Monday, June 30, 2008

carine's outfit

um, guys, look!

check out carine's outfit.

she's like, totally wearing a denim skirt (which isn't supersuper short) and a hat that is like totally grandad worthy, yeahh? like omg where's the balmain, y'all?

pics: getty

Saturday, June 28, 2008


when i go for days without posting, i feel like a flaky parent! but i was having a few "off days", second guessing myself and feeling unsure about the blog. i find that it's just as easy to have periods like this as it is to have a bad hair day. but i must push on regardless, and i apologise for the standstill.

i had thursday off, and making the most of the extended weekend, i've been getting my head into gear for the winter, reaquainting myself with the collections. the weather is so tempermental at the moment, with storms and showers that i feel less quilty than i usually would contemplating voluminous coats and sturdy tights before july is even here.

the lookbook for lou doillon's second lee cooper collection has also come out. even when the clothes are of no interest to me (not so in this case) i always enjoy a little flick through, looking at the page designs, trying to decipher the lifestyle being sold from the scenery and styling. in this case, the illustarions are a welcome touch.

lou doillon: "
i hate everything that’s chic. for me, that’s about doing things to be noticed. I can be aristocratic, sophisticated, or kooky — but I’m not chic. (I guess that’s because I was raised by an English girl.)"

pics: ny times

Sunday, June 22, 2008

twenty something giggles

i thought you might like this.

because i did, and it made me laugh.

maybe something to do with the fact that last night i dreamt I was sienna's caitlin to matthew rhys's dylan. (it was a nasty shock having to wake from that!)

think it's a shame more isn't being made of this film promotion wise. not because it is spectacularly amazing (who knows, i haven't even seen it yet!) but because i'd love to see as many keira/sienna outfits, gwyneth style.

happy sunday.

Friday, June 20, 2008


one of my favourite pieces of fashion news from the last week; model, musician and general creative master Karen Elson is planning on opening a vintage boutique named Venus and Mars in Nashville, Tennessee.

"I want to sell everything from vintage Kenny Valenti and rare Ossie Clarke to Valentino couture — but also cheaper vintage stuff to attract a wider audience."

i think this idea is cute as pie.
clever karen, it comes up with a genius alternative to the the model turned actress formula.
do you think any of her freebies will end up as hand-me-downs? fingers crossed.

and three cheers for selling some cheap vintage, second hand prices can be ridiculous.

pic, discotheque confusion

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a burgoining desire

i was reluctant to do a post declaring "our winter wardrobe!" in relation to the costumes of The Edge of Love. Mostly because the "little forties dress under cable knit cardie" formula isn't very new is it?
in fact, it was a regular occurance for me last winter, and i'm sure for a few others.

but I love keeping an eye on fashion in film. the cinema is one of the strongest influences for me, and I find it interesting to see watch the connection between the streets and our screens.

The cold months may be a long way off (the fashion industry as always is speeding ahead and taking no prisoners!) but I'm already excited to begin planning what I'll be running around in. Ironically, come each new season I forget what I wore the last. Having a flick through the images from the set of the new film which have been streaming into our awareness over the last few months has caused little "oh yeah"s and "how could i forget?"'s

in no way am I trying to dictate, or tell you what to wear, but I'm sure like me, you won't be able to resist. just this morning, i was looking into my underwear draw weighing up the sensibility of wearing my ribbed grey knee socks in his heat, shocking myself by willing a cool breeze or spot of rain so that I could sport the layered look playing on my mind.

the fact that the majority of my wardrobe is now made up of charity shop finds must play a part in my love for the oversize cardigan and granny dress combination.

April Ferry is the costume designer for the film, which I am eagerly anticipating. Usually so content with living in my time, I am suddenly considering having words with a physics geek on that time machine concept. "Oh, you want to right the wrongs of the world? Go back and make things better?"

"ughh, actually going back to the 1940's and floating about with veronica lake curls in red lipstick and hourglass floral dresses would work for me".

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

5 reasons to love zippora seven

you know when certain models just have that undeniable cool factor? she's one of them.

1. her full name is zippora vermillion rose seven.
2. her worst habit is changing her clothes at least 2x a day (that's as bad as it gets?)
3. she shares a nickname with an orange puppet
4. her vogue paris editorial was, like, really cool
5. she splits her time between montmarte, paris and new zealand.


Monday, June 16, 2008

cat crunchies and christian louboutin

If this is the outlook for a modern day spinster, count me in!
vogue italia may 2008
model siri tollerod
photographer miles aldridge

i must admit, i prefer the concept to the actual photographs, but it's a great idea.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

junk in the trunk

pics;, garancedore, tFs, comic strip by simon k. james-hanselman

unconsciously, another trouser related post.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

trousers or pyjamas

monday was incredibly hot. and with the builders in, i escaped to the other side for tea at my granny's house. sunbathing in the garden, strawberries and cream, new issue of french vogue and an enthusiastic labrador made for a lovely afternoon.

when i was getting ready to go back home, i was given a little pile of goodies, in usual tradition, a couple of hand-me-downs, a new satc boxset and some reference books.
tonight i tried on the silk pyjamas which were in the pile. and i can quite safely say; i feel like they have changed my life!

everything about them seems perfect; the colour scheme of dusty pink and pale grey, the fit is spot on and incredibly does wonders for my long legs, they compliment my new heels, love of my life x2. looking in the mirror, i realised these were the trousers that deep down somewhere i had been visualising when i was dabbling in a bit of humpty, and they have that YSL (ss08) feel that I was after. and a bit of jil sander thrown in?

i stared and contemplated into the mirror, excitedly, in a way that only teenagers can get away with and considered whether i could wear them out, what a shame it would be to hide away such a perfect pair.

also, this feels like the perfect opportunity to mention my granny. i'm pretty confident that she is the sole reason behind my love and appreciation for style and aesthetics. she says that style is something you are born with, something that can't be learnt, but i must confess, i think i learnt about style from the stack of magazines i read in her bathroom when i was little. i'm hoping to do a post on her in the not too distant future, dig out the faded photographs of her in the 1960s. so a hello to 'granny annie' for we are each other's number one fans.

PS: just re-read this post after writing it a couple of days ago and now wonder if my appreciation for the pyjamas (and my desire to wear them outside) was all down to the moment. and now wonder if they have the same effect in the pictures as i felt they did.
ho humm.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the photo machine

With the concept of street style breaking into the mainstream and 'everyday' people gracing the pages of magazines aswell as the style blogs, Topshop, on top of the game as ever, has lanuched a collaboration with the Helmut Newton Foundation which gives everyone a chnce to jump in front of the camera lens.

In tune with the rise of sites like Facehunter and The Sartorialist and also a happy coincidence for the gaggles of teenage girls that already photograph themselves in the changing rooms, the Helmut Newton Photo Machine is travelling around the UK.

Inspired by the late photographer's idea from the 1970's that a teams of stylists, a photographer and crew aren't needed for a photograph and that a model can do a fine job armed wth The Machine, a pose and the click of a button.

I'm very excited by this idea. Further proof that Topshop is somewhat a modern day superbrand with a fantastic team of innovators coming up with some bloody marvelous ideas. That in-store hairbar, the consistent quality of the designer collections and the sponsership of the new generation of designers, on top of the best of designs on the high street. The photographs will also be available to flick through on the regularly updated site. Oh Topshop, you spoil us.

The Photo Machine is in-store at Oxford Circus, London until June 15th.
Manchester Andale
June 17th-22nd
Dublin St Stephens Green
June 17th-22nd

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i spy with my little eye, a cutie beginning with F

Is Feist the unofficial champion of marvelous music video outfits?

I think so.
Somebody put her up there on a pedistal along with Roisin Murphy!

And from the video for I Feel It All; the little Breton jumper and red glove combination? oui, oui.

It's not solely the fact that she wears cute outfits, it's the choreographed dance moves and cute concepts too.

what a sweetie.

your fingers are too phat to dial

i couldn't help it.
believe me, i didn't want to post a picture, or even utter his name.
but Homer Simpson is who came to mind when I saw Andre Leon Talley's CFDA outfit, and now the
comparrison won't leave my head, and it's distracting me and making me giggle at inappropriate times.

andre, je t'aime.

google images, jezebel

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

on a break

am spending the next few days in edinburgh.
visiting my best friend.
meeting her friends.
playing around.
hit me up if you have an tips on places i should visit.
i think the vanity fair exhibition is here from london.
posting as usual.
and comment replying, i promise!

Sunday, June 01, 2008