Sunday, August 31, 2008

what's going on?..

yes, this is still discotheque confusion.
sit tight while the blog undergoes a makeover.

i know, i'm nervous too..
but as a nod to the blog's second birthday, i felt a change was needed.
something a little more clean and fresh, oui?

excitement. paris vogue and pop magazine 2008.


paris vogue sept 2008. raquel zimmerman. ryan mcginley.

i'm so excited about these new issues and the perfect editorials that are streaming in.
the colours in the paris vogue shoot have that kind of end of summer feel; maybe because the sun always seems to be on it's best behaviour in september.

and i know the crocs have had quite a reaction. understandable. i'd still never ever wear them, but just for now, and only here, they look perfect.

pop magazine. autumn 2008. natasha poly.

this dress was made for peep shows.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

1991 was the best year

In fashion, seasons and cycles may move fast, but really they’re mostly on repeat, looking back to an aesthetic from a previous decade, reinventing looks from years gone by. Usually there is a general rule that 20 years is the acceptable turn over time for an era to be reinvented.

So why does looking back to the nineties feel so so right when we’re only 9 years down the line?

Either way, we’re pushing on regardless, and yen magazine picked up on this mood this time last year, which depending on your stance makes them either ahead or very very behind the crowd.

For your fancy, a tribute to 1991 from yen magazine October 2007.

and ps, just so you know, i think baseball caps are the way forward (or back..)




Friday, August 29, 2008

friday filles

soak it up and be inspired..

Don't forget, it's the blog's birthday on Monday! A week of strung out celebrations shall then commence. Any "burning", um, questions for the Q&A post? Hit me up.

ps, gosh those MC Karl comments have been making me giggle..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

mc karl


Karl Lagerfeld the rapper.

if karl was a rapper, what would he be called?
best entry wins something special.. something special that is of yet undecided, but like totally will be special.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the style files: taghrid

new feature! yes, yes we're all guity of little it-girl lusting and a little celebrity crushing there. but with an influx of bloody marvelous bloggers appearing and upping the style stakes, i thought you too deserve you own spotlight. First up and already upping the anti is the amazing Taghrid.

I am influenced by other people; celebrities and other bloggers. Art, old photography, and nature. I like to be feminine with a little bit of a twist.
My mood is also a big influence on my style.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Debbie Harry, Karl Lagerfeld. I'm going to cheat and ask for Audrey Hepburn and Mary Kate Olsen aswell

I am fresh out of college and still on a very small, almost non-existant, budget. so even if I wanted to splurge I wouldn't be able to! My usuals are nordstrom, forever21,
thrift & vintage stores, loehmanns,, and american apparel.

amelie, the kite runner, the notebook, enchanted, and across the universe.

I can see myself as either a corporate lawyer working in house at a big fashion house or fashion retailer. My ultimate would be to work for Givenchy or Neiman Marcus.

Yeah, I am in heels about 80% of my waking time, so a lot of people just don't get that.
Within my circle of friends there jokes about how I am a hippie, or walking whitesnake video, or i get the plain old "what the hell are you wearing?".
I humor it and nothing phases me, I don't mind good or bad reviews!

I own a navy blue backless cut out dress that is one of my favorite dresses because it is classy, sexy, and feminine all at once and I feel great in it. I am also attached to my leather skirts.

Eclectic Girly.

Zipper front boots, velvet anything, leather pants, lacey tights and stockings, and big shaggy ann demeulemeester style jackets.

scars on broadway, the gossip girl soundtrack, and my must have beatles/beach boy mix.

wake up, walk on the beach, have a cup of tea, then spend the rest of the day immersing myself in shopping, reading magazines, watching old movies, and hanging out with the boyfriend.

White tigers are insanely beautiful...including their tails!

like taghrid's wears? see more..

remembering irina

Back in 2006, before Agy mania had reached it’s peak (and then down some..), there was Irina.

Well, there were other people too, but bear with me here.

Us bloggers swooned over her fringe and her rock n roll credentials. Then, as is inevitable said peroxide haired model stepped up and kind of stole her sunshine. Irina hasn’t been appearing in as many editorials or shows, especially as she has a musical career to be seeing to.

I grabbed a copy of Tank at the weekend, and it was Irina’s piece that got me to part with my crumpled fiver; it just reminded me of how I used to love her, and the photographs show us personal insights with shots of notes from Pete Doherty and childhood snaps.

I was always a Libertines fan, so have known about Pete aside from Kate, but this article, which tells of Irina and his on-off relationship paints them in an endearing picture; they’re life long collaborators and lovers. Just forget about the heroin side and appreciate the images.


click here for the rest of the ed..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a little bird told me iv

lou doillon in vs magazine

"If I didn't have a pair of cut-off denim shorts, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I wear denim shorts every day, it seems like." we don't know what we'd do with ourselves either, Erin Wasson.

"Everything inspires me but fashion. It's probably one of the things that inspires me least." Right you are, Christian Louboutin, just as long as you're still working your magic.

". . . All those Pucci numbers and things that I wore when I was 17 . . . I won't really wear. But I'm saving them for her really. That's my blackmail. "Don't eat your dinner, and you won't get my clothes." According to Kate, Lila Grace Moss eats brocolli, gets Pucci.

"What really touches me is the woman who is chic, knows herself, doesn't buy into mass marketing or publicity, but at the same time takes the trouble to look good and show off her best assets" I do agree Vivienne Westwood, but don't forget that fashion is business.

"I have kept every piece of clothing I’ve owned since I was 12. Being a c
omplete hoarder, I also have every magazine I have bought since I was 13." Me too, Katie Grand.

Lou Doillon sold out. "I always laugh today thinking if I ran into my younger self, she would slap me. Wearing designer clothes was like selling my soul to the devil."

Monday, August 25, 2008


just flicking through some chloe sevigny archives, you know how is is, catching up with my faithful style icon (six years and still going steady..) and came across these images.

they struck me as seeing rather relevant to now; with a dose of flirty lace, highwaist and glossy trousers. it was the interesting update of the leather jacket and the peeping armpits that intrigued me though, and I especially love the pairing with the print shorts which have a fantastically ugly complex about them.

credit to, for whose existence i am grateful for daily. taken from Deutsch (De) - nr. 23 2006
photos tony kim fashion editor benjamin sturgill.

don't forget the q+a that i mentioned; the blog's 2nd birthday coming up i'll be posting some extra fun posts to mark the event (maybe we can have a synchronised cake eating!) so if you have any questions to throw my way please do so. i'm expecting some high brow stuff here, guys!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

celebrations in the pipeline


i lovelovelovelove this site, and so should you.

ps, the blog's 2nd birthday is coming up soon, and depending on how busy the next week is (the end of work experience and return to college) there are some blog celebrations in the pipeline.

part of this will involve a Q&A post, because, well, i always enjoy hearing other bloggers shedding a little light onto what goes on "behind the scenes", so if you have any, ahem, 'burning questions' about me or the blog (or the evolution theory or how i eat creme eggs or whether i grow my nails long or short..) then unleash them into the comment box or hit me up via email []

oh and one thing you're not allowed to ask is whether i prefer lost in translastion or fight club, because i love them both equally, as a parent loves their children.

Friday, August 22, 2008

a tongue in cheek guide to fashion blogger posing.

"A ongue in cheek guide to fashion blogger poses?" I hear you gasp? I know, i know, don't mention it.

Taking some snaps of my new outfits was on the agenda and i thought this could be a fun spin on things. Because you know, you need to know these moves in order to forge ahead in life.

Be sure to mention your knowledge of these moves in your college application, because they're not after evidence of extra curricular activities these days, it's all about the strength of your fashion blogger pose. Still don't believe me? Just look to Napoleon Dynamite; he knows the importance of some solid moves.

new items listed: oversized blazer, white tee, print skirt.
aa acid wash tee, floral playsuit, mens leather shoes.
black body con lace dress.
pale yellow knit cardigan.
baggy lace top worn with old high waist skirt.

discalimer: just to clarify, i love my fellow fashion bloggers, this is no piss take, just a satirical guide.