Wednesday, September 01, 2010

inspiration on a wednesday

90s Obsession Calvin Klein adverts, Steve Jobs (Guffaw, who'd have thought..), Maxxe Sternbaum from the Opening Ceremony blog, Kate Moss in a furry jumper, Isabelli Fontana in trackie leggings styled by Jane How, Lesportsac bags, Anastasia Barbieri, Chloe Sevigny's Kickers.


T said...

its not frankie its isabeli :)

great inspiration post this is completely the type of aesthetic im going for

L.C said...

hahah i bet steve jobs would love to know hes featured as inspirtation on a blog.

Clara said...

Yikes I think this is my favourite of your collages! So perfectly 90's it hurts.

Funnily enough I forgot to bid on the most perfect dusty brown platform kicker boots the other day on ebay...the hunt begins again!

Jess said...

Adore that photo of Kate Moss.
& I read that like Chloe Sevigny's Knickers. Very confusing haha

Siru said...

I love young Kate in there!

juliet xxx

dazed said...

ahahha that's a picture of me smoking in winch?
very surprised to find it here - quite honored.