Friday, August 31, 2007

DIVORCE: When the kids clothes get involved.

There are plenty of celebrity feuds out there to keep us entertained. Mummy Lohan VS Daddy Lohan, Lauren VS Heidi, Mel B VS Eddie and Britney VS.. well, everyone. Reality TV stars, desperate IT girls and failed pop stars all know that the ultimate way to beef up your column inches is by embarking on a very public slanging match.

Evan Wood's tedious quotes “At the end of the video, we’re kissing and it’s raining blood – and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life.” being constantly rubbed in her face can't be easy.

I used to be an Evan Wood fan, and she seemed (seems) a promising actress, but it really is enough when the bitch steps up her style game and steals your look. Step away from the red lipstick, biatch, and let the battle commence!

Introducing... Dita Von Teese VS Rachel "Jailbait" Evan Wood...

Rachel is not only favouring an all black and ladylike look, she's also donning the red lippie and curling her hair. Anyone? Did she do this in her pre Marilyn days? That's a no, then.

LBD Wars and Scarlett Sirens

Rachel mimicks Dita, while Ms Von Teese updates her look, in a daring Dolce and Gabbana creation (left). Prom school sweetheart Rachel and Sex Siren Dita. (Right)

[mind the gap...blogger isn't happy..]

Is there really much competition? Dita VS Rachel.
Dita's the real deal!
Rachel all the way.. free polls

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Head Girl

Although for the past two winters, the alice band hairband has been a regular, it seems that the start of a headband trend could put a true end to it's reign. The first thing you need to know is that there may be a lot of confusion surrounding what to call it. But no matter what anyone else tries to tell you, it's a headband god dammit. Worn just below (but over) your hairline. Think the thin gold headband that Sienna wore with her pink Matthew Williamson dress, back whenever it was. But before you are put off my memories of the Sienna boho era, this is new, and free of gypsy skirt and gilet assosiations.

The look is sleek hair (blunt fringe or mid parting; whatever floats your boat) with maybe a little hint of Cory K straggle to it (but hey, the key is sleek!), with a thin metallic band worn either just below your hairline, or stretched around the crown of your head. Worn with a floral tee dress, battered trainers (from that party in a field last summer) and a cable knit cardigan. Or for a more wintery look, with a tux jacket, opaques and french stretchy mini (I hate to say it, but like the skirt that Whitney wore to her interview in The Hills) OK, OK, maybe things are veering a little into the (don't say it, don't say it!...) boho direction, but this is fresh boho. This is Kennedy LA boho, minus the posers and grease. This is Olsen-esque. This maybe even french vogue intern... oooh.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Weekend in the City

It's amazing how the sun can have such a huge effect on the atmosphere of a city. For those of you who aren't british, you should know that the summer here this year has been somewhat non existent (a hot april, and the odd warm weekend here and there since), and so the fact that this weekend has been both a scorcher and sunny as well as a bank holiday has been enough to add a serious buzz to the streets.

The past two nights I stayed in London, and though I don't usually talk about my own wardrobe, my new buys are just too fantastic to be kept in the closet (ahem). My mission whilst in London (shopping wise) was the leave having finally concluded my relentless search for the perfect pair of trainers, as well as some goodies from charity shops (up until now I've loved the idea of coming across fantastic second hand bargains, but just haven't had any luck...) and possibly a black patent leather bag (of the distressed variety, no Victoria Beckham nonsense for me!)

First up. The scene is the Islington salvation army charity shop. Things seem promising when I walk in a see a sweet square leather handbag with bamboo handles for £5. I dither over it, but decide in the end that it's not for me. But tucked away at the back of the shop however, was a sweet little floral dress made up of tiny flower like splodges. Quite 1940s shaped with a fairly high waist line and maxi hemline. (So ontrend, dahhling.) It was mine for £5.95, which isn't actually very cheap for a charity shop, is it? Found out whilst paying for it that it is actually handmade. Also, (being the good citizen that I am) I pointed the lady at the till in the direction of a lovely battered leather jacket at the back of the shop, and recommended that she might like to put it on display at the front of the shop, seeing as they're everywhere right now. So if you get down there quickly, it could be yours for £25!

Next, I succeeded in my trainer mission, after popping into Foot Patrol in Soho for a bit of trainer porn, I decided that rather than some flashy nikes, I'd rather go for something more in the style of 1980's Reebok Freestyles, seeing as I'd originally been scouting around for a pair in Bristol but had had no luck. So off I went to Carnaby Street, and did a double take when passing the windows of "Undisclosed shoe shop" (hahh). A corner of the window display was dedicated to the 25th Anniversary Reebok Freestyles. Feeling very smug (and rather "Oh my, it's fate!) I went in and bought myself a pair in white. I could have gone for something riskier, as there was also neon green, yellow and pink to choose from, but these are much easier to tire of, no? Especially with the Nu Rave backlash, which I predict shall be starting very soon. The price was a mere £49.99. And there was me with my budget of 80 quid...
After a quick stop at the Liberty tea room. An English afternoon tea of fresh scones and finger sandwiches, darling, I headed in the direction of Beyond Retro, to fufil my second hand intentions. But passed a rather promising looking place called "Retro Clothing." It did was it said on the tin, and more, as it stocks a fantastic collection of designer too. I think it's on Berwick Street if you fancy popping in. I left with three items for £19, and decided to leave it there before I got too cocky or developed the shopping bug (Oh hell, I have it already!).
My finds included a Uniqlo mens plaid shirt for a tenner, nice cotton and pleasingly oversize. Also a forest green suede skirt, which I thought was rather Prada Fall 07, which actually has a rather small waist (26), so I decided to wear it as a high waisted piece, preferably with some thick ribbed tights, and a sweet little short sleeved tee (french style) tucked in. My last piece I spotted just as I was heading to the till. After inspecting an outrageous coat next to it on the rack, it caught my eye. A bubblegum pink tux jacket (think Annie Hall gone girly), very 80's for a mere £4. And the added bonus? A peek at the label told me it was from a Maxmara Cruise collection.

All that needs to be said; I walked out of the shop with the biggest grin on my face.

Friday, August 17, 2007

interview: coco's tea party

As the first installment in an exciting series of interviews, I spoke to Coco of the popular fashion blog Coco's Tea Party about her wardrobe essentials, the fur debate and why she thinks she could do Lindsay Lohan a favour...

What is the most loved item in your wardrobe?
For the sake of the interview I will say my super-high-never-worn before satin platforms. Amy Winehouse has a pair and they can only be known as my ‘Fuck me pumps’. But at the moment I am having a wardrobe crisis! I went wrong before was just buying random pieces that I’m never inspired to wear more than once. So bring on the well cut classic clothes..

Which designers inspire you the most?
For Spring/Summer 07 it was Anna Sui’s collection that was my favourite, but this changes with seasons. I always love Chloe’s collections as well as Zac Posen (though the fact I have a big crush on him helps..) Miu Miu is another favourite of mine, as there is always something in their collections that is easy to copy on a budget.

Which Style Icons are most influential to you?

Audrey Hepburn is an obvious one but who seriously dresses like her every day? I think there are loads of fabulous dressers around at the moment. Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie inspire me most out of ‘young Hollywood’ pack. The ultimate icon though has to be Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw.

Do you agree with real fur being used in the industry?

Not really because it is such a cruel process and I’m not very good with dead things! Though I do sometimes see a picture of someone in fur and think it looks good, I don’t think I personally would ever wear it. I can’t see it being banned any time soon.

Who are your favourite models?
I like pretty models; I never go for the ones that have their own ‘look’. Jessica Stam, Natasha Poly and Helena Christensen are my favourites.

If you could be photographed by any fashion photographer, who would it be, and why? Amanda De Cadenet and Terry Richardson are probably my favourites but to be honest I never check who shot things, I look at who styled it instead.

Name one of your favourite songs.

When Doves Cry by Prince

Which celebrity’s style do you despise most?

Britney Spears! But don’t we all? And I also hate Victoria Beckham’s style a lot too. I'd improve her look by messing her up a bit. She's just too matching, I'd give her a softer look and get rid of that lipgloss coated pout.

If you could live in any other city, which would it be?

New York or LA. People in the UK can be so harsh on American’s but I love them, and I much prefer American men to English men. I think I was born on the wrong continent! As soon as I fell for Chandler in Friends I wanted to move to New York..

If you were limited to shopping at three shops, or fashion houses, which would they be, and why?

I’d go for Selfridges because it has loads of designers under one roof and has much better lighting than Harrods! Bergdorf Goodman which I fell in love with when I went to New York, and H&M.

If you could swap lifestyles with anybody, who would it be?

Lindsay Lohan! Why? Because I don’t drink and I am normally in bed by 10.30 so I’d manage to get her good girl image back for her. And she has enough money to shop everyday which I’d be happy to do.

Which magazines are your regular reads?
Grazia (which I live for!), Teen Vogue, Elle, In Style, Marie Claire, Glamour and Tatler. Then occasionally Vogue but I’m not keen on it, and the US version is better. Then I’ll buy things like i-D and Dazed and Confused if I feel like it.

What are your style staples for wearing this winter?
Socks! I get very cold feet..
I’m loving all the big knits and I keep getting very drawn to white shirts. I prefer the fall collections this year which rarely happens; I’m normally more of a summer girl. I want a very classic look this winter although I’ll probably change my mind once I see what the Olsen’s wear!

Susie Bubble is next to be grilled...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More on the Barton Front.

As I said in my last post, both Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton have been spending a few days in New York, and obviously saw this as an opportunity to meet up for a bit of quality girl time. It's been a while, no?
So while Nicole strayed from the monochromes, Mischa ventured out in this simple coloured minidress, and some crocodile skin flats (very on cue for this season, Mischa!)

...and my question for you is..

Do you approve of Ms B's choice? And what do you think of her apparent new look? She's ditched the clashing patterns and 1970's vibe for a more modern and much more simple look. Thoughts?

What do you think of Mischa's NYC look?
I much prefered how she dressed before.
I think she looks better now that she's embraced the simple look, but I don't like this dress!
I love this dress, and I love her new look. Go Mischa!
I'm not too keen on her new look, but I really like this dress.
Who cares! Since when did Mischa dress well anyway? free polls

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sophistication in the City

This week seems to have been full of city chic, no? LA homegirls Nicole and Mischa both hung out in NYC and showed off mature looks...

In my opinion, Mischa Barton's tresses have been overdue a makeover for a long time. (don't even get me started on her career. "Finding TaTu?!" Oh dear..) The blonde "Marrisa" look was getting rather old, and I'm so glad thats she's returned to the darker colour that suited her so much, when she showed it off last year.

This picture, of Mischa in NYC last week shows her looking much more mature and self confident. I'm usually not a fan of the maxi dress, but the colour compliments her new hair so well, and the pansy pattern is very persuasive...
She also looked fantastic at the Billy Joel gig on sunday night, in a simple yet very flattering combo of skinny jeans and a patterned vest, somebody obviously gave her some hints about this.

I won't even go onto the Olsens, because everyone will have seen the pictures, and it's not really news that they dress well. Didn't Ashley look great though? She's definitely my favourite twin style-wise at the moment.

As ever, Nicole is very much in the eye of the public at the moment. It's amazing what a pregnancy and DUI charges all at once can do for you. And you thought you were clever, Lindsay! The girl's obviously got her lollypop head screwed on, because she's been looking very classssayyy recently-and she's doing monochrome in the way that it should be worn. Not a Victoria Beckham-esque way in sight. From her court appearances to TV interviews, Nicole has been dressed to impress, and I'm enjoying seeing less of those bandanas and colours.
She always looks great, but I think she's really found a look to truly work for her, and the Chanel sunglasses don't hurt either..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hey Y'all.

Just to let you know that I am still alive! A postless week seems a very big deal for me, so I thought I'd let you know whats going on in my world. It was my first week working (yes, real work, in the real world) doing archiving in a solicitors firm. Lots of flicking through interesting cases checking out witness statements on everything from murders to robbery (A definite change from browsing through so although I may be in the money at the moment, it also means by the time I get home in the evenings, I'm so tired that my blog "isn't getting any".

But the good news is, there are lots of interesting projects going on behind the scenes, and over the next month, there are lots of great posts to expect (modest, me?). Including the concluding Winter 2007/08 post, and some very special posts with some very special people (guest stars, ooh err!) and thats as much as I can say. You know how it is, contracts and all that! Hmm yes...

So I hope that you're all happy and revived after the many holidays that seem to be happening. Fun fun. And thanks to all the lovely comments on the last post, if it takes me a while to respond, please remember it's because I'm a little busy, and not because I'm rude!

And above is some eye candy in the form of Irina Kulikova.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Winter Collections 2007/8
Top Picks: Part One

Alpine Chic
Celebrity example: duude, someone will wear it soon enough, (Julia Roberts is probably knitting them for the family as we speak.)

Make like Heidi this winter in cosy, oversize alpine knits.
Layers are key, and remember to vary fabrics. Wool, angora, cotton, plaid, cashmere-and don't be afraid to clash.

Old school wintery patterns are making a comeback this winter, with polar bears and penguins spotted on the catwalks at Stella McCartney and Chanel.

Polish off the look with a clumpy pair of skater style boots and double up on laces. Who said your shoes can't channel the layered look too?

Celebrity example:
Mischa Barton

Bold and primary colours have been popping all over the catwalk.
A peek at Pucci in particular certainly requires more eye protection that a pair of Raybans can guarantee.

Purple is a certain essential, and the good news is that it is an incredibly complimentary colour for many skin tones and hair colours.

Keep things simple. Pairing purple dresses in light fabrics like silk with opaques and chunky heels for an evening look is a great look, and an easy way for friends to spot you from across the room.

Celebrity example: Lindsay Lohan

Leather has had a re-vamp. We're not only constrained to familar biker jackets (though thats not to say they should be ignored..) because there is a new generation of cow out there..

At Marni and Chloe plastic leathers (think binbag chic!) made an appearance paired with stompy boots and slicked back hair, and fur coats.

Christopher Kane pulled it out of the hat again (unsurprisingly) with his pleated dresses, and for a gothy edge were worn with velvets, opaques (spotting a theme here?) and royal jewel tones.

And is anyone can turn harsh, masculine assosiations of leather, and recreate a soft, feminie feel, it's Miuccia!

Celebrity example: Mary Kate Olsen

So last winter's "goth/grunge" trend never really happened, but this year is any black lover's chance to stock up on some fantastic pieces from the shops.

Think Mary Kate for this trend, because she was clearly ahead of the game, and wearing head to toe black, has now become somewhat her trademark.

This trend is very versatile, so it can be taken in any direction. Add embellishment for a luxe, glam look, ribbed cottons and bagginess for a grunge touch, or short hems and sleek ponytails for a sexy, sophisticated feel.