.

now playing: a sunday smile by beirut

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I already channel Margot Tenenbaum. Subconsicously, I think she is always tucked somewhere in my brain, moping about and smoking in fur.
Then sometimes I find myself wishing that I was a man just so that I could dress like Wes Anderson. And maybe Team Zissou.
Then I thought, I should just dress like them all anyway.
You have one day to swap shoes with any well known man. Who is it?
now playing: ping island/listening strike rescue op by mark motherbaugh
(from life aquatic with steve zissou.)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Pleasures

It's been a while since this blog last saw a delightfully trashy celebrity post. It's Sunday. It's when that "day before Monday" syndrome kicks in and trivial delights help to distract the calling of workload and tedious preparations.

Today is also a significant day...drumroll... because I have lifted the Lauren Conrad ban. I always think carefully about the people who grace this blog and reality stars are usually banned, but there is no escaping the fact that girl hired a stylist!

If there was anything guaranteed to get the Olsens out of hiding (wise plan, attacks from PETA, US tabloids and dodgy Heath Ledger business, they did good staying out of the limelight..) it was Paris Fashion Week. And ever the exhibitionists, they showed off a couple of new looks.
Whilst Mary Kate received lots of attention for that Givenchy studded jacket, the simplicity of this outfit from Ashley caught my eye. As did a very similar look from newly fringed Rachel Bilson.

Both looks show how girls who cover up are always sexier than those who leave everything on show. Casual cashmere sweaters (reminds me, must pop into Uniqlo..) paired with killer heels; so easy and effective.

I'm guessing Lo Bosworth is to became a regular fixture in The Hills (another of Sunday's guilty pleasures..) as the season continues.

She hardly seems on a parr with Whitney who appears to be the only one on the show with a genuine interest and understanding of fashion (although bizarrely this never translates to the red carpet..) but she certainly has more style potential than Audrina. Another example of great simple style, she comes across a little American Apparel and makes me lust after a pair of aviators; a refreshing change after two summers of wayfarers.

Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman and yes, Rihanna all caught my eye when out this week. (that's right, I personally bumped into each of them. hehh.) Rihanna caught my eye because, well, to be honest this girl astonishes me, and not in a good way. She really has the most unpredictable wardrobe out there (even more than Fergie.) It's just so inconsistent and usually very tacky. So when I saw her donning this dress to a Fendi event, I was pleasantly surprised.

Julianne Moore, I think, has a classic style that is underestimated. For someone in her forties, she has a the kind of look that I one day aspire to. Always looking polished and groomed but modest at the same time.
Speaking on modest. Well, Natalie Portman shall never cease to be cute, will she? Click on the image for a closer peek at the fabric of the dress which caught my attention.

EDIT: I know they were looking uncannily alike during Fashion Week, but I never thought I'd have to go through the shame of confusing the Olsens! I thought it was Ashley, but is it really MK? Place your bets.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

A little bird told me.

Daphne Guinness on getting dressed in the morning
"I begin by covering myself with scent. I start with a key piece and build on that. Then finally I take things away-shrinking my look down to the proposition. I always check the proportions and width of the shoulders to make sure they are aligned. "

Jonathan Saunders on his style mantra.
"Don't be afraid of colour. A great outfit doesn't always have to be just black. Be brave!"

Kate Hudson reveals her style icon.
"My Mom. She has a wonderful sense of style. All of her amazing Bob Mackie outfits...My Mom's the queen of the minidress and matching underwear."

Keira Knightley's best (and most honest) style tip.
"Get a good stylist!"

Diane Kruger on Karl Lagerfeld.
"I met him at a casting when I was 16 and he lives a couple of doors down from me in Paris now. He must be the only person in Paris who drives a Hummer-you can see him coming a mile off.

His style tips? Richard Nicoll uses the C word.
"Rock it with confidence. You can wear anything, cheap or expensive, if you do it with confidence."

Stella McCartney on eco fashion."It makes me feel very reassured and proud that we've been promoting eco-awareness for a long time and people are now responding and understanding what it is we are trying to do. I'm glad people are thinking about these things and that the media is talking about it. But I do wish more designers would join us. Most fashion-company profits are based on leather handbags. It't not a particularly eco-thing and it's not very compassionate."

all quotes from various interviews from March Issue of UK ELLE.
pictures the fashion spot, leadfashion, londonfashionweek, googleimages
font by neale davidson
now playing- je ne regrette rien by edith piaf