Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Today I'm wearing a white sundress with a navy Benetton jumper, some red lipstick and my old suede riding boots. It has been a week since I handed in my dissertation and I've been spending my time like a teenager during the Summer holidays. I'm not even finished yet but the relief of no more essay writing has temporarily trumped all and I've been doing all of the things I've wanted to do over the last month, but free of the guilt. Last week I went to see Pedro Almodovar's 'I'm So Excited!' which was fantastic and camp and silly and perfect for a Friday night that was warm and had the smell of the day's sun still thick in the air. 

Last night I cooked a big lebanese meal with some of my close friends. Lots of Ottolenghi food-porn (slow-cooked lamb, roasted aubergines and butternut and couscous) and conversation all washed down with delicious vodka/vermouth/mint concoctions made by my friend Charlie. This morning I ate a cheese sandwich and read more of Jerusalem with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. It's all about eating and reading about more food simultaneously. 

On Friday I had a couple of job rejections which put me in a funk for a day but I'm feeling okay about them now and realising that rejections are an inevitability and will help me to build a thicker skin as well as generally helping me to get better at the things I love and want to do. In the words of Aaliyah..