Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Home Soil

Well, well, well. The American adventure is all wrapped up, completed and I'm now back on British soil, quickly back into the pace of 'normal life' (whatever that is) and learning that life does in fact continue, you don't come home, walk into Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport and have some life narrator announce 'Chapter 12, Back in England' as I think on some level I had been expecting as a sort of acknowledgement of my time in America coming to end. After all, how could I slip so easily back into the way things were before? Well, quite simply that's exactly what happened and it feels nice. Same, but different. 

These are some of the photographs of my final two weeks in America which was spent in California working on an avocado farm and then camping in Big Sur with Jim and Charlie. We drove down the Highway 1, just as we'd done a month before and sitting in Jim's car with Kool and The Gang and Black Moon playing and the stunning coastal views beside us felt like the perfect bookend to my time in America, with two of my closest friends, a pack of Hoegaarden, squished fresh strawberries, a bit of melancholy about the idea of returning home, but ultimately a lot of laughs and affection and a good sprinkling of Massachusetts memories. 

Now I'm back and I'm excited to crack on with blogging again, make up for the month long absence and catch up with some of my favourite reads while I spent the Summer back in Bristol at my parents house, working and anticipating my final year studying in Manchester. I hope you lot have all been swell!


hannah-rose said...

it really doesn't get better than these photos, hey? man stevie it looks fantastic and it sounds like the most amazing end to your semester abroad. Final year of study is crazy weird though, I'm half way through mine and I'm kind of freaking out actually.. I wish I'd done an exchange..

Disneyrollergirl said...

Ahhh welcome home s! come and see us in London x

Faye said...

those photos are b e a u t i f u l!!!!

fox hunter said...

oh wow, these photos are lovely! sounds great :-)