Sunday, September 30, 2007

interview: susie bubble, part two

What are your style staples for wearing this winter?
A big black coat, that is embellished with something shiny in the ilk of Gareth Pugh just so I can sling it over anything. A wrinkled leather jacket with lots of zippers. Boots with lots of buckles, laces and zippers. Could all be worn together actually come to think of it....

Which are your favourite models?
I'm quite the lame-o when it comes to remembering models' names so bear with me. I quite like Lara Stone as she's not a conventional model shape. I also like Tayla Collins for looking normal and outworldly all at the same time.

Which magazines are your regular reads?
i-D, Dazed & Confused, Ten, Flux, Jalouse, Another, Lula, Amelia's magazine, Let Them Eat Cake, Citizen K, Numero, Crash...ack... why deny it...I read them ALL!

If you could live in any other city, which would it be?
Hong Kong, which is my hometown. I've always said there are two places on the whole planet for me - HK and London. Other places I like to visit but permanent residence is a whole other matter altogether.

If you could be photographed by any fashion photographer, who would it be, and why?Funnily enough, I'm not so keen on having my photo taken even though I take face-covered shots of myself all the time. In terms of seeing a photographer at work, I'd love to see Tim Walker explain his intentions of a shoot though.

If you could swap lifestyles with anybody, who would it be?
I'd quite like to be Daphne Guinness for a day or two just to see what fittings at couture ateliers feel like.

Who is your favourite film director?
I have many but right now I've been re-watching a lot of Ingmar Bergman (so sad that he died....). Fanny & Alexander is so stunning.

Name one of your favourite songs.
Right now, it's 'You don't need this song' by Fields

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's that time of year when us bloggers sit tapping our fingers and browsing, in order to "decode" the spring trends. So far, Seventies Influence, and all things legs (knee socks; both bright or transparent, slouchy city shorts and still, lots of short hemline action) have been catching my eye.

But judging by the success of Luella's collection, it looks like Liberty Prints are about to be promoted and will be cool enough to hang out with "the elites"...

Both Luella Bartley and Chloe Sevigny's (for Opening Ceremony) collections mix liberty print with a pair share of playground geek chic. The collection at Luella, apparently inspired by the (great) indie cult film Ghost World played around with Batman masks and Science Whizz glasses, whereas Chloe Sevigny took us on a nostalgia trip back to her highschool roots and accessorised with ripped tights, Fedoras and high waisted plaid paaants.

Casio Calculator Watches and High Waisters? Thank God, Geek Chic is here to stay.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phew, so many essays so little time. I do hate to deprive my blog and readers, so sorry, but I shall leave Sasha to babysit and should be back by the weekend.

Theres £10 by the fridge if you get hungry.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mama was a Fashion Ed

Who doesn't like to play dress up? Bojana picked up on this, and gave the chance to a "select few" bloggers (dahhling) to do so and have a valid excuse.
If you've never checked out her blog POWER RANGERS GO!, (which I highly doubt) you really should. She always has fantastic ideas for posts, and writes with such a funny and confident style.
There, that's my dose of karma for the day!
Yeah and me and Clemence Poesy are totally tight and shit...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

With a little help from my (white) friends

Now excuse me, but hasn't this been done before? I may be missing something, but why has India Vogue, like China Vogue's first edition felt the need to debut with good little white girl Gemma Ward on their cover? If they really need a western (okay, more Eastern in Gemma's case) vibe in there, why didn't somebody more fresh and exciting get a look in. I feel like I see enough of the "Donaldson, Ward, Stam gang" in US and Brit Vogues.
She may only be 21, but Wardy is getting old in the modelling world. Or perhaps this is just my view, but I like the see the model cycle spin at an exciting pace. Why not Kinga Rajzak or Lara Stone on the cover? Or Diane Moldoven or Suvi Koponen?
This could become quite an interesting discussion, and I know this post is rather politcal, so speak up. Have a rant if you disagree with what I'm saying; perhaps I'm being very naive, or let yourself go if you want to build on what I've said. You may cause me to change my view..

This was one of the collections that I have been anticipating most, forget Kane and Pugh, because I’m convinced that Roksanda Ilincic is the real one to watch. I thought the colour and texture of the yellow pieces scattered across the collection were perfect, there was something vaguely off about the colour; like it should have been brighter, which for me made it even better. The colour was especially effective for the slip style skirt midi skirt which was paired with a body con, yet still suitably feminine bra. The rest of the collection mostl focused on a “British Spring” board of colour- mushy show greys, and plenty of off-colour monochromes. While everyone has been raving about the “midi dress” I haven’t seen many wearable pieces to convince me of its worthiness (apart from that purple Lanvin dress from the fall collections) but Ilincic’s hemlines have given me a sense of what the fuss is about.

The simplicity of the luxe fabrics reminds me of the pieces that have been in Reiss recently. Okay, I know it should be the high (end) street taking influence from the designers, and I’m also sure that Roksanda has enough of a fashion brain to come up with those designs without drawing ideas from Reiss, but it’s just an observation. I was hoping to see a little more of the volume and shape that drew my attention to her in the first place. The structured shoulders were a nice touch but the tuxedo jacket was just a little too much,
and took away from a wonderful combination of pieces. Still, I always think it’s better to do overstated than under. That way you’re never left wondering “what if?...”

In terms of beauty and accessorising, I felt that more could have been done with the hair and make up, it just seemed a little too “typical spring collection” which funnily enough, is a look that lots of designers seem to have reverted back to this season. Though the bright red and pink hues of lipstick slightly make up for this. The shoes on the other hand were spot on, with just the right amount of the“sexy powerwoman” feel that I am seeking from the spring collections. I don’t think the body con mood has quite left yet, though it needs to be adapted, preferably veering in the dominatrix direction, and the patent leather and sharp heels (again reminiscent of Lanvin) in the footwear department certainly satisfied those needs...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

interview: susie bubble

First, we peeked into Coco’s world and learnt about her “fuck me pumps”. This post was very popular, and now Susie of Style Bubble steps up (finally, apologies for the wait, but hopefully treating you mean has kept you keen..) and shares some of her wisdom.

If you could work for any designer, who would it be, and why?
I've heard so many nightmare intern stories that I'm hesitant to say any designer at all! I don't come from a design background, so it would be in a press relations role and with that in mind, I'd love to work for really new designers like Danielle Scutt, Justin Smith (a milliner) or designers that are established but not huge like Jens Laugesen or Jean Pierre Braganza.

What is the most loved item in your wardrobe?
It's a 1920's kimono that isn't actually Japanese but a piece of French chinoiserie. It was a find at Clignancourt market in Paris. It's very delicate and sort of falling apart. I'm trying to figure out a way to wear it as a piece of outerwear without it getting battered too much but I like to wear it around the house with a dodgy t-shirt, frilly shorts and shoes that are waaay too high.

Which Style Icons are most influential to you?
I know it sounds really pretentious but I don't have a Style Icon. I admire people's style but that never figures into my own style. Somehow, I just don't really know how to make that connection between someone I admire and my own wardrobe.

Do you agree with real fur being used in the industry?
If you had asked me a few years ago I would have said 'Absolutely NO!' but I have friends who work with fur in fashion so it's a bit of a touchy subject. I think the fur industry has been incorrectly represented by PETA. I'm sort of sitting on the wall with this one...

Which celebrity’s style do you despise most?
I'm pretty baffled by how Girls Aloud dress. But it's not exactly despising, just plain confusion.

How would you improve their look?
Tell them to tone down the slap.

If you were limited to shopping at three shops, or fashion houses, which would they be, and why?The designer consignment store Bang Bang on Goodge Street for the sheer variety in labels and vintage they get in on a regular basis. Yves Saint Laurent for a range of well-cut everything and Dover Street Market for adding a touch of the insane if needs be.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

High Hems and Brights at Fashion Week

At big events like Fashion Week, I always think that people watching the crowd is nearly as interesting as the show the itself.

It goes without saying that Scott Schuman captures what people wear beautifully, so here are my picks.*

*Blogger isn't being very well behaved...I'm afraid that pictures won't enlarge and the poll below is adament on staying there.

PS, I got 15/15 in a spelling test at college today. HOW cool am I? And how cool is the teacher for getting us to do one, I think the last time was when I was seven! Bring on the spelling bee..

Which outfit wins?
Picture One: Kruger in Yellow
Picture Two: The Booties
Picture Three: The Red Shirtdress
Picture Four: Florals and a Bun
Picture Five: Head to Toe Orange free polls

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PS, I Love You

Jack and Lazaro have kept texture and tribal in the limelight with their spring 2008 collection, but, naturally, have added a whole new spin on things.

In my opinion, the show has been a highlight, after a slow start to fashion week. (Was or is anyone else feeling an overexpose to floaty fabrics and neutral colours?) Let's get the cynism over and done with..I'm not so keen on the military looks that have been incorporated into the collection; there's something not quite right about the rigid look of the waistcoats. I'm more of a fan of the "harsh" military look; chic studs and dark colours and luxe fabrics ala Givenchy, and the Moss backlash doesn't help on the waistcoast front; I really feel that it has seriously outstayed it's welcome.
However, on the otherhand, I have absolutley fallen in love with the 1970's style dresses. Not so much to do with the cut or the shape, but purely because the fabrics, patterns and colours remind me of the 1970's decor of my great great aunt's house (big up Aunty Megan!). Looking at these dresses kind of makes me want to stuff my face with disgusting amounts of prawn cocktail and Duck a la Orange whilst lying on a shagpile rug..

The lack of trousers and the number of legs on show tells us that thankfully, short hemlines will be sticking around for a while longer, and I'm just glad that we have some more elegant dresses to feast our eyes on, rather than tacky psychedelic print mini dresses. (Oh, sorry Pucci, I forgot about you..) Of course the "cavalry" hats, which are Hussar meets Mountain Ranger are a stroke of genius, it goes without saying that it is unlikely that they'll be seen anywhere other than the pages of magazines, but I'm predicting they'll be a regular in the spring editorials.

Balenciaga's fall collection, a firm favourite for many brought the urban tribal look to our attention. Those jodphurs and those scarves. Proenza Schouler seem to have added to this look, and given it a new spin for 2008. They've added African Safari elements without resorting to beige khakis, which is always inevitable and extremely cliched. They have got rid of those usual features and created something fresh and interesting that deserves a new name so that it isn't assosiated with flash in the pan "mini trends", like Nu Rave or Neo Blaah.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

One dress, one weekend, five ways.

After previously making a firm decision to focus on other people's wardrobes rather than my own (bar a few shoe-off-purchase posts..) and the fact that I had decided not to include photographs of myself on my blog, your comments* have persuaded me to go for it, and instead, pay a little attention to my own wardrobe, which gives you all a chance to get an insight into who "this person" is behind Discotheque Confusion.. (but I still refuse to reveal my face, for I think anonymity is fun and novel.)

Casting one LMD (little mustard dress) from Reiss as the star of the show, I have created a weekends worth of outfits, all very different, for a variety of occassions, using pieces from my wardrobe. The dress is fairly new, I spotted it in the sale, and received it for my birthday (that's my birthday, not DC's!) You Brit bloggers may have spotted it before in the shop, but for those who haven't, its made of silk, making it hang beautifully, and is the most beautiful decadent, mustard yellow colour. In a wardrobe full of other dresses from H and M and Topshop, this is definitely a "grown up dress".

Here goes...

1. Friday. A day at College.
Just seen, a bright peek of the dress around the neckline. Reeboks for stomping around the art block and the suede skirt to wear and inevitably spill paint down, but worn anyway for "sensible" flirtiness.

2. Friday Evening. Art Gallery Opening.
Yeah, because I go to these all the time... Worn with a circus inspired theme of an old frilly, gold blouse from Spitalfields Market and a pair of colourful 90'S kids glasses as a humourous antidote to wayfarers. (I have no idea where they came from, but they have always been around..)

3. Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans.

Worn under a super white oversize shirt (noticing a theme here?...) and cinched with a belt for some structure. The reeboks tone down the "matchy matchy" edge. Ideal for an afternoon in a coffee shop, or buying vegetables ("chic-ly", obv.)

4. Saturday Night. An autumn evening by the bonfire.
Worn on a crisp autumnal evening snuggled by the bonfire with blankets and friends. For grunge factor, I paired the dress with my oversize plaid shirt, wooly knee socks and faithful beanie. It's like the pretty, rich dress is Marissa and it's been tainted and influenced by Volchok.

5. Sunday. Lazy days at home..
Worn simply, under a long graphic tee from all saints. The fabric of the All Saints tee is pleasingly "maleable" after being worn, and can easily look baggy, which compliments the smart look of the dress, perfect for lying about on the sofa on a sunday afternoon.

*(Thanks to Elle, Buttonsandstars and Penelope for the suggestions!)

Thursday, September 06, 2007


The next post is currently "in production.." but while you wait...

YOU DECIDE. The Chanel Sunglasses: Who wore it better?
Was Pharell's accessorising intended to be humourous? Or did Nicole go overboard with wearing hers?...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Twelve Wonders

Last December, I compiled my first seven twelve wonders model post, and it looked like this. For the first post of the 1st Discotheque Confusion Anniversary series (wayyy), the old models have been tossed to the sideline (you're 26? Step away from that runway, love!) and the freshers have been cast under the limelight.

At a glance, the general model "theme" seems to be pale and interesting, eastern european, with a few all americans thrown in for good measure, oh, and the odd ozzie. Lara Stone is the current winner for me, hands down, purely for her chilling, stony stare and incredible cheekbones. Though next week, could be a different matter... Let me know your favourite!

I've spring cleaned the likes of Tanya, Hye and Coco, because although I still love to see them strutting their stuff, I wanted to pay homage to the new generation.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September the first is Discotheque Confusion's first birthday. The last 12 months have flown by so quickly, but at the same time, it's pretty funny looking back at my older posts and comparing them to the posts that I publish now. To mark 365 days (so far) of the blog, I'll be 'hosting' an exciting week of posts because everyone loves an extended birthday celebration, don't they?

The collage above is made from magazine editorials that were around at the time. If any of you are feeling especially geeky, and feel like telling me which magazines they're from (September 2006) then go for it, and you can have an extra party bag (ahem).

I'd like to thank my parents, my manager, my ballet teacher, my singing teacher, my violin teacher, my synchronised swimming teacher, God, and my fans...

And without going all Halle Berry, I want to thank all of you who read this, because reading your feedback and funny comments always makes me smile, and gives me a reason to do this. Especially Coco (best blogger buddy, ha), Cool Like Chloe (I'm absolutely gutted that her blog came to an end this month), Alluretone, FashionOrgasm for all inspiring me and being cooland of course my first readers (dusk&summer, I ♥fashion, fashion? yes please (who I'll always remember as my first "encourager", even if she went M.I.A.).

Also thanks to those readers who don't comment, I know that dulcie reads, but isn't a blogger for example, it would be great to hear from you all more often, I'd love to know who you are!

I'm planning on recreating one of my old posts (whooa, circa 2006, retro..) so let me know if you have/had any favourites and do let me know! I'm also giving you free reign on deciding what will be the finale post (next saturday) so let me know what you want to read. It could be about Models of the Moment, Muses, Celebrity fashion hits/disasters, IT Bags...anything! So scibble away and get creative with your comments.
I know there are lots of other anniversaries (is that the plural?..) coming up, like My Teen Vogue and Coco's Tea Party, so happy birthday y'all!

...but most of all, happy first birthday D I S C O T H E Q U E C O N F U S I O N !