Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what the topshop girls wear

How's this for a cool concept? This week Grazia Magazine armed Kate Moss with a camera and ordered her to take a gander around the Topshop offices in search of girls whose look she loved. And these are the results. I don't care so much about the Kate Moss element, without being too dubious, I'm not even sure I believe it happened quite like this (more likely that someone searched around for those dressed most suitably to be presented to Moss) I'm just enjoying being able to have a nose at the ensembles of the Topshop ladies.

I don't recognise any of these sartorially blessed lovelies from my oh-so brief stint of work experience at Topshop HQ, so I'm guessing they work for the design team or at least such a department that Kate would actually talk to when she pops in to Berners St to "design".

But I can imagine it now, it's the stuff dreams are made of; you've been told that Kate Moss while be taking a trip around your office in search of the most stylish of you and your collegues. You're filled with hope and wanting, imagining her complimenting your shoes and asking if you're free at lunch to grab a bite and swap style tips. She's approaching your desk and you're mid breakfast with mouthfuls of granola buried deep into your cheeks, "Ah," you think "She has spotted the Acne-esque silhouette I was crafting until the early hours of the morning!" and just at that moment she saunters straight past and grabs the hand of a grinning collegue decked head to toe in Erin x RVCA. You could cry.

pics; grazia

whatever you think of her

willa holland
forever dancing to and fro, back and forth over the hipster chalk line and sometimes into "actually, she's quiet cool" territory in my mind. but she is actually doing something with herself at the moment, so I don't feel bad thinking about her..

Describe your style?
I go with the mantra ‘what feels good, looks good’. I like long floaty clothes that don’t restrict me, and I live in flat boots. I love Sienna Miller’s look, especially when she went all 1960s after filming Factory Girl.

What’s your wardrobe staple?
Right now, my black leather jacket. It’s by a label called S.W.O.R.D. When it’s raining in LA it is never off my back.

Which designer would you go to for a red carpet gown?
Stella McCartney. I fell in love with a brown and gold silk dress by her that I wore for the launch of Genova at the London Film Festival. It was only on loan but, boy, did I want to keep it! It was worth a fortune, so it’s probably fair enough that I had to send it back.

source: daily mail (eugh), the fashion spot

Monday, March 30, 2009


[click to enlarge]

top row: topshop, asos, isaac mizrahi, josh goot
middle row: alessandro dell'acqua, candy necklace, opi, topshop
bottom row: kimberley mcdonald, topshop, stella mccartney, asos

Sunday, March 29, 2009

just a note


to those of us living in the UK, Heathers is free with the Observer today.

I still haven't seen it, but we can rely on Jeanie's recommendation of this cult teen movie with a twist and the fabulous costumes; plaid skirtsuit galore!

and to those of you not in the UK, while we're on the subject of films inspiring style, what are your personal favourites?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a proposition

paris vogue, use handwritten type across your covers more.

and i'll kiss you behind the bike shed after school.

image: fashion spot

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

danny glicker on milk

Alas OSCAR season is well and truly behind us, and shit films are once again "showing at a cinema near you". For me, Gus Van Sant's Milk was one of the best of the academy bunch and for those of you who look to the cinema to inspire your style, I recommend grabbing it on DVD when it's out. Though the film focuses mainly on men's style, as there are no central female characters, you can't help but absorb the highwaist denims and brown cord jackets. The whole 1970s essence of the Castro district is also fascinating; with an atmosphere of excitement and sweat.

Interview Magazine spoke to Milk's costume designer Danny Glicker, who has worked in the business for 18 years about his part in shaping the visual elements of the film.

Milk costumes Penn x555 (Danny Glicker)  Advocate.com
1. What were your main sources of inspiration for the film's looks?The real life of Harvey Milk and culture of 1970s San Francisco. I poured over countless documents, stacks and stacks of images depicting the real people and events, and did everything within my power to meticulously organize them into their proper timeline and recreate the people and the thriving San Francisco scene.

2. Who would you love to dress for this year's Oscars and how would you dress them?
Harvey Milk! Were he still with us, he would have LOVED all the attention. He would have completely embraced the theatricality of the most photographed event of the year to publicize every issue important to him. I see his rented tux covered in "OVERTURN PROP 8" pins.

6. Levi's are so omnipresent in the film that they almost become their own character. How do Levi's encapsulate the sensibilities of Milk and San Francisco? Levi's are so iconic to both San Francisco, and especially to the mystique of the "Castro Clone." It was really fun to play with all the authentic denim of the 70s. We squeezed, and I mean squeezed those guys into their 501's, and when they're that tight, nothing is left to the imagination. There's a reason the look was so popular.

7. I imagine you did a lot of vintage shopping while dressing the cast. What were some your best finds? I was responsible for dressing literally thousands of people, and I really wanted to recreate the grunge and filth of the early 70's, so I visited a lot of untapped dumps. Filthy, nameless warehouses, but gold-mines of amazing vintage stuff that hasn't seen the light of day since the 70's. When the nominations were announced, I called my dear friend Audrey Fisher, who worked as my assistant designer for prep, and said "Could you believe this all started with garbage bags full of crap in the back of a U-Haul?

Milk costumes Franco x555 (Danny Glicker)  Advocate.comMilk costumes Hirsch x555 (Danny Glicker)  Advocate.comMilk costumes Brolin x555 (Danny Glicker)  Advocate.com
Milk costumes Luna x555 (Danny Glicker)  Advocate.com

pics; advocate.com, interview from interviewmagazine.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

panic on the streets of london panic on the streets of birmingham


clockwise from left: tee by Rodebjer, $100; ring by kimberley mcdonald, £3,530; clutch by yves saint laurent, £820; frilly vest by topshop, £16; pleat trousers by lanvin, £560; marc jacobs heels, £425

I cannot describe to you the desperation I am currently feeling to buy myself this pile of clothes (or hell, to have thrown at me in the least dignified and most degrading way necessary). searching for the perfect pair of pegleg trousers on the high street is fruitless and I think my best option is a train ticket to Cos in London.

I found a quote on
flora's box which makes the reality that it will not be at least 15 years until I can afford such beauties mildly less painful:

' lack of money is no obstacle. lack of an idea is an obstacle.'
by ken hakuta.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


this cool cat has a blog..



click for instant teleportation into a world of hair wax, fashion parties and backstage madness..

that was hazy cosmic jive


day dress, strapy wedges, skirt suit, flared slacks, killer heels, graphic satchel, easy hang vest.

Now evidentally, none of the mid-range fashion brands have taken seriously their responsability of shamelessly recreating peter pilotto-esque space and galaxy prints. Lusting after all things intergalactic since the backend of last year, I'm still on the hunt of garments to help me act out my nebula fantasies (haha, just me or does "nebula fantasies" sound like a phrase that would be incredibly well suited to space fan porn? anyone?..) the disappearance of my galaxy print purse (the same fateful night I lost my camera) certainly hasn't furthered me in my quest. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that. And well, what can I say, I'm a natural designer, allow me if I may..

"I present the "Hazy Cosmic Jive" collection, kindly named by Mr David Bowie himself, these silky pieces hang like carefree whispers with the occasional Hannah Gibbons scalloped edge thrown in for good measure. Snap up the collection before the Scientologists do, they've been poaching me to sell them rights to reproduce the pieces for their "uniform". I'll let Beck and Juliette Lewis wear them, but after that I draw the line."

What a pitch! I think I smell funding pie..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

two of a kind

proof that two girls with concentrated style is always more rewarding:


foto decadent, vogue, tfs, google, stylesightings, noirblancetrougepartout, wildfox, saganendalausa

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sharon tate in valley of the dolls

[sharon+tate+valley+of+the+dolls2.jpg][sharon+tate+valley+of+the+dolls.jpg][sharon+tate+valley+of+the+doll6.jpg][sharon+tate+valley+of+the+dolls3.jpg] [sharon+tate+valley+of+the+dolls4.jpg][sharon+tate+valley+of+the+dolls5.jpg]
If you haven't already , you really must watch Valley of the Dolls, it's unintentionally hilarious and great for a dressed up night in with a group of mates. You should equip yourself with a bottle and a homemade bingo board so that you can cross off a box everytime you hear "Sparkle Neely, Sparkle!"

I read the Jacqueline Susann novel a couple of summers back during a lazy week in Devon with my best friend and recommend it; nothing life changing, but perfectly trashy all the same.

Watch the trailer below and you should get an idea of how fantastically camp the film is. Dionne Warwick's theme tune is perfectly self pitying and the interiors and costumes don't hurt, either.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hats off

For every fad, there comes a backlash.
The irony is that often this backlash will, in itself become a fad, but let's leave that thought for now.

As a little backlash against the fedora fad of 2007/08 comes a preference for some "proper" headwear. Think Mary poppins and men in boater hats.
My choice of headwear this summer is going to be the boater, I curse the day I didn't go ahead and buy one from a fantastic little second hand shop in Ross-on-Wye after trying it on twice.


The hats featured in Jalouse March 2009 are pleasingly squished in appearance, they're very much in the style of Mary Poppins. They make me want to create a shamelessly crafty version for myself; some quality street wrappers glued here? A bunch of flowers stuck there?

chloesevigny.info, the fashion spot

the rule of three

Mad Men Episode 1 Betty Draper

Mad Men Episode 4 Peggy Olson

Mad Men Episode 2 Paul Kinsey, Sheila, and Joan Holloway
if ever there was a television programme both sartorially inspiring and completely absorbing in equal measures, it's mad men.
in a world where the box is filled with "the hills" and sugary but not completely satisfying fares, mad men is in a league of it's own.
it is the perfect antidotal detox; it's the television equivalent of that leafy green salad eaten to combat a weekend of bingeing on haribo and cake. with the female leads, betty draper, peggy olson, joan holloway drifting, marching and swanning (respectively) around in the candy coloured waist cinched shapes of the early 1960s, you certainly get your five a day in the style department.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday, March 07, 2009

a little bird told me V

image: nevver
Nicolas Kirkwood on shoe religion.
"I always wanted to make shoes that were the Antichrist to pretty pumps and kitten heels."

Dre is God according to Alexa Chung.
"I look up Dre on YouTube daily to practise so that I can wow people at karaoke."

Wise words from Sophia Kokosalaki .
"Never experiment with an outfit before a big occasion- I'd go with something tried and tested."

Stephen Jones on French Milinary.
"It is more chic and hard edged, as soon as you put a flower on a hat, they say how English!"

Iekeliene Stange on her style.
"I don't take things too seriously and wish people could have more fun with how they dress. I like to get into a different character every day…it's fun to play around..I love to make people smile when I walk down the street."

Don't stress, Giorgio Armani.
"I thrive on pressure, but I also know that I'm a workaholic and that get's in the way of my personal life."

Lily Donaldson on who inspires her.
"My Mum. She is one of the bravest women I know."

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld thanks Alexander Wang for her present on his Facebook wall.
"Thank you for the bag!!!! I absolutely LOVE it and going to wear it right away!!! Big kiss!"

We love Jen Brill. And Jen Brill loves sweets.
"My favourite candy is Nerd Ropes"