Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back in the Groove

Hello, hello. It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Apologies for the unexplained absence but I'm back. I've been having a bit of time out and doing a bit of thinking but writing again feels good. 

Some things that have happened recently: I celebrated my 21st birthday at the end of last month in a beautiful field in the Cotswolds with some friends. There was quite a lot of Cava and dancing to Disco and I wore a baby pink feather boa which has since lead me to the conclusion that baby pink feather boas should be worn more often. (Whether this sentiment was intact cava-induced remains to be seen..)

I've been kicking around a lot in my new Nike Air Safaris which were a birthday present from my Stepdad. I've been sticking to my usual 'it's new and I like it and I'll wear it all day and everyday if I want to..' formula. This is along with some simple gold hoop earrings I bought at the start of the month from (ahem) Claire's accessories.

The Olympics.. who wasn't glued to the screen? Bit of shame it's all over now, really.

I've signed up to do a 160 mile bike ride from London to Paris with some friends. It was floated as an idea and I booked a one-way Eurostar ticket back from Paris before I could change my mind. It's only a month away and the reality of what I've signed myself up for has started to sink in, but in order to remedy these nerves I bought a fairly ridiculous bike top from one of my favourite second-hand shops in Manchester today. (Does it even have a name? The one in the United Buildings on Oldham Street.) Hof hof hof..I may be in head over (sweaty) heels but at least I'll look tropically Wiggo. I also bought this mustard yellow cardigan from Ryan Vintage which is fairly more conservative in a Land Girls kind of a way. 

More updates soon. Until then, what have you all been up to? I'm always interested to know what you've been listening to/watching/doing with your summer. I've been listening to the Beegees, and working at the cafe a fair amount. I also cooked a rather fantastic 'Bristol' Slow Roasted Jerk Pork last week (Jamie Oliver's recipe from when he visited Bristol as part of the Great Britain series) Absolutely perfect on a summers evening enjoyed with plenty of Coronas and lime and chat with one of my girlfriends. 


Camille said...

It's a very courageous thing to enterprise such a long ride, but I'm sure that with that jam(m)in top, nothing can go wrong.

This summer, I've been listening to a podcast called "Bonjour Mr Phelps," which is full of funk, psych-rock, and yéyé tunes. Also, my two best reads so far are Nabokov's 'Pnin,' and Auster's 'New York Trilogy'. I'm planning on writing about all those things and more soon (I've been out of time too), but that's pretty much what's been up with me lately.

Also, I'm the same when it comes to new items, and those Nike are cool enough not to have to justify that habit.

I have to say, I missed your posts - welcome back!

blue roses said...

i've missed you all summer! hope the break gave you a chance to re-fuel and re-charge...

that bike ride to paris sounds amazingly daunting and grand. that neon bike top is very eye-opening; functional!

i've been listening to the new ariel pink's haunted graffiti album, "mature themes," constantly. also lots of twin shadows. also been reading lots of borges and updike. watching "breaking bad" and re-watching "felicity".... oh man, late 90s, so great!

Samantha said...

160 miles wearing the coolest top ever!!


wahhh sick kicks.
missed ya blog

Anonymous said...

That top is like neon Jamaica and even almost sort-of says jammin' on it. Cycle soundtrack inspiration?

Leanne said...

Great to see you back on the web! And, hey, thanks for the #ff on twitter oh so long-ago... it had been a while since i had logged in.

Sounds like your summer has been going well, and a bicycle trip from london to paris sounds amazing (and maybe not too strenuous? compared to the hills in CA, at least...)

My summer's been filled with internet networking. Along with a beautiful tumblr, I have decided to create a real blog for myself. Please check it out! So far, I think my sister is the only one reading. HA!

Also went to a small music festival in big sur all by lonesome. Never thought I'd do something like, but it was a great experience going it alone!

That was my first comment on your blog, I think. But, I do enjoy your writings!

Lily said...

Seriously missed your posts! Welcome back :)

ouestladiscotheque said...

Holy crap that cycling top rules. At least you won't get lost from the group on your epic cycle ! I'm slightly jealous it sounds like a rad idea.

I'm lisetning to Purity Ring and Friends and watching Empire Records.

I just did a massive catch up post too so won't bore you here ;)

Molly x


happy to see an update from you! you may not know it yet, but I'm sure you'll make some kind of course record for that bike ride wearing THAT top! geeeee whiz!

speaking of bikes- I got a beautiful baby blue wonder machine, otherwise known as a schwinn suburban. I will post a photo of it on my blog soon! baskets, bell and all!

this summer ive been reading about running, harry potter, sylvia plath, palm reading, and even a little tom robbins on the side. my obsession with wes anderson has re-surfaced, as well, after seeing 'moonrise kingdom'

cant wait to see a pic of that bike!

lexyrose stylist said...

see mine!!