Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MET costume gala competition.

the MET costume institute gala is just around the corner...
and it's competition time.

forget being awarded with "the honour"; if you can correctly predict who the designers will be arriving with, and who'll be wearing what, i'll send the winner a little discotheque confusion prize package through the post as well as giving runners up fashion spot invites.

have a read through the poster above to find out how to go about entering (it's easyy!) and send your answers in an email to by SUNDAY 4TH MAY.

I'll announce the winners asap and contact them for mailing details. Your details will be kept completely confidential and are in safe hands.

Hopefully this is all pretty straight-forward and remember, it's all for fun!
Below is a template if you want to know how to layout the answers in the email.

hot under the collar

"What if you don't want to wear a skinny jean? It's time to go back to a product that has a dream to it."
Oh my. Tell me it isn't true.
Alber is sick of skinnies too? thank god!
And what is this? Mr Elbaz is teaming up with ACNE?
i can feel a sweat coming on..
and i got a hernia when I heard about Alexander Wang and Uniqlo, so who knows what this is going to do to me.
The Vogue Daily article follows:
DENIM devotees rejoice: Alber Elbaz has revealed that Lanvin is working with cult label Acne on its first line of jeans. "I want to bring Lanvin into their know-how," the designer tells The Daily. "What if you don't want to wear a skinny jean? It's time to go back to a product that has a dream to it. I asked myself, 'What kind of jeans can I bring that will be a Lanvin jean and Acne spirit infused in one?'" While no official contract between the two labels has been signed, Elbaz confirms the project is going full steam ahead, with 2009 in mind for launch. And it doesn't stop there. "It's being created out of a need, like how we don't do an entire bridal line but instead have a few pieces," he added. "It's the first of several niches I'd like to build."
altogether now, "eeeeee!"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

part one

i guess i didn't really summarise the new york trip.

put it this way.. everytime i find myself bored at college i realise i'm fantasising about cheap airlines and online booking.

so in short, i felt that i really got a great feeling for the place; having little adventures in each of the neighbourhoods and feeling surprisingly at home (that moment came when i popped into my local ray's pizza and the guy knew my order before i placed it. ayy)

same time next year?

astronomy print dress, pink cardigan, denim jacket, embroidered handbag, mocassins

floral playsuit dress, denim jacket, mocassins

visiting saks, bergdorf goodman, macys and all that jazz, isn't really my style. instead i poked around the flea markets and downtown thrift stores. much more my cup of tea.

so above is a little rundown of my purchases; i haven't listed where they're from because they're mainly vintage. however, just ask me in comments if you're eager to know.

ps, apologies for the camera yielding look. i clam up with a "photographer"! and that is why i shall never be a model!
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

such a perfect day

today has been gloriously sunny; perhaps england's way of winning me over again post-ny.
it kind of worked.
but my day was one of those lovely occasions when i felt i managed to achieve lots.

a lie in.
some work done.
alternating between the stone roses and the kills on my ipod.
lunch with a friend.
home, via the florist to pick up some peonies for myself.
spooning on the wicker sofa in my garden with the cat.
a photo and dress up sesh for the blog.
and then i went to watch the kills. solo.
the first time i've done that; i figured i love going to the cinema alone and i felt strong enough after the lovely day to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit. glad i did. you should try it.

so that's my day.
what about you lot?

and those pictures will be up in a bit, so you'll be able to peek at my stateside purchases, yess?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

murmurs and whispers

further reading: &

more breaking news: linda evangelista has been confirmed as the star of the AW08 Prada ads. according to mr meisel (again) will be shooting her at chelsea piers, NY.

bye bye sasha; it was good while it lasted.
ps, about the last post; that lovely shoe collection is rather unfortunately owned by heidi montag. most of you knew that, you should be ashamed! heh. she is not the kind of person i would usually feature or advocate on this blog, but i was so shocked that she has access of balenciaga, it had to be shared!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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pics: justjared, tFs.
note: the last pic used is actually of a different 'sleb with the same heels but you get the picture..

Monday, April 21, 2008

the girl in the second hand skirt

I can say with unwavering confidence that there won't be a reader of Third World of A Fashionista who hasn't grinned at the relatable wit and charm of Fabi's posts. She bashes out cute skirts on her sewing machine, reinvents last season's louis vuitton and recently battled through a rough patch when she recieved ridicule from the locals for having a sense of style teetering well and truly in the "unknown realms" of lou doillon and european magazine editors.

"I have an insanely random interest in fashion that isn't socially accepted in my town OR by my family." And there we were prancing about in our American Apparel skirts without thinking twice.
Naturally this is all against a lush Honduras backdrop of watermelon stalls, fading washing lines and exotic leafty greenery.
Whatever comes her way, from small cases of schadenfreude to hurricanes or bitchiness, she sticks to her guns: her heels and thrifted skirts firmly on.
Her latest hurdle? Losing her blog, which has been running since February 2007.
But no fear.. ever the feelgood fashion story, Fabi has quickly started a new version over here. Pop over and drop her a line, and if you're new to her blog introduce yourself!

old archives:

clicky clicky clicky

Thursday, April 17, 2008

case study: the girls and their hemlines

pic credits
jak and jill
childhood flames
the fashion spot
the cherryblossom girl

Friday, April 11, 2008


Just a quick note to say "hi, i'm still alive!".
Everythings been pretty busy. Celebrity spottings.. bianca from ANTM (not so celebrity) and then the polar opposite...I've been soso excited about this one..
I met Ryan Gosling! addition to that, I maintained my cool and didn't get all school girl giggly about him despite my Half Nelson crush.
Also saw filming of Lipstick Jungle in the financial district and got some SJP gossip from a guy in a thrift store.
Not bad!
Now off to MoMa and Guggenheim to counteract all the braincells lost during shopping!

I've lots to catch up on, including comment replies, but bear with me! (or is it bare with me?..)

Monday, April 07, 2008

break it down nowww

i love you ashley!
just for giggles...

kind of wish she still did stuff like this, now. if she hopped out of that ridiculously massive SUV and broke into song, cracked a smile and wowed us with a barney the dinosaur style choreographed dance routine, i think she would make my week.

altogether now! clap, click, shimey and spiin!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

hell on the streets of new york

coming to the end of my first full day in NYC and am feeling sleepy now that the effects of jetlag have kicked in but also satisfied about todays purchases.

seeing as it was sunday, I thought i'd take the lovely A's advice (you know, Alison Goldfrapp's spokesperson and style extraorinaire) and mosey up to Hells Kitchen to check out the Flea Market. Ironically the bloody freezing winds (thank god for my fur) did have a goodside as they caused all of the freezing stallholders to mumble knocked-down prices from their nests (under rugs of blankets in their deckchairs battling the cold).

one stall that i particularly liked (believe the woman was called athena?) had a lovely rack of brown, black and white pieces all arranged according to the lovely array of textures; bearfur, silk, leather, tweed... it felt like I should have been in paris rather than a windy patch of wasteland in NY, even more so when I came across a lovely little christian dior jacket which proceded, along with the stallowner to whisper sweet nothings into my ear and urge me to try it on.
i succumbed.
and handed over my cash.

and i love it because it's caused me to enter a phase of wanting to dress in a more feminine/whimsicle way, wearing my hair down in waves and with plaits pinned back along the crown of my head and wearing extra pink blush. then a cute iekeline style embroidered handbag sealed the deal and i headed off to a little cafe around the corner (cupcake cafe at casa, 9th ave; between 39th and 40th) and sipped tea, wrote in my journal and tapped my feet to the motown and country tunes playing.

so back at the b+b later (i know, who knew NY has them..) i snapped the results, this time paired with jeans for a street friendly look and tryed to ignore those inevitable plug sockets, but, ahh, what can one do? they just gravitate towards all the nice walls.

ps. thanks for all the great tips on the must see places in NY by the way, so helpful!. With 13 days in my hands, I'll be able to see so much..

Friday, April 04, 2008

Would you like the bad news?

seriously, i didn't even for a moment anticipate this day.i know that shes pissed all over proenza schouler and christophers kane's designs recently (that's just skimming the surface.) but Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony? You must be having a laugh. I won't let you do it, piss of, woman!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

New York and Summer Smells

Upon seeing these new Uniqlo adverts featuring Miss Chloe Sevigny (she's getting around this year, isn't she?) I kind of stopped and said to myself "ohh yeahh" when remembering that is very much capable of dressing down, due to the slew of formal outfits and party dresses we've been used to seeing her in of late.

These photos have that fresh New York summer feel to them(you know when you can just smell summer warmth first thing in the morning?), reminiscent of her Kids days, but clean and with the 2008 treatment. And oh, the lighting, how I love it.

PS, I haven't told you yet, but I'll be in New York for two weeks from Saturday. It's my first time in the US and I'm thisss excited. Staying in Chelsea and have already compiled a long list of places to visit, with Fox and Fawn and Thé Adore top of the list. So put your hands up if you live in NYC and be sure to leave me lots of tips on places to check out. And blogging shall continue while I'm in the city; thanks to technology and wifi!

pics chloesevignyonline

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

hitting it big

i'm really pushing the humpty dumpty trousers; they're just so bloody refreshing and actually allow your legs to.. well, breathe. who knew something so baggy arsed could look so sexy? Example? Valentine! She oozes sex appeal. Stumbled across picture five on a couple of days ago and chucked to myself at the comparrisons with my own outfit from the post below. dumpty trousers and shoulder pads; it's really not a great sounding formula. so why is it soso right?

1. Valentine 2. Girl A 3. Michelle Jank 4. Irina L 5. Girl B 6. Kate L
pics from garancedore, sartorialist
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Humpty Dumpty has his Moment.

NOTE: It's April the first which means a few things. We're almost a quarter of the way through the year. Finally it's truly spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. It also means that the debut issue of Prim Magazine was let out of the bag today. So in honour, I've pieced together the scraps that ended up on the cutting room floor!

The trouser hierarchy is ever changing with skinnies, bootcut, tailored and numerous other cuts all nudging each other away from 1st Place. But it looks like again Humpty Dumpty shall for once have his moment in the form of androgynous trousers. This time proudly placed at the top, without that great fall..

When I started to notice super skinny jeans popping up in magazine editorials a few years back, moulded like vacuum packaging to the legs of prancing models I had a light bulb moment and decided this was a perfect shape for me.

Now, I’m not one to brag, but my trouser CV reads rather well. There were my Pocahontas leggings aged 6, then a flare stage aged 10 when I seemed to indulge in a solo competition with myself, always on the lookout for a pair of trousers covering more surface space squared than a Tokyo apartment.
After that I moved into inevitable boot cut territory which is why to me, as a 13 year old, the skinny jean held new prospects, perched at the top of the trouser hierarchy, oozing rock star connotations and giving me the urge to channel David Bowie in his post-Glam phase.

Four years down the line, what was a solid relationship is one that is now showing the kind of cracks that no polyseal can possibly cover, and I feel restricted and bored. I understand all too well the kinds of sacrifices Rod Stewart must make.

Cue a new fit to add to the resume; the polar opposite of skinnies. They’re sadly somewhat unnameable; a hybrid of styles; but Bryan Boy has given them the perfect guise; “Humpty Dumpty Pants”. They’re grown up yet borrowed from the boys, with a frumpy element that never looked so sexy. Humpty Dumpty’s are high-waisted, ankle skimming, vaguely baggy arsed at the top and slim at the bottom. A recipe for disaster according to the “fashion rules” but bizarrely appealing and they give the freedom those skinnies never cared much for. Oh, and they look killer with slick, glossy accessories for a power look, an update of 80s flavour.
Especially when the bottoms are turned up, they get on like a house on fire with your favourite ankle boots and look bloody marvellous with a clean white shirt tucked in.

Last season’s designs at Yves Saint Laurent induced me to let out more than a squeal of excitement. The whole collection was full of tailored trousers, perfectly crafted to give women some freedom and cut with an injected edge of androgyny. The same shape has come back out to play for Winter with variations across the board from Louis Vuitton to Nina Ricci and Preen, and thank God. Let the evolution of the trouser continue.


i'm thisss excited about the debut issue of prim magazine dropping..

editor Kristen has been behind the scenes, compiling the online magazine for us to feast our eyes on.

and with a community of bloggers and journos, photographers, vintage thrift queens, street stylers, well known bands and a strict ban on table dancing it girls, i have more than a strong feeling that Prim is set to be your (and my!) cup of tea.

the profile of online magazines is now on the rise signalling a very interesting change in direction for journalism. my magazine stylist fantasties maybe hanging in then balance and I'm waiting in anticipation, but it looks like the online magazine may well be the way of the future and i'm excited to cop a look at the zine's offspring.

i shall leave it there before i get all fashion sci-fi, and create images of i-robot style mannequins and models taking over the world. oops, i just did.

the "location" (ahem, thats URL to you and me) is still undisclosed until the release (1st April), but check out the magazine's myspace page for up to the minute updates.

Prim Magazine:

and uhh, just a hint, you might want to flick around and find the columnists page. i hear things are looking up after the downhill turn columns took after carrie b kind of died.

he, i kid!