Thursday, September 04, 2008

goody bag up for grabs? fashion quiz? whaat?

sigh, older readers may remember back in the golden years, i would post the occaisonal fashion quiz. could you separate sasha from gemma? spot the cover star. match the dress to the cannes attendee..

seeing as i'm stringing out the birthday celebrations as long as possible (we all do it in "real life", don't we?..) it seemed a perfect time for a return of the quiz.

you may remember the met costume gala competition back in may, when the winning entry won the first discotheque confusion goodie bag? I sent it off to Tala, the winner, full of lovelies; a mix cd, jewellry, some perfume and a personal polaroid.

i'm starting to put together a package which i'll pop in the post to the winner.

oh the excitement! who's in?

just post your answers in the comment box.


Libby said...

Okay here goes...

Missing model is Abbey Lee

Hipster 1 is the only one I'm drawing a blank on... argh! I may get back to you...
Hipster 2 Coco Sumner
Hipster 3 Alice Dellal

Jonathan Saunders for Target

AW Collection is Givenchy

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

Fingers crossed!

Libby said...

Oops left off the last one:

Carine Roitfield: Paris Vogue
Leith Clark: Lula
Anna Wintour: US Vogue
Lorraine Candy: Elle UK

Do I get extra points for knowing the surnames =P

cleolikesyou said...

ik heb geen idee eigenlijk;)
hoera voor de winnaar alvast, ik zal t in elk geval niet zijn:P

Unknown said...

ok let's see...

1- abbey lee!!(oops new house of holland tee there)
2- harley newton
coco sumner (who is suprisingly not gadwaful on the muso-front?)
alice dellal
3- Johanathan Saunders
5-louis vuitton
6-carine- vogue paris, leith for lula, lorraine is uk elle + uppity anna for us vogue

Aah now if only all tests were this much fun :P now back to college work :(

a said...

while i only know 2 of the answers to the questions, I do remember your fashion quizzes! (not sure if you remember me, i was lipstick lady, and dylan's candy blog. terrible, terrible names i came up with. Anyway, I have a new, terribly named blog. i keep making blogs, I really have to stop.) your blog is blindingly pretty by the way, i really like to just look at it. It looks like some kind of whimsical mood board...

emsie said...

- abbey lee

- 1) valentine fillol-cordier?
2) no idea, cory kennedy?
3) alice dellal

- jonathan saunders

- givenchy

- louis vuitton

- Carine & Paris Vogue
Leith & Lula magazine
Lorraine & UK Elle
Anna & US Vogue

love that the quizzes are back.


Style Spot said...

Fantastic, I've really missed these quizzes!

Here are my answers:

* The model who is missing is Abbey Lee
* 1. Harley Viera Newton
2. Coco Sumner
3. Alice Dellal
(I couldn't make the photo bigger so I'm not sure if I've seen the right hipsters!)
* Jonathan Saunders
* Givenchy
* Louis Vuitton
* Carine + Paris Vogue
Anna + US Vogue
Lorraine + UK Elle
Leith + Lula Magazine

Thanks for making this, it must have taken a lot of time. I really enjoyed this!



this is awesome! i need to brush up on all that info.. =)

SICK. said...

okay okay, so :

- abbey lee is missing (where's that gapped tooth cutie ?)

- 1) harley viera newton, 2) coco sumner, 3) alice dellal

- jonathan saunders has a target line right now

- those killer gold shoes could only be from the givenchy aw08 collection

- those runway photos are from the louis vuitton runway, designed by marc jacobs. personally i wasn't a fan of the headpieces.

- carine is of course for paris vogue, leith does the ethereal lula, robotic anna rules the disappointing us vogue, and lorraine is for uk elle.

wow i'm proud of myself :]


Eyeliah said...

I am so uneducated on these!! Good questions. Thanks for your 'childlike' comment, that is totally what I've been going for. :-)

A. said...

would it be wrong of me to enter? haha!


Ella Gregory said...

Great idea again. I may have to come back to fill it out, although I terrible with models and hipsters (I guess my brain is too full with Gyllenspoons and the like) so I think there is little point.

Everytime I come on your blog I like the new look more. It is really stylish and so you!

P.S new series of the hills indeed. but it has slightly lost its magic. i only watch for spencers beard and whitney really.

Rose said...

1 Abby lee

3Alice Dellal

3 Jonathan Saunders

4 Givenchy

5 Marc Jacobs

6 Lula- Leith
Us vogue- Anna
Uk elle –Lorraine
Paris vogue – Carine

Siru said...

I feel like an idiot, but I don't know all these ( and don't wanna tell you what I don't know, so not gonna take part). :(

juliet xxx

Unknown said...

oh my...i only know 2 answers, how rubbish. I recognise alice delal in no.2 i think, and the scottish designer would be jonathan saunders?
nevermind, i'm sure someone will come up with the answers soon!

alluretone said...

you know i love these :)

abbey lee
zomg i don't care about hipsters.
jonathan saunders
louis vuitton
lula mag- leith
us vogue- anna
uk elle- lorrain
paris vogue- CARINE!

Anonymous said...

1. abbey lee
2. I can't really make out the first two but i know the 3rd is alice dellal
3. johnathan saunders
4. givenchy
5. marc jacobs for louis vuitton
6. lula: leith, us vogue: anna, uk elle: lorraine, paris vogue: carine