Saturday, February 28, 2009

A weekend of Fashion Frolicks

I have a confession to make; while there was so much I wanted to post about this week, (the amazing london shows, anyone?) I somehow created a mental blogging block and just couldn't write. But finally here is a not at all brief summary of last weekend in London. Without getting all Miss World, I usually sigh when I read about the likes of Rumi and Camille off galivanting at Fashion Week, so it was rather amazing to be able to have some of my own fashion frolicks and the icing on the cake was meeting Chloe Sevigny! Eeh.

thursday: LOVE reading, yvan confusion.
arriving in london feeling a little flustered after an uncomfortable coach journey and a loss of enthusiasm over the outfit I was wearing, I headed straight to beyond retro for my traditional scout and stocking up on vintage finds. I also wanted to see if I could find some alternative outfit options for both the Topshop Unique show on Sunday but also to the Opening Ceremony Party that I would fingers crossed be popping along to on Friday. alas, the £72 sized gap on my debit card signalled a successful trip. To counteract all of that terribly draining work (!) I went across the road to Le Pain de Quotidien, where I indulged (or buried my head financially further into the sand, depending on your stance) in a homemade limeade and a scone while I people watched and flicked through my new copy of Love Magazine.

Now this is where things get bizarrely interesting.. I spot across the road this fantasticly dressed girl prancing along the pavement. She has a high blonde ponytail, is quite curvy and Swedish looking and is wearing a denim shirt in a way that actually looks refreshingly clean and simple. I then notice Yvan the Facehunter spot her and he starts to chase her and I just sit there slurping at my Limeade smiling to myself at witnessing this all unfold until for whatever reason she shakes her head at him when he approaches and he leaves pictureless. Then he starts to walk up the pavement towards me and as he is about to pass I saw to him that it's a shame that he didn't manage to get that picture because her outfit was so well put together. He shrugged in a slightly blunt way and said that she was in a rush which happens slightly and then looked at my notepad where I had been noting down the swedish girl's outfit. He asked in a tone which sounded rather rude "Do you write character studies because you aren't good at sketching, because you are too poor to afford a camera?" I looked at him a little confused, not understanding whether there was some kind of language barrier or whether he was just an eccentric type skirting the line between sarcastic and rude. I told him I couldn't understand whether he was taking the piss and he ignored this and asked what I did, to which I replied I'm a student and blogger, which didn't seem to interest him. Either way, we parted amicably and I stayed sat there for a few minutes trying to mull over in my mind what had just happened and kind of laughing to myself at his apparent high opinion of himself and his quickness to put me down for writing in a diary which was clearly not as worthy as his photography. ay, ay, ay..

I put this strange encounter behind me, resolving to get some "Yvan testimonies" from some fashion folk over the course of the weekend who might be able to enlighten me into his personality.

friday: red lippie and chloe sevigny
after two days of two and froing texts between myself and jeanie resulting in a confirmation that we would indeed be hitting up Chloe Sevigny's Opening Ceremony launch party at the Double Club and I let myself get ridiculously excited; it'd put off any mad jumping up and down action on the off chance that it wouldn't happen. As anyone will know, I worship at the Church of Chloe and after a sunny afternoon spent wandering the streets of Primrose Hill, I headed back to Oxford St to splash out on my first red lippie from Chanel. I didn't want to overthink what to wear to the party as I knew it may induce a panic attack and therefore plumped to go down the Jen Brill route of bold lips. Met Jeanie and her lovely mates Sarah and Fotis at Angel and off to the Double Club we all trudged where we spent the rest of the evening tutting at the expensive wine, feeling smug about the long line of people waiting outside and nudging each other everytime Bay Garnett walked past until finally Chloe made an appearance and we snapped and gasped. Jeanie very kindly obliged to act as photographer when I plucked up my courage to ask Chloe Sevigny for a picture. I knew that if I didn't, I would forever regret it and quite possibly one day turn into one of those ghosts who haunts and scares the bejesus out of people just to make of for their life "losses".

Thankfully she was obliging and kind but rather unthankfully we both look rather moody and not entirely flattered in the picture.

We left early to catch the last tube home and passed Henry Holland on the way out, and sticking to my blogger promise to take plenty of photos, I asked for his only to be greeted with a coiffed and "cooler than thou" exterior. What a charmer.

others spotted at the double club: pat mcgrath, bay garnett, katy england and bobby gillespie, camilla al fayed, alexis taylor, phoebe arnold, henry holland

saturday: i spy kate lanphear at topshop unique
Sticking to my "keep it simple" dressing philosophy, I scraped my hair into a high bun, pulled on a grey rollneck, body con mini, flats and swiped on a faithful flash of red lippie and channelled my inner beatnik at the Topshop Unique show. Along with Disneyrollergirl, the loveley Hayley from the Topshop online team, and Michelle (as well as her Prince Barry) from Kingdom of Style we waited restlessly in line for the show to start as the likes of Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof sauntered past to go inside. With an expectation of nebula graphics and a general Peter Pilotto style ode to galaxies, I was a little disappointed by this season's Unique collection which leaned a little too much in the direction of Nu Rave Clubkid with Neons and glowsticks, though some of the big knitted cardigans had the potential to look lovely in a most pared down context. For me, the collection was a little harsh on the senses, though I'm always interested to see which standpoint designers will take during this economic climate; unabashed antidotal denial ala Marc Jacobs or sombre and pared down ala Armand Basi? In this case, the design team settled for the former.

others spotted at the unique show: karlie kloss, alexandra shulman, kate lanphear, pixie geldof, daisy lowe, susie bubble

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh, the perfectly guity shame.

only three days after sharing a chat with disneyrollergirl and michelle of kingdom of style about the phenomenom of twitter and our inability to understand the hype surrounding it all, i've guiltily become a little hooked and jumped onto the bandwagon!

cccoming up

a post is in the pipeline. detailing my weekend of surreal, lovely, bizarre, at times unsavoury but then at times completely perfect shenanigans.

i leave you with a teeny tiny idea of the look I wore to the Topshop Unique show. a head shot just to show my hair and new red lipstick (that I splashed out on this weekend). this was after not only a day of show watching, in depth blogger discussing, strawberry beer sipping, but also a long stint on the bus back home. umm, niice!

i've worn the lippie everyday since; I shall shamelessly admit it's the single track road to making you feel like jen brill and adding a sufficient interest to a perfectly drab outfit. infact bizarrely all it took was a trip to london and about 24 hours for me to find a look for spring 2009 that I'm rather in love with. a channelling of beatniks and old school tomboys in cashmere polonecks, simple v neck pullovers, tights and a regression back to flats along with a new subtle snakeskin skirt (more on this all later) and a track jacket which I'm still feeling my way with. and not forgetting my clubmaster glasses.


Friday, February 20, 2009

A quick update from London

Thanks for the comments, guys!
Glad you liked the video as it was my first try on just the basic Windows Movie Maker to those who asked, and didn't really know what I was doing. All trial and error..

In LDN without internet access so I'm sneakily in the Apple Store on regents St standing next to a crazy guy who is dancing away to videos of latin music on youtube. fun!

but I'll be sure to update at the end of the weekend when I'm back home. Had a bit of a bizarre run in with Yvan (Of Facehunter fame) and don't quite know what to make of him, but more on that later!

Meeting up with Jeanie of later. So if you don't hear any more from me it's because she turned out to be a fifty something male.. Fingers crossed we're going to an opening ceremony party but not sure yet. I hasten to add that I'm a little bewildered by all of this. I'm really not usually the type to run off to london for exciting parties, it just kind of..happened. but as i said updates soon and I promise I'll be a better blogger at commenting.

Stevie xx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What to wear to Fashion Week

Now, I won't get on a high horse and act all cool and uninterested, because I must admit I'm very excited to be going to my second Topshop Unique show on saturday. The last collection was brilliant and with whispers of a space theme doing the rounds this one could top the last, as galaxy prints and anything cosmos related are just my cup of tea.

of course, there is the ever present question of what to wear. seasoned fashion editors and industry insiders alike will play this one down; and fair enough too because after traipsing around show after show, relentless waiting, and watching as the novelty slowly wears off, they'll be thinking more about their next looming deadline.

but for the amateurs like myself, this squeal of delight slowly turns to nervousness at the prospect of choosing an outfit to wear as you stand in the same room as alexandra shulman (well, alex..not so much.), kate lanphear, alexa chung, roisin murphy et al (namedrop, me?).

ah, what the hell. I'm off to London tomorrow morning and still haven't packed. I ended up making a "The Row" and Taghrid inspired video instead (the irony of procrastination!) which considering my complete lack of knowledge in the editing field, I'm fairly pleased with.

I may or may not get a chance to post until after the show on saturday, but shall be back with a fun little report and some snaps hopefully.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

81 OSCARs and one bedsheet

Let's not beat about the bush, where the recession is concerned, celebrities are getting hit big time. the OSCARS are approaching but instead of appointment books filled with A List fittings, tumbleweeds have rolled across the showrooms of Chanel, Dior, Valentino and Armani Prive. Temperley and Marchesa have had not a dot. With no business celebrity stylists have taken to the streets, I noticed Rachel Zoe crouched over a paper cup and cardboard sign the other day. Her pennypiping wasn't quite up to scratch though. In the absence of a dress budget, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz and Freida Pinto have all been experimenting with crepe paper and sequins. Sharon Stone has been tearing her hair out remembering the days when she could afford that famous GAP ensemble.

Clealy time is not on their side with the ceremony five days away. But luckily I have some solutions to help. All these stars will need is a bedsheet. And possibly some dye if their purses will allow. "But we'll all look the same!?" I hear them shriek. Oh ladies, ladies. Where is the creativity, the imagination! Between you you've thrown yourself into roles about concentration camp guards, destructive addicts and mental patients (and that's without even getting started on Anne Hathaway..) where is your vision? A bedsheet is the most versatile garment of all and I'll show you the options..

falling in

This time tomorrow I'll be in Love.


Put your hands up if you're squealing with excitement about tomorrow as the launch day for Katie Grand's Love Magazine?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

acceptable in the 80s


what I think I love most about this collection is that it gives a nod the 80's in a perfectly authentic way. it's not an "hey, i'm wearing neon leggings" in-your-face/agyness deyn kind of look, it's more molly ringwalder as claire standish in the breakfast club if she'd got together with john bender, had a few moments of rebellion and then moved to nyc and partied it up with with mr jacobs himself.
the colours pop, and there may even be a little clashing in there too, but they do it without a whisper of nu rave, and in a dignifed way; pairing that shimmering mustard yellow dress with a large cocoon coat.

the hair and make up is amazing, taking us from ivanka trump to grace jones, and madonna to joan collins.
i can see these pieces shaping up very well as red carpet looks. take them apart a little, rub off the runway sheen and choose just one piece and it'll be a great look. the 80s shaped dresses get my pick because they're a shape that is outdated enough to be daring and exciting rather than nostaligic for the sake of it.


Monday, February 16, 2009

a conversation between two bloggers

note: it's bloody long I know, so just skim or skip if you wish, but please let me know if this bored you stiff or secretly intrigued you!

Stevie says:
choose one celeb to have as a flatmate. and you're NOT allowed roisin or alison goldfrapp!
it's abby darling. says:
oh nooo!
Stevie says:
HA! got you

it's abby darling. says:
ha, hmm
lemme think
alexa perhaps, shed be hilarious to live with & we could share closets

Stevie says:
oh, good choice! and you could dance to good music. okay.. would you rather spend a night in with roisin with a glass of wine and a stack of magazines or have the entire acne collection for free?

it's abby darling. says:
i love these, such hard choices!
i pick roisin, because im sure after that night we would have become the best of friends & therefore i would always get her handmedowns, hee!
is that cheating?

Stevie says:
haha! you cheeky thing!
no that's fine
okay.. would you beat anna wintour in an arm wrestle or let her win?

it's abby darling. says:
let her win! so shed still like me!
im scared to think what shed do to me if i beat her

Stevie says:
aw ABBY! you let down!
haha. well i'd finish her off with a chinese burn
it's abby darling. says:
fashion sabotage!
thats what itd be surely!
haha sounds good ;]
Stevie says:
okay now for some quickfires
what time do you do to bed?
it's abby darling. says:
Stevie says:
what did you have for tea?
oh wait, breakfast!
i forgot the time difference again!
it's abby darling. says:
grapefruit & a cuppa chai
Stevie says:
mmm chai.
it's abby darling. says:
i know my last cups empty now & im dying for another
Stevie says:
name just one of your favourite films (or one of many of them)
it's abby darling. says:
'my summer of love', hands down
Stevie says:
okay now complete the sentences..
carine is..

it's abby darling. says:
what every other magazine editor needs to be
Stevie says:
sundays are made for..
it's abby darling. says:
afternoon movies in bed, cups of tea, chill playlists, fags & outfit planning for the week ahead
Stevie says:
my favourite blogs are..
it's abby darling. says:
discotheque confusion, january, fashion squad, jak & jil, youthquaker, face hunter, sartorialist, lisaplace, emmanygren, nikesofiaamorina, starbucks & jane,
imilk & moderniteter too
ahh, so many!
Stevie says:
i'm on january now! i love jess and tinsley!
obama is..

it's abby darling. says:
(im not into politics)
Stevie says:
controversial! hehe
it's abby darling. says:
ermm haha
Stevie says:
sorry, i'm not purposely being difficult.. religion is..

it's abby darling. says:
a personal choice
Stevie says:
bare with me one sec. literally i have a huge craving for a mini cornetto from the freezer and MUST grab one!

it's abby darling. says:
what? whats that? youre making me hungry!
Stevie says:
haha! yumyum ice cream
one sec

it's abby darling. says:

Stevie says:
think of some Q's for me and i'll do the same!
it's abby darling. says:
oh god im horrible at asking things
ok, whats the soundtrack for your perfect night?

Stevie says:
nostalgia inducing. kooks by david bowie. head over heels by tears for fears. it's a cliche but love will tear us apart by joy division..
it's abby darling. says:
lovely, always good to have some nostalgia
chloe as a best friend or having her closet, no friendly attachments?
Stevie says:
ah, it has to be chloe as a best friend! i kind of feel good enough about my own wardrobe
good question!
it's abby darling. says:
ok the artist or the muse?

Stevie says:
am i being stupid? in what context?

it's abby darling. says:
hm in anything really, um like the musician who writes the song or the girl who inspired the song?

like edie/andy type thing
Stevie says:
ah the muse. it's narcisistic but because of movies like i'm not there (heath) and vicky christina barcelona (javier) i love the idea of having a painter as my other half
so pretentious, i can't help it!

it's abby darling. says:
id totally be the muse too
bubbly or wine?
Stevie says:
bubbly! because usually it equals celebrations
it's abby darling. says:
& the explosion! hee
Stevie says:
it's abby darling. says:
favourite glossie?
Stevie says:
ha, did POP make you think of that?
it's abby darling. says:
ha, no
Stevie says:
POP (or should I say LOVE?) then ELLE UK then paris vogue which would be higher in the list if I could speak french!
what's yours?

it's abby darling. says:
purple i think
but i love elle uk too
day or night?
(my questions are so boring - forgive me)

Stevie says:
no they're not they're interesting!
i'd say night just because i'm so much more inspired and therefore creative. though i live for the sun!
it's abby darling. says:
im such a nightowl, i couldnt live without the night & well, im scared of the sun (sunburns) so i try to stay away from that as much as possible
you can only attend one fashion week in one city per each season, which do you choose?
Stevie says:
totally unfaithful to london.. but paris!

it's abby darling. says:
classic choice

Stevie says:
purely for the shows.
et toi? paris aussi?
it's abby darling. says:
& the love behind it
eh i dont know thats so hard
i do love london so much & there always a slew of new ideas & creative talents coming out there
Stevie says:
i know i know. but then again, just think of....MACAROONS!
it's abby darling. says:
ok paris, for the sweets & foreign lads
Stevie says:
haha! i don't know, without being completely controversial here, i'm not sure about french guys. i mean on the one hand I am, but how could a french guy with everything going for him not be smug?
it's abby darling. says:
thats very true, im sure there are some good ones out there not totally into themselves

Stevie says:
yes, i'll agree with that, i don't want any of this tolstoy reading shit!
next time: we discuss what oh what to where to fashion week, finding the perfect shade of red lippie and naturally, chloe sevigny and roisin murphy take up much of the conversation..

where's the wang revolution?

There is a noticeably special buzz surrounding the fall 2009 shows this week, and I should think it'll extend right through until the end of the new collections when Paris Fashion week draws to a close at the start of March.

It's a "this year is different" mentallity and an excitement and overdue need to see some new trends. I'm craving looks that are more refined and slick; more Jil Sander than Alexander Wang, something I've spoken about in a a couple of previous posts.

Having said this, I waited for the Alexander Wang Fall 2009 with baited breath, waiting to see if ironically he was in the same mood. Would he steer away from the leathery sheen of his grunge luxe or would be press on with his typical aesthetic of droppy tee shirts and cutaway sex?


I must say, I was a little disappointed, because although glad to see him embracing a more grown up look, the collection didn't feel enough of a departure from his previous and I was hoping for more of a progression to promise that the Alexander Wang look has longivity. Though that CFDA/Vogue fashion fund along with the show's presence of big time influencers Anna Wintour and Phillip Green should be enough to promise a sustained future.
So in conclusion, the collection didn't quite do it for me, I was hoping for a more of a covered up look, with those black maxi skirts I've been speaking of; I'd love to see Wang come up with a new take on conservative. Instead with hemlines shortcoming and more slits in leggings, the front row which housed Jen Brill, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Roisin Murphy, Zoe Kravitz, Vanessa Traina [and bizarrely Sarah Jessica Parker who I would never have down as a Wang groupie] seemed a more promising breeding ground of new ideas.
pics jak and jil,, fashionista, wireimage

Saturday, February 14, 2009

it must be fashion week

because a high concentration of the industry's darlings have been hitting up the town.
and there are photos to prove it!
pics jeremy kost

Thursday, February 12, 2009

acne fall oh nine


tomorrow sees the start of new york fashion week and therefore the "official" start of fall 09! if that sends shivers down your spine and messes up your biological clock, you're not the only one.. to get into the swing of things, feast your eyes on the acne fall 09 collection.
the search for a wedged boot rages on.* my mum has a fantastic pair but loves them too much to share.. boo!

meanwhile the sellophane trousers are looking awfully appealing and further applause for the long and simplistic silhouette continues in the form, this time, of loose tux trousers instead of a maxi dress.

*and a nod of the head..
to the magnificent minimarket wedges, for if I had the cash (alas, any cash) this is where it would go.

pics, minimarket boot pics from

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Why February wins the title of Red Carpet Season.

Of all the months, February always had a hard time growing up. The smallest since the start, February has had to deal with the post Christmas slump, forever standing in the shadow of December, a month of sheer extravagance.

Luckily for February, the Fashion world took mercy and crowned it the unofficial Red Carpet season. A bit of a kick in the baubles for December; February marks a short and sweet month of ultimate fashion calendar decadence. The OSCARs, BAFTAs, Grammys, four Fashion Weeks and Elle Style Awards are all crammed into twenty eight days, so it's no wonder that this month is the cause of much excitement for the fashion blogging community.

Tonight sees the start of the stylish festivities as Brits can combat Sunday night blues by tuning into the BAFTAs (from 8pm on BBC2 and then from 9pm from BBC1) to tut and coo in all the right places as wonderous creations (and alas, those that should never have been allowed to see the light of day) are let out to glide around London's Royal Opera House.

Next up are the ELLE Style Awards which take place tomorrow night and we'll all have to wait and wonder just what will Host Ms Alexa Chung wear?

Let's cross our fingers for some nutriously stylish attire, let of the Valentino and more of the Peter Pilotto, please.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

six unknown facts

I used to live in a caravan with my dad
I slept in a bunk bed with my face 2 inches from the ceiling, but couldn't sleep if there was a spider in my room. Me and my Dad had bonfires at night and I had to use an outdoor toilet. He cooked pasta and pesto until I was sick of it and he'd keep me awake at night by playing Michael Nyman's album too loud. But I look back at these days with really fond memories. I think it's why I love Caravan Girl by Goldfrapp so much


I'm a supersuper fast walker
It's a habit born out of a lot of late rushing and solo walks. when i'm with friends I generally get a lots of fierce calls of "hey, slow down!"

Pretentiousness scares me.
Being called pretentious is one of the ultimate insults...someone once said I looked like a hipster and I was mortified! And that explains my love/hate relationship with hipsters.

My first "fashion memory"
Was a pair of pocahontis leggings when I was about 6. pretty rad!

99% of the time I shop solo.
I don't really see the need to ask the opinions of others, even my closest friends on whether or not to buy something. Though when you have friends with identical taste it's more satisfying!

I feel like 2009 is going to be a great year.
After a really shitty patch a couple of years ago with the girls at my school, of dreading going to school each morning (and often crying before I'd even got there) I feel I've found myself a fantastic group of friends, all in different places. There's Abby over in NC, and the lovely girls at college as well as BFF Lily (though we started out as enemies aged 4).
The end of college, Glastonbury Festival and my first holiday with just friends to Corfu...throw in a bit of Obama and my eighteenth and things are shaping up pretty good!


jeanie tagged me, now abby, tinsley, coco, deex, maria allure, jessica. oh what the hell, everyone! consider yourselves tagged.

Friday, February 06, 2009

the alternative trends of oh nine

The catwalks of Spring 2009 didn't show us an awful lot that we haven't already seen before. In fact, the lack of dominant trends combined with the uncertain economic climate makes this year feel both significant and in a way exciting for fashion.

Yes, small designers suffer and that some are having to opt for presentations rather than full shows at fashion week in order to keep prices to a minimum isn't something to cheer about but Vogue UK editor Alexandra Shulman recently said something that makes a lot of sense. "You do get new names, new businesses, during recessions. Things happen. It can be quite an exciting time creatively. And old names often die. At that time (the recession of the early 1990s) a whole slew of new designers bubbled up – like McQueen, Stella McCartney, Hussein Chayalan, Clements Ribeiro"

While this year is likely to be a tough one, and we may have to expect some of fashion's talent going out of business, I'm eager to see how designers will be inspired and what they can create. I'm always interested in how social, political, economic context effects the designers. Look around at advertising campaigns and fashion editorials (notably Drew Barrymore in POP Magazine) and you may notice the references to early 1960s America in the form of old track tops and cheerleader get ups. A coincidence that fashion has looking to some of the styles from the time that Kennedy became President, just as Obama, who many have placed on a parallel to JFK (in terms of hope and change) has come into office?

As spending large sums of money on updating our wardrobes may be out of the question this year, there'll be more making do and mend, finding old pieces from the backs of our wardrobe and wearing them in new ways. Even more scouring through the charity shops and vintage stores and rather refreshingly a desire to create our own mood in fashion, with an influx of micro and underground trends. These are some of the trends that I'm personally desiring and over the next few posts I'll be predicting more.



Thursday, February 05, 2009

sofia coppola's favourites

A quick scan over the article also told me the tiniest slither of information that I've been craving. Sofia Coppola has returned to work after taking time off to focus on her daughter. She is working on a new screenplay (hurrah!) which is "smaller in scope than Marie Antoinette" and she hopes to begin filming later in the year.

from uk harpers bazaar march 09. scan by awake-smile.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

a new modesty

Another new year, and more personal style adjustments continue. As much as I loved Alexander Wang, and the rip, stud, shred look that graced the fashion blogs throughout 2008, I'm now after a more clean look. Less of the holey tights and dirty denim. More streamlined silhouettes, maybe longer hems, and a modesty with less embellishment that gives a knowing nod and reflects the contents of our purses.

I'm not saying that a global recession should cause us to dress like nuns, I'm all for a bit of flirty body conscious dressing, but I'm interested in how the economic climate will effect the way in which we dress and am particularly inspired by examples of outfits (see below) that demonstrate just how sexy covering up can look.

I'll be keeping my blazer out for longer, working with block colours, contrasting proportions, sturdy leather boots with wedge heels, peg leg trousers, high collars. The French flavour of simplicity with simple black polo necks and thick tights. For colour red velvet shoes and a flash of bright lippy or nail polish.

This is no new look, I just feel we all forgot what existed before Alexander Wang and Erin Wasson danced onto the catwalk championing street grunge a few seasons back.


clockwise from left: play knit comme des garcons jumper (£165 from Dover Street Market); twist lock holdall bag £35 from topshop; classique perfume by jean paul gautier; mens shirt £30 from topman, keyhole tapered trouser £35 from topshop; rarity heel £60 from topshop.
images, the sartorialist and mentioned sites

Monday, February 02, 2009

in hiding

this is a quick note to say that for once, I'm going to lower the blog down my priority list.
my tutors all got bored and thought it would be laugh to set a bazillion deadlines for this week.
hilarious, i'm dying with laughter.

anyway, i have so many emails i'm putting off replying to and everything feels a bit unmanagable, so sincere apologies that I'm being a bit shit on the communication front!
so this week, things will be pretty quiet, I'm craving posts that actually have some nutritious fashion content rather than just being collages/images so hopefully when I'm back it'll be with something a bit more worthy.

otherwise, i've had a fantastic weekend of socialising with my lovely newish friends and a little adventure that involved getting carried away dancing to upbeat jazz and therefore missing the last train home.

for fun.. let's all write an anonymous little something in the comment box. a little joke or embarrassing story for stress relief or a little rant. I'll pop my own in there too.
until next week!