Monday, September 26, 2011

interview: florence sw

Top photograph by Sophie Davidson.

I regard Tumblrs with a wariness, like a cat about to cross the road I understand the extent of the danger I am about to put myself in when I visit one of those blackholes of all things aethestically beautiful. Florence SW's is one of those pages, except that when I visit I feel completely safe. I may visit and muse over bare-faced photographs of Natalia Vodianova and enjoy Florence's funny accompanying captions which read like the naive bursts of a teenage diary. With enthusiastic chronicles of trips to the shop for a packet of crisps, vaguely embarrassing mishaps or tales of recent eBay purchases, she is a Brit with a true Anglo wit and an ability to post picture after picture of some lithe 90s model without any real pretension. I like Florence's tumblr because in a sea of sites which often lack real substance, she will source consistently fresh (and funny) material and inspire and give you a good old pat on the back to help you through that early-morning-getting-dressed funk.

What’s on your bedside table?
My bedside table is more accurately a desk so presently a perennially dying cheeseplant, my radio (to indulge my radio 4 obsession), various magazine tear outs and school books

Some pieces of clothing you have on current rotation?
Raggedy old jumpers in sombre colours, leather trousers, t-shirts under dresses, doc martens shoes and black or grey socks are my style staples. 

Which are your go-to blogs?

What would you like to be ‘when you’re a grown up’?
To be a stylist would be the ultimate fantasy, dressing hot chicks in saggy jumpers and tattered jeans; however I would be equally happy devoting my life to indulging all of my history student desires as a museum curator.

How do you start your average day? (Please discuss breakfast.)
Ideally I’d like to wake up to, my eternal hero, Jenny Murray’s dulcet tones on Woman’s Hour followed by a breakfast of croissants and blueberries/raspberries, however a far more apt description would be my waking up at about 12, missing Woman’s Hour and eating some quavers around 2 o’clock when I finally drag myself to Tesco Express.

Tell us a joke.

Have you heard of anti-joke chicken? “Knock, Knock, Who’s there? It’s the police, your wife has been badly injured in a car accident”. 

If you were creating a moodboard to sum up your own style and your favourite references, what would feature in it?
An excess of a barefaced Kate Moss, Angela Lindvall in Miu Miu turtlenecks and Chloe Sevigny in homemade hats and overalls.

What are your guilty pleasures?
Cigarettes, Halloumi and Glee.

Is it accurate to say you have a frugal approach to clothes? 
It couldn’t be more accurate, the best indication of my clothes expenditure is to say that I usually have to have a serious think if the item is over £1. I am an ebay fiend first and foremost and since starting Uni my charity shop obsession has intensified, it is Deptford that caters to this obsession (the Methodist church, the Salvation Army, the list goes on!)

A couple of songs you’re listening to at the moment?
I remain a committed fan to Dev Hynes and his accomplishments so naturally the Blood Orange album has been one of my priorities, Etta James 'A Sunday Kind of Love', anything and everything by Sam Cooke and 'C'mon Every Beatbox' by Big Audio Dynamite.

Do you have a beauty routine?
I’d prefer to not wear make-up, but in order to avoid the much dreaded “prawn eyes”, I usually wear Rimmel kohl eyeliner, Maybelline Great Lash mascara (because its the cheapest!) and if I am feeling festive I occasionally wear orangey or red wine coloured lipsticks.

Your favourite films to stimulate the sartorial senses?
Amelie for the awkwardly long skirts, perfect hair and chunky shoes and Woody Allen for Gershwin, New York, his passion for Ingmar Bergman and Diane Keaton.

Aside from direct style references, what are your other interests?
The first thing that springs to mind is Joe Strummer and The Clash, an infatuation that I can only credit my parents with. In my opinion, The Clash are the ultimate British band; political, clever, funny and original and Strummer and Jones are my Lennon and McCartney. Seeing Big Audio Dynamite with one of my best friends at Bestival not only made my summer, but my life. Additionally, history lessons with Mr Merriman can attribute to my interest in Cold War era American and the hours spent pouring over books on Civil Rights or the Johnson administration in my former life as a Waterstones bookseller.


Joy said...

I'm still wary of Tumblr bloggers but great Q&A! It was a nice read :)

Sophie Delphis said...

I do have to admit I can spend far too much time on Tumblr... I love this Q&A, and it gives me a few more blogs/tumblrs to explore.

disneyrollergirl said...

Ah Joe Strummer and BAD --- good choices!

ShervinsWorld said...

Dope Q+A!! really enjoy this!!

SymbioticLife said...

I too, approach tumblr with a cat like wariness. I forced myself not to examine the pic above too closely before reading the interview. Fantastic interview. Could just be a bias speaking for me since I love Amelie, Etta James, don't wear make up except for kohl eyeliner, mascara and occasionally a lip stick, and try not to spend money on clothes if it's not from a thrift store and...well the list goes on. :) But, I wouldn't have known all that without such a brilliant interview. xoxo

A. said...

fabby fab fab