Monday, December 31, 2007

// Real Resolutions to adopt//

Because we all promise ourselves to "be more healthy; by being more strict with exercising and eating well", but because that is what everyone else is doing and we I usually resign myself to the fact that I won't last through the February, here are some others to shake things up a bit.

With some for myself, some for you, as well as some for the likes of the Olsens thrown in for good measure.

1. Buy more second hand clothes.

I'm feeling disillusioned with buying cheap mass produced clothes. Instead promise yourself to cut back. Having a good snout around a charity shop can be extremely satisfying when you snap up something special. You can cultivate your skills, and feel less guilty about damaging the environment and being unsure of who is being exploited on the production line..

2. Find your trademark hairstyle.

Mixing up your style and experimenting with different looks is fun, and it may take a bit of this to find a look that you think really suits you, but I've been inspired by something that Miss Sevigny said; that Wintour and Patti Smith have the right idea by sticking to one hairstyle; because it has meant that they have aged less, and I think there is something rather charming about staying loyal to a certain style and really getting to know your hair, so that you can really understand how to style it and blow dry it to get it looking it's best. That way you can spent more time experimenting with clothes.

3. Take Inspiration from film.

Film is my main source of inspiration, and I like to channel characters rather than the LA It girls. While there is a good week left of Christmas holidays to spent sprawled on the sofa, pop to the video shop and stock up on goodies.

-The Royal Tenenbaums for furcoat loving Margot Tenenbaum.
-Fight Club for Helena Bonham Carter in grubby little second hand dresses and accessories.
-Somersault for Cornish's platinum bedhead and and winter overcast sunday afternoon jumpers.
-Stealing Beauty for floaty floral dresses worn minus a bra Dunst-style, and the Tuscan backdrop doesn't hurt.

4. A suggested resolution for Ashley Olsen.

"There is more to life than being really really ridiculously goodlooking" and so it's about time that you started being a little more friendly to the planet. If you're going to wear fur, why not opt for vintage? But more importantly, downsize that monstrosity of a car. It's ugly, fuel guzzling, and if a bike is good enough for Kate Hudson and the chic Copenhageners..

5. Do one good deed a day.
Being a do good-er was never so much fun. Channel your inner Earl Hickey, and dish out good karma. Hold a door open for someone, compliment them if they look good, smile at a stranger, buy flowers for a friend; one thing a day feels so good.

6. Treat Yourself.

When there is so much to take up our minds and occupy us during the day, it's sometimes easy to forget to relax and treat ourselves. Buy yourself a manicure, or book yourself for a facial. Do it at the weekend and you'll feel all smug and radiant come Monday.

7. Begin each day to a good start.

It's hard to do, but when I pile into bed at a reasonable time, I always feel so much more optimistic come the next morning, and a great way to put yourself in a positive mood for the rest of the day is to set "your song" as your alarm tone. You can select this function on iPods, and many other MP3 players and stereos, and hearing your favourite tune nudge you from your sleep first thing in the morning is a welcome change from the blaring of your rude alarm clock.

I recommend "Later Monday by Jon Brion", for gently easing your way into the day.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Week of Wardrobes Through The Lens:
Black on Black Analysis; Chic or Bleak?

click image for a better gawp..

Usually a week packed full of fashion events and charity bashes will guarantee many a pretty shiny dress for us fashion magpies to feast our eyes on, but naturally, there is often a quiet week when only the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica "Blahh-ba" come out to play, and quite frankly, I don't care which scarf they have chosen to colour coordinate with their tucked in trousers and boots combination.

So I have therefore chosen to, from this day on, shamelessly scrutinish and disect some of the outfits of those who (or indeed their stylists) show flair, or in some cases those who show not a scrap of it. Or those who everyone just jolly well feels the need to talk about.

With all the Christmas preparation going down, the 'slebs' minds have beem mostly occupied by throwing money at the problem of last minute presents, and as a result, scrubby hair, battered jackets and "safe" accessories like scarves, boots and anything black coloured are what their shopping get-ups have consisted of.

With the exception of Lily Allen of course, who, regardless of me helplessly liking her, had the distinct whiff of "whoring out" when she opened the Harrods Winter Sale on Friday. But she still halfway cute, so she may be forgiven.

PS, After a good couple of weeks of non stop socialising and guest-entertaining at my abode, it's nice to scuttle off and find an excuse to be completely anti-social isn't it? I'm talking about returning to the blog of course. By the looks of some of the interesting posts I've seen popping up, it seems that many of you have returned already, but either way, Happy New Year!

And, a "fun" game for us all (Don't worry, it's not Charade's, again); name your best and worst present..

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mutton skin and other ways to ruin your worthy model reputation.

If you've seen anything lately than screams mutton dressed as lamb more than this please let me know.

I don't know how Roberto Cavalli does it, it really amazes me, he seems to have this unstoppable knack of making even the most beautiful women look like grubby divorcees, the embarrassing scantily clad older woman at a party who, on the prowl for a young toyboy throws herself at everyone and flirts with husbands in front of their wives.

Is this who the Dubai market is trying to appeal these days?

Daria is only 24 and get looks awkward and incredibly past it. Don't you think she has that "dancing on tables the night before" look to her skin?
Greedy girls, you should have known not to be part of his campaign.

On the other hand, the SS08 adverts for Louis Vuitton are rather pleasing. The backdrop of primary coloured cars from the nineteen seventies popping with models including Ninties supers Naomi, Eva and Yawnia Schiffer giggling sexily on the bonnets, very matter of fact. "Yes, this is my car, it is how I lie on it.
Oh? My bag? It's Vuitton."

PS, Excuse the header, the formating for the whole of the blog seems to be misbehaving in general. I shall arm myself with chocolates and mulled wine and attempt to solve the problem.

Advent Season: Day Twenty Three

A flash of Late Night Inspiration
A thought process and a model.

Now this is a look that I want to be seeing more of come 2008.

How gorgeous are her candids?

Her name is Elena Melnik and as soon as I saw these candids I thought of Leigh Lezark.

Next year I want less blonde, bright Agyness, and more moody, dark snow white.
more black haired models please.
A realistic spring would be welcome. For the spring editorials; Less prancing on the beach, more sulking in dark, cold warehouses.
In terms of models rock n roll credentials, theres Irina, but really, despite hanging out with Doherty, she's a little clean seeming don't you think?
I'm not talking cleanliness, clean, because Leigh Lezark has that clean look to her, she's well turned out, but she looks like she might have seen dark things, and the same goes for Elena who has that same vibe, minus the snobby look.

also, Melnik is a little reminscent of model Shannan Click, non? Whatever happened to her. The strongest memory I have of her was that Nylon article.

I like to imagine her wandering around the spiritual fields at Glastonbury with a cool stoner dad wearing an oversize hawaiian shirt, baggy grey knee length shorts with lots of delightfully clashing patterns going on.

Whether or not she will deliver is yet to remain, but really it's her hair that has made me thirsty for this "moody snow white" model that now exists in my mind.
Darla Baker and newly ebony headed Kinga Rajzak, could you step up to the challenge?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The good news...

I am starting to get a little better, a little better.

Clearly my hallucinating ways are here to stay for the time being.
Ventured outside today for Christmas presents..
I ended up verbally abusing a bus driver.
I have never done this before. Only in my head many, many times, in one of those scenarios when you make up a witty and cutting comeback a long time after being insulted by somebody, and you feel all smug with yourself until you realise you can't use it.

I need to point out to those of you who do not live in the UK, or indeed those who do, but are blessed with a satisfactory transport system, that many bus drivers (I shall not generalise, as it's a lovely surprise when you come across a well mannered one) in my city are the scum of the hideous transport system, dishing out nasty vibes and starts to people's mornings.

Despite being a rather openminded person, I have no tolerance for rude bus drivers (there is no need for it) and combined with my flu and a short short fuse (he'd been dissing an old lady y'all) rather a lot of anger poured out of me in a rather undignified but nonetheless satisfying way as I stumbled off of the bus.

Once on the pavement, I turned around to see the driver cackling in my direction as the bus whizzed nastily past and the other passengers sat gormlessly in their seats and I had a little sob to myself wishing I had stayed in bed.

expect me back tomorrow with more of a spring in my step..

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sick Note
After finding some strength (in the form of Lemsip cold and flu sachets), this morning I made the desision to return to the blog.

So I've torn myself away from my "deathbed", and peeled a fair few sticky cough sweet wrappers from my skin on the way.

I've been hit by a bitch of a flu in the week running up to Christmas (is someone trying to tell me something?) and have been in bed for the past few days determined to get it out of my system before "the big day".
Perhaps I've been a little delirious too, because last night I dreamt that I was staying in Charlotte Gainsbourg's house (disappointingly rather like a squat with rooms stacked with mattresses and sheets) and also that Miley Cyrus came out as a lesbian.

Also, while lying on my deathbed I've had plenty of time to feel guilty about not being up to posting my Advent posts, but I shall try and deliver from here on..

Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent Season: Day Seventeen
Mischa Barton and A Yo Yo Year

She was one of the LA style sweethearts of the last two years and a name often assosiated with those fateful words "style icon". But along came 2007 and the start of a year yo-yo-ing in the style stakes. Not only have her many project choices been questionable (Finding T.a.T.u, anyone?) but her wardrobe choices (the hippie phase and the Keds) have raised more than a few eyebrows (and bitchy comments from the Fug Yourself girls.)

Mischa seems to be without the help of Rachel Zoe these days, and despite my not so warm opinion of the "celebrity stylist"; she has certainly done a lot of good for clients such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Garner who unlike the OC alum, have donned undeniably successful get ups on the red carpet.

What continues to amaze many is that despite this years hit and miss efforts, Barton has continued to grace the front rows of the fashion shows as well as countless magazine covers, and that is because despite some unfortune bib-dress moments, she still helps the tweens and twenty somethings alike part with their cash. A quick scroll through displays plenty of products " as seen on Mischa Barton" alongside favourites like Sienna, Kate and, dare I say, Victoria.

There was a while when it didn't seem that there was much in the pipeline for this actress, and instead her face could be seen on the glossies and weeklies of anybody's local magazine stand, but rarely, just rarely a corker will pop up and remind us why Mischa used to be a blog favourite. The Arena cover for example, with Mischa rolling around in Jemery Scott, and all things sleek, shiny and sexy.

It seems to be that the former "Zoebot" could do with a serious style revamp for the New Year. I'm sure that Hollywood favourites like Andrea Liebermann and Philip Bloch could muster something up, but I'm more interested to see how you would improve Ms Barton's look.

Speak up, you diverse crowd, and tell everyone what she should be wearing come 2008 if you had your way.
A quick note to say I have been swamped under a huge workload this week, as I know that many of you have too, especially with "finals" and all the international equivalents underway. Can't wait to catch up on all your fantastic posting, so bear with me because I will!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent Season: Day Sixteen

I love you for URAQT

I apologise for the fact that what I had been fighting so hard against (depriving you of your 15th advent treat) happened.

But I really feel that my reason is very valid.
It's all because of M.I.A, really.

After four years of waiting, and being confined to dancing to her music only in my bedroom or when cooking in the kitchen, Maya Arulpragasam bought with plenty of energy and spandex, and ultimately a bloody good recipe for a bloody good saturday night.

For your pleasure only, I shall describe what she wore. Sit back and be inspired.

Naturally, a pair of her trademark patterned leggings (they are to her what jumpsuits are to Lovefoxx) and it is refreshing to know that she has worn them since before the fad turned sour and Lindsay Lohan continued to wear hers despite the objections, a pair of leather shorts, which has been joyfully and messily crafted from a pair of trousers, with an American Apparel style thong leotard underneath (but peeking) and topped off with a cropped orange vest, striped converse and rayban a-like shades. Nobody else can get away with wearing their sunglasses inside, I promise you.

Despite having released two mindblowing and undefinable (genre wise) albums which unashamedly induldge my inner bad dancer, there are still many who haven't had the pleasure of hearing her music.
I say that her music is undefinable because really, before she rolly-pollyed (through a t
reasure chest of tropic patterns and glitters) onto the scene in 2003 there wasn't anything quite like it. Music journos struggled to pigeon hole her, throwing around phrases like "political dancehall bhangra grime". Before she was known as a musician, she was an artist, and it's for this reason that her album artwork is often equally as pleasing the content.
If you really want some straight forward "fashion credentials" she is mates with Luella Bartley and houseshared with her when they both went to St Martins. But I was completely surprised upon learning about this.

As far as last night; absolutely fantastic, she urged the audience to join her on stage and those quick enough were up there for three songs, dancing and soaking up the incredible atmosphere spurred on by the diverse crowd.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Advent Season: Day Fourteen
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It's all very well just looking good these days, but knowing your own style is when you (and your stylist) are onto something good.
For Diane Kruger, being bold and feminine, as she proved back in September when she wore that Calvin Klein number in canary yellow to the Tommy Hilfiger show at New York Fashion week is when she really shines.
For last nights premiere of National Treasure, she stuck to this failsafe but nonthe less fantastic formula in bright tangerine, reminiscent of the orange mini that Ms Sevigny wore to the Zodiac premiere back in August, non?

Take a look below at some of Diane's back catalogue of brights.

Also scoring high this week in the style stakes were Hilary Swank, also promoting her new film. And any thoughts on her W Magazine cover? (hot stuff, I say).
Sienna, Sarah Jessica, Nicole and Kate made the list for their street style credentials, which is when I think this trio often look most at home and indeed at their best.

Blake Lively? Well, she just continues to shine, doesn't she..Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Advent Season: Day Thirteen
Model Behaviour. "They're real people?"

(these short clips are actually worthy of your time..)

And there was me casting Lily and Gemma off as Vogued-out and bland.

Just for giggles. For one day only.
Lily looking remotely fun and unpublic schoolish.
And Gemma, well making me miss her a little.
Thank God they had Hilary there.
But do they almost lose it towards the end?

you have to see this, it'll brighten your day!
what is it with Stam? Clumsy girl, she just proves that even pretty people fuck over (and look bloody stupid at the same time.)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Advent Season: Day Twelve
Bag Hags

A little late I know, but the lovely Mash from Le Book is back blogging after a (too long) break, and she allowed both myself and the fantastic Allure (thats Allure-Allure) to indulge ourselves in, um, ourselves and share our bags with the "world".

Think you can diffenciate the Bag Hags? At the risk of sounding even more self absorbed than I already do.."This is time for y'all to show some loyalty and guess which is mine!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Season: Day Eleven
Fur Play

fur.jpg picture by yeahLAK

Fur of Faux? Like Size Zeros or the Real Deal vs Knock-offs, it is a debate that, yes, is interesting but nonetheless has become rather relentless
As many a fashion site and newpaper have reported this morning, Kate made an appearance to the Led Zeppelin concert in London last night in Karl's Fendi Fur creation. In case you didn't know.

You may have noticed that It is in fact the same coat that Kate Bosworth wore so well back in October at the Great Wall of China Fendi..extravaganza.
As the sight of KATE IN FUR COAT! is bound to get many knickers in a twist, I thought why don't we have a look at the other ladies who have donned fur over the last two months.
There's been Kate, Kate and Ziyi in Fendi, Maggie in Prada and Mary Kate and Sarah Jessica in vintage, not forgetting Sienna who wore a cute little Russian hat this week whilst patrolling the streets of London.

As I said in last week's Best Dressed Post, SJP's pairing of her cropped fur jacket with a full length coat left me a little puzzled, but coat aside, I salute the look of the jacket paired with the leather skinnies.

I am remaining open and neutral on the fur front for the moment. While I don't think I would fee comfortable wearing fur knowing what the animal would have gone through, I eat meat and so am still having a hop and a skip around the fence, still deciding what I think.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Season: Day Ten

Everyone loves Chloe

Lazaro Hernandez, Jack McCollough and Chloe Sevigny. Together. At the same time? In the company of.
Christmas has come early! This is to me what...what Paris Hilton is to PR.
The Proenza guys interviewed her for the New York Times T magazine. Why?
"Chloƫ seems to be able to use fashion as a form of self expression while somehow making it look effortless. This sense of confidence and willingness to take risks is a fascinating quality that has somehow enabled her to become one of the most iconic personalities of our generation."

Hollywood has a way of stripping people of their “street-cred” rather quickly. You are a part of that system but have always remained completely yourself, which we think is why you seem to be an inspiration to many. How does one stay true to one’s self?
The opportunity to sell out — to cash out — especially these days, seems easier and easier. This causes me many sleepless nights. I feel like I have sold out so many times already, mostly doing campaigns or public appearances for ridiculous amounts of money. Sometimes it’s very hard to resist a paycheck for an afternoon’s work, which the average American would take a year to make, if that. I try to be as selective as possible, only working with companies I admire for one reason or another. I try to balance it with charity work — either through local organizations, or buying art, clothes from friends, etc.

ChloĆ«, most of your decisions — whether they are your choices in projects or your choices in clothes — seem to stem from a desire to explore things from a very personal perspective and not necessarily to please the masses. Is this a conscious decision?
Making myself happy and not doing things for other people or because of what they’ll think is how I mostly make my choices. Some have not been so good, but learning to live with them has made me a stronger person. Do I sound like Ashlee Simpson?

What about fashion makes it so interesting to you? Is it another form of self-expression, of creating a character?
The huge amount of talent in fashion always blows my mind. There are so many perspectives and opinions. I find it limitless, and that’s what’s so fascinating. Plus, I love beautiful things.

If you weren’t acting or designing clothes what could you picture yourself doing?
I don’t think a career in fashion design is for me. I don’t have enough of an ego. Please don’t take offense. No one else answers for the clothes but you; there’s no one to blame. I like to hide behind a collaborative effort. Designing my new line I was going crazy always second-guessing myself — your confidence has to be extremely high. It’s also way too time consuming. Who wants to work that hard? Ha. Costume design is still something I think about doing all the time. I would have no problem switching careers right now if I could. But I don’t think other actresses would go for it, they’re way too competitive.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

advent season: day nine, rehab is for quitters

If you didn't cotton onto the fact that 2007 was the year of Rehab, god knows where you where.

Uh, unless you were in Rehab of course.

The return of a painfully skinny and even more drug dependant Amy Winehouse and the release of her now infamous song at the end of last year seemed to predict an issue that became somewhat a trend, with the LA It girls popping into Jail and Rehab for a bit of the action as if they were new happening clubspots.

The ever forward-thinking Vogue Italia published on-the-ball spreads this year, using not only youtube, but also, you guessed it, Rehab were used as inspiration.
The shoot, which you will already know was shot by the very seldom disappointing Steven Meisel featuring numerous worthy supermodels (Pivorova, check, Rayder, check, Van Seenus, check) was very reminiscent of Girl, Interrupted.

Dipicting unashamedly cool model addicts being dragged kicking and screaming by doctors or glamorously slumped in baths smoking seemingly harmless fags. The shoot playfully poked fun at the nonchalent attitude that young celebrities seem to have in regard to their addictions, while worryingly creating a gloriously fabulous fashion story that readers wanted to be part of.

Harpers used Sevigny as their "young starlet" who is preyed on by Paparazzos whilst staying in Rehab, in the unoriginally titled fashion editorial "Tried to make me go to Rehab".

The shoot, with a more modern feel, and with less of the 1960's straightjacket, mental illness and electric shock connotations that Vogue Italia's shoot had, was bizarely similar to some of the real life rehab shots taken on the
summer of Ms Lindsay Lohan. Rehab is another topic that seems to have been trivialised by the media this year, so understandibly Meisel's "Supermods Enter Rehab" shoot raised more than a few eyebrows.

However, I am of the opinion that fashion is fashion and will inevitably manage to take the most gritty or unsuitable subjects and turn them into something glamorous (Um, W Magazine and that overtly controversial "Into The Woods" spread, anyone?)

Underage drinking, vodka stowed away in Red Bull Cans, personal trainers, drunken candids, it's all part of celebrity life, you know..

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Advent Season: Day Eight
A Weekend Roundup.

Using the blustery weather as an excuse, today has been spent indoors, with me being blissfully lazy (yes, I'm still in my pyjamas). Have a peek at some of these fantastic posts that I know will inspire you and make you giggle as much as I did. Happy Saturday!

  • Heather pays tribute to those who are, er, paying tribute to Kind Wes.
  • Guess who Alexa gave the Best Dressed Crown too?
  • Insider advice from Roller Girl who banishes the Devil Wears Prada assosiations from the magazine life.
  • Gryphon has a giggle at just how much Lagerfeld loves a Rat.

And be sure to check out my December reading lists, for some fantastic blogs that will no doubt leave you excited.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Advent Season: Day Seven
Best dressed of the week: Six dresses and a tux

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thankfully the christmas season has spurred those rich socialites into planning plenty of charity bashes, meaning that the Best Dressed of the Week posts may continue without having to consider the Gossip Girl crew and Lauren Conrad as contenders (pheww).

A mention to Julianne Moore and SJP.. better luck next time, bitches. J, how could you have not understood the need for red lipstick? And SJP, you were doing so well until you decided to wear a long coat under your cropped fur, chhh.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rachel Bilson (Is it bad to wish that she would have an off week so that I wouldn't have to feature her all the time?) and Keira Knightley (thoughts on her new fringe. Not a fan myself, but it may..ahem.."grow" on me. Oh dear) both demonstrated how to travel in style when they were passing through LAX airport. And not a pashmina in sight, thank god.

Lets all applaud Maggie Gyllenhaal who stood out from the rest of them in a feminine tux, looking effortless and too cool.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Advent Season: Day Six
Dev Hynes Interview

I had a little chat with Dev Hynes, who is these days also known as solo musician Lightspeed Champion (named after a comic strip he used to made), rather than one third of the his old band, the short lived yet triumphant Test Icicles.
He's now making music that he truly enjoys, working and touring with a band mostly made up of his friends.
The setting? An old church, which was venue to a fantastic evening with Patrick Wolf performing, with Dev there to support.

Ask him about Marios Schwab or what he thought of Hedi Slimane's last ever Dior Homme collection, and you may get a somewhat confused response, because as Dev confesses, he has "no idea" what is going on in the fashion world at the moment.
"So you wouldn't fancy yourself as anyone's muse, then?" I ask. "Well, it would be flattering to be a muse..", it's clear that Dev doesn't make concerted decisions about how he dresses. As he simply put it, he'll wear "whatever I'm in the mood for in the morning." Dev is perhaps being modest; he has been known to don a Spiderman costume at his gigs and his trademark thick black glasses must appeal to the spectacle obsessed Cobrasnake collective. He and Mark Hunter are "mates"; infact when Mark last visited london he crashed at Dev's flat in Dalston and one of his snaps was used for the cover of one of the Lightspeed Champion LP's.

"So what do you think of Cory Kennedy?" I ask cheekily, not so subtley dropping in a couple of words that some people may use to describe her, to see if he'll succumb to bitchiness. He doesn't. "No comment" he replies with a knowing grin. "she says shes a virgin" he shrugs with jokey innocence mixed with doubt "but I don't know!.." Apparently he has a few Cobrasnake tees but he doesn't really wear them. He agrees that he should give them a bit more wear out of them after I suggest that he could make a small fortune out of them on ebay.

If he could collaborate with any artist, he doesn't hestitate to say that it would be Amy Winehouse, and it would be "singing something upbeat yet depressing". A good choice and she has certainly had enough experience to fuel that sort of material.

When I drop that cliched phrase "modern day style icon" he names states that Brandon Flowers is someone who he thinks dresses very well indeed. It turns out that Dev is a huge Killers fan, and is one of a select few who is a fan of the bearded western look. "I am influenced by their music and then how I dress just follows.. I'm actually a little obsessed". Funnily enough, a couple of weeks back while staying in a brazilian hotel in spotted the band huddled outside having a smoke. "I hate meeting people that I like" so he chicked out and "had to walk straight past them." A shame, they could have chatted about facial hair "With mine, I'm basically just copying what he's doing!"

check out the short film version of the video for "Midnight Surprise". Directed by a mate Ferry Gouw (of band Semi Finalists), it's prettypretty, so I know you'll all like it.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent Season: Day Five

The real Vogue Queen Carine Roitfeld had a little chinwaggle about last Fall's shows..

with subtitles for us uncultured non-frenchies.

"I usually don't like Handbags"
Who'd have thought?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Advent Season: Day Four

Enough time is spent picking apart and analysing what these twins wear, but, ever my Mother's daughter, I would never pass down the chance to have a nose around a "sleb's" pad. Virtually, you must understand. Sevigny, Jacobs and Ward all had photographs of their appartments doing the circles of the internet during 2007.

Though she hasn't yet moved in, below is a little sneaky peak at Ashley's new place in sunny Cali. (Dahhling, she can have two houses, just as long as she doesn't leave NY for too long). A very cute place, and not bloody bad for a 21 year old..

Lets play a nice game of guess the decor, shall we? Will the older Olsen mirror the chic Hollywood home shown in the Trania-styled video for The Row Holiday collection preview, with fur blankets strewn on her bed (clearly she doens't like to limit herself to only wearing fur on the street!) and minimalistic whitewashed walls?