Monday, September 27, 2010

rear windows

A few photos of my wee little room in student halls. Semi-normal blogging can hopefully resume soon now that freshers week is over. This afternoon has been rather bleak and spent with Morrissey on shuffle (granted he is never one to remedy bleakness) while I attempt to get my head around signing up to more courses and generally feeling hazy and dazey with brain as grey as the skies in Control.

Still, I'm enjoying being in a new city and especially relishing my walks back from the University which take me through the Curry Mile and countless Indian wholefood markets to stop by. Aching arms can be justified when they hold carrier bags laden with chapatis and spices for slap up home made Prawn Masalas! Also note my view which serves as a sneaky sort of homage to Hitchcock's Rear Window when dusk falls and each window is an animated little stage framing somebody brushing their hair or standing over a stove in each room.

Friday, September 24, 2010

24th september

a blow by blow of todays outfit:

suede coat, second hand/tartan scarf, second hand/topshop unique SS11 totebag (free at the show on Saturday)/obama caricature tee, eBay/green cord jamies, topshop/casio calculator watch, amazon/

Today started twice for me. The first time at 7.30am when the fire alarms shrieked through our halls, summoning everybody from their 3 or so hours of sleep. We all stood outside of our flats with bleary eyes and it made for a very 28 Days Later apocalyptic sight as we assessed each others dressing gowns and various states of undress. Sadly I wasn't lucky enough to spot the guy who apparently with such dedication to safety had run from his room completely naked and casually stood in the bitter North West chill until we were allowed back inside for a continued sleepy slump.

Other notes of interest from the past 12 hours; I bought this diary at the Student Union after Sophie pulled it from her satchel during our meeting with the university newspaper. It makes me feel like I work in Parliament with it's regal red colour and crest. Also when I arrived back home after a couple of hours at the library getting to grips with the system and doing some research on The Graduate for a project I was met by 4 pieces of mail from friends and family. The nice little stack included a New York postcard from Patrice and a care package from my lovely Mum containing tea bags, post-it notes, some forwarded mail and a stash of sweets.

two things

two things:
1. photograph via
2. bananas. one of my favourite shots from probably one of my all time favourite editorials. 'start me up' by juergen teller and bay garnett in UK vogue 2003.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

manchester week one

phew, freshers week is ambling along (or should I say racing nocturnally) rather nicely. today I (in no particular order) excited myself by signing up to the Other Sounds Society which means I can indulge in such pretentious events as Belle and Sebastian parties and Mix Tape Swap nights. I also got pissed on free wine at the English and American Studies welcome drinks and may or may not have impressed my Professors with chat about the economic state of California. I made some nice new friends on the bus. I bought a couple of stunning Cacti from the house plant sale outside the student union. And spent a good hour or so at the 8th Day healthfood shop weighing up the pros and cons of buying a Miso paste (con when it takes up a half of your daily student budget..)

But yes, and here are some snapshots taken on my phone from the past week or so, also including the Topshop Unique show which I've still to post about. It feels good to finally sit down at my computer even if it is in a hasty moment of TAP TAP TAP before heading down to the campus bar for some more socialising. 

Seeing as I'm awfully behind with all things Fashion Week, which shows have been making your hearts flutter the most? Please do share, I'm awfully out of the loop!
Ps, did I mention that I love Manchester?..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

and onto chapter two

These are (in order) my 'leaving for university in the morning' emotions.
There are lots of things that I'm going to be really sorry to leave behind but after my spell of melancholy yesterday, some pep talks from friends and an I Ching reading from my Granny over lunch (!) I've rediscovered that feeling of excitement and anticipation about what lies ahead.

And you know what lies ahead don't you? At least a week of erratic and meagre blogging. I apologise in advance, for real, I wish I could get into the swing of things with some regular blogging again but I unless I want to encourage names like 'laptop friend' from my prospective flatmates I ought to operate a strict door wedged open, laptop lid closed policy. I know the next fortnight is a period of transition for lots of other people off to University so best of luck if you too are flying the nest!

Peace out Bristol, I'm going to miss you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

moving melancholy


I'm continuously yo-yoing between excitement for the start of university and my move to Manchester and sadness to have to leave behind my beloved hometown and the all of glorious people that it houses. Today I'm leaning toward the latter because having to say goodbye to lots of people is strange and not my bag and I hadn't predicted quite how tricky packing the contents of my lovely little bedroom into boxes would be. As all my go-to clothes and most used possessions find themselves in the moving pile, my room starts to resemble an empty shell and it's all feeling a bit final!

I bought this brown leather skirt from Topshop a few days ago before regretfully handing over my store card this morning at the end of my last shift. Goodbye my sweet 25%, it was good while it lasted.

Aye, I'm just feeling melancholy. Can't believe that just a few weeks ago I was champing at the bit to leave and now I'd rather just crawl under a duvet and have my Mum stroke my head..

nice things

1. this girl, who is the lucky owner of 'the perfect polka dot dress.' plus she has very good hair.
2. cheese plants. mine is happily enjoying it's last two days in my bedroom at home before a trip up the M6 come thursday to my new (and I predict) shoebox of a room in university halls.
3. long jackets.
4. scans from Fudge Magazine over at Clever Nettle.
5. the shoes at Vena Cava (a collaboration with Ten Over Six) which stomped down the runway on the 1st day of New York Fashion Week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

early thoughts on spring/summer

Ah yes, the arrival of Fashion Week means that it's hard to refuse giving your own next season wardrobe a little bit of thought. For me Spring 2011 will be all about carefree dressing. But I mean real carefree dressing, as it's an important priority in spring and summer (and one that is very fresh in our minds with the warmest season just drawing to a close). Carefree dressing in that slightly Charlotte Gainsbourg way that says 'comfort and necessity will triumph.' I've noticed that with the current trends comes a lot of praise for austerity and minimalism, and I'm as head over heels with the Celine look as the next person but it strikes me that this doesn't always equate to honest comfort. In the Spring time button up shirts can't always be relied on when the temperatures rise. And a light skirt is less likely to be at the forefront of your mind all day than a strict pair of high waisted trousers. 

I'm hailing a return of bare arms in the name of style as much as armpit circulation. Arms sticking out from sleeveless tops that end just on the hip sitting along the border of a short skirt. Think of something silky like the pink mushroom number at Organic by John Patrick). Arms could be the new legs; it makes a lot of sense when you think about the lack of maintence arms require compared to gams. Necklines could play peek-a-boo with cotton quasi-sports bras in fleshy colours or greys. Knee length macs and jackets light enough to stow away in bags until a cool breeze permits their use will be order of the season as will a few pairs of shoes to alternate between and without too much thought; in a dream world leather espadrilles ala Edun and some trusty New Balance trainers to slip on as you run out of the door.

I'm also anticipating the return of some go-to dresses for Spring/Summer which have taken a back seat to the lovely short suits of the past couple of seasons; I'm ready for that trusty all in one solution to return without the qualms that can come with a short suit which unless you're straight up and down can involve obtrusive hips. Vena Cava showed a pleasing example in a red sand colour cinched to the waist with rope.

Quite naturally this yo-yoing between two seasons can play lots of tricks on the brain, so until Spring descends once more and car journeys bring us views of lambs not falling apples such considerations can be tucked away somewhere and left to mellow a while longer.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Bare with me while posting slows a little over the next week. The start of University is only 10 days away and I have mundane tasks to cross of to-do lists, the prospect of packing up items from my bedroom and saying goodbye to all of my friends and work colleagues playing on my mind. Do listen to these lovely tunes while I scamper about! Something romantic and on repeat, a royksopp newbie, and an old favourite.


Thanks to my bid to clear my bedroom of old rolls of film and disposable cameras before moving to Manchester I got these snaps from the last Topshop Unique show back from developing. Of each of the four seasons of Unique shows I've gone to this was my favourite; it was so enjoyable to watch a show that felt so fun in it's styling whilst being able to hold it's own against the other designers showing at London Fashion Week. The drama of the fuzzy eyebrows and animal heads and the snug furs and knits against the woodchip runway left me feeling just as excited for the Autumn back in February as I am now. 

Just looking at these makes me all the more impatient for the Spring/Summer show on the 18th. Although I'm not sure I can face thinking about Summer wardrobes before it's cold enough to even wear a coat, I can't wait to see what Team Topshop have up their sleeves given the new setting of the old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo. While on the subject of Topshop Unique, the first pieces from the AW10 collection have started to filter onto the website, I'm still holding out for the blue wax macs jackets..

Sunday, September 05, 2010

cos because

I spent the day in London on Thursday with Ellis who had a nice wadge of birthday cash burning a hole in her pocket. Sadly I had a very meagre amount in comparrison but quite enjoyed shopping vicariously through her. Even if it meant having to leave this gorgeous dress behind at Cos. (£80 I believe, incase you're wondering). It felt quite SS10 Proenza Schouler with it's stretchy thick jersey fabric (almost Scuba-esque). As always I spent a great deal of my time wandering around Cos, stroking the woodwork and wishing I could live instore for the interiors. The day that they decide to sell online I will be a very happy bunny.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

summer retrospective

with university just around the corner here are some pictures from this summer, it's been a good'un.
my friends and I are all parting ways this month for manchester (me), london (emily, josh, emily), brighton (jo), leeds (joanna), st andrews (lily) and bournemouth (george).
aw shucks guys, let's do this again sometime.