Saturday, April 10, 2010

ann margaret and travel updates

A little update from San Diego. Firstly it must be said that I'm missing blogging so very much, it's shameful to admit that feeling out of the loop saddens me but I'm also having so many adventures and crossing paths with so many lovely people which more than makes up for it.
Some of the adventures so far have involved a secret party with lots of Beirut style bands fiddling away in a disused railway tunnel in Atlanta, being invited by strangers on the street to parties that sound cool (until you get there and when faced with a room of silent 30 year olds come to realise that a good party never requires extra people being scouted on the street) and driving around Austin in the most beautiful little 1971 Volkswagen.

I can't gush enough about; if you're going traveling, you must use it. It reinstates trust in strangers that today seems so rare and the generosity of other people is crazy. The best experiences we've had have been in cities where we've been Couchsurfing (Philly, Brooklyn, Austin, I'm looking at you..) and it's as safe as anything else-always follow your instincts but we haven't encountered anybody who has had a bad experience.
Now, please lovely people be kind enough to update me on what I've been missing. Which underground It-girls are you pining over and crushing on, which new designers are blowing up a storm and which editorials have been inspiring you? Spill, spill, for I am like a dotty Grandmother who needs to be kept in the loop. Two weeks until I return back to normal blogging life.. A bittersweet thought.

I leave you with pictures of the very cool Ann Margaret; watch the video of her fighting off Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas and tell me it doesn't make you swoon.


ediot said...

LOVe that first Photo! its maGical!
im glad youre having an good time away from blogging. the band thing sounds like an good ideA.
hope youre having an wonderful weekend

xx ediot

Is This Real Life? said...

Your trip sounds so awesome, can't wait to see all the pictures of it on your blog .have fun and say hello to america for me,hehe!

Clara said...

sounds like your having an amazing time! I'm thinkin i might have to do the same next year.

WendyB said...

She was just on an episode of Law & Order SVU!

emily said...

Stevie, it sounds like you're having a FABULOUS time!
can't wait until you come back and we hear even more about it (so jealous!)

massive blogging absence on my part but i finally got round to posting that mini-interview you did for me

really sorry about how late it is, but i hope it's ok!

speak soon


Siru said...

It's so great that you're enjoying yourself! I am at the moment going crazy for THE Miu Miu heels in pink and anything camel -colored.

juliet xxx

Courtney said...

hii! i go to USC so i live a few minutes from downtown LA. i assume you're going to coachella this weekend, but if you need anyyy suggestions on places to eat/go/see you must email me! and i can give you my number

Lolo said...

Ann Margaret is stunning! Both of those photos are great.