Tuesday, October 11, 2011

window shopping

Some 'window shopping' snaps from the last month. I am aware of the irony of following a post in which I talk about how I don't want style inspiration to always go hand-in-hand with the notion of 'needing more stuff' with one full of 'oh, I want this, and I want this..' high street porn. But when the store I'm walking into contains clothes with attainable price tags, I don't feel quite as strongly. And besides, I saw the Zara jumper in the first picture, fell in love, and then put it back. Because those America funds to finance my time studying in Massachusetts from January aren't going to start themselves. So this is a liberated dream scenario, if you will. I came, I saw, I stroked and I put back. And only 10% of this post contains any shred of denial about that turn of events.. Ok, I purchased the jumper in the middle picture. From River Island! And it doesn't have an ounce of diamante on it! I really never thought anything from River Island would take my fancy but it looks rather jazzy in a primary teacher sort of way when worn with my Marks and Spencer pleated school skirt and Mens marl socks. See also the Unique Dalmatian Bomber jacket. I know I've been doing an awful lot of Topshop hankering recently but I've been completely seduced by their stock this season. Plus the jacket is made from ponyhair and mohair (a real treat for the fingers) super snug and super unattainable. "Hooray?"


Clara said...

I cannot BELIEVE that second photo is River Island and M&S. River Island?!!

Giving me majoorrr j.w. anderson vibes, without the price tag.

SymbioticLife said...

I do this to myself all the time. I was searching around, looking for some eye candy inspiration with fashion and found myself at one of my favorite websites - 50% off sale listed on the front page. Ended up looking at everything and torturing myself but I managed to walk away without purchasing. Really cute sweater you managed to snag. xoxo

Unknown said...

Love the skirt, as you already know. Hope I can find one in stores as it would be a major bargain for me.
Found another street style article here:

Hannah said...

River Island has always been intrinsically linked to diamante in my mind too...I'm still always shocked when there's nice classy stuff in there

Rianna said...

I am not a river island type of person at all but I LOVE that jumper, its true, they always have diamonte's and branding EVERYWHERE! but that is a really nice jumper, I might even go and have a look at it I like it that much!

Rianna xxxxx

Unknown said...

I really like the leopard bomber jacket.