Friday, September 07, 2012

neon good time

This is my 'GOOD MORNING WORLD, I have a new neon lime angora jumper and the sun is shining, and I'm at peace with life' stance. Yes. I'm back in Bristol again after spending a couple of days in Manchester where I went with some friends to see Africa Express (absolutely fantastic) and did my best Cher Horowitz impression by hitting the Manchester Arndale centre, ducking the ever-present clouds of perfume, and buying myself some nice new things to fill the gaps in my wardrobe after being paid. Traipsing around big shopping centres really isn't my bag but this trip was fruitful so it was very satisfying and it's always more of a pleasure to roam the shops in Manchester (far superior to those in Bristol with better layouts and canny merchandising for optimum perusing). 

H+M is absolutely on form at the moment, as it generally is in the autumn and was very 'poor man's Cos', which beautiful rows of colour-blocked angora jumpers and metallic straight legged trousers in pink and gold. There was also a large section dedicated entirely to dalmatian spots; top marks. I left with not one but two angora-mix jumpers; the one pictured above as well as one in hot pink to add some colour as my wardrobe. It's my 'thinking ahead to Winter' strategy when the persistent bleak North Western climates turn life into a pretty monochrome-mundane existence and wearing a bit of fuck-off neon lime is the best coping strategy I can think of. 

I also enjoyed a good poke around Topshop and left with a pair of their leather trousers which I've been after for a good couple of years now. My inability to fit into them before is what had stopped me but this time I bit the bullet and had to buy two sizes too big just to get them past my thighs. Ah Topshop sizing-what do you do to us? But this pair fits nicely and looks rather fantastic with some bright angora, my Nikes and a flash of American Apparel nail varnish just for some extra 'safety wear' channelling. The cherry on the cake of this haul has to be the neoprene Topshop Boutique skirt which ticks all the boxes where my gaping skirt void was concerned. It's completely lightweight as opposed being scuba-thick and has a nice skating skirt hang to it without being too jutty and feminine (like the American Apparel circle skirts which are too..circular..for me) But this is super-flattering and comes proudly with a 'Made in Britain' label which fulfils some semi-idealistic manufacturing fantasies.