Tuesday, January 29, 2013


While the kettle for my hot water boils.. this is what I wore this evening for a couple of birthday cocktails in honour of Sim's birthday. Another coat borrowed from another flatmate (this needs to stop), a dashing new lime jacquard top from Topshop, my Marks and Sparks school skirt and an Asos hairband. 

We drank at The Alchemist where adults spend lots of money on cocktails from a menu that reads like a child's sugary fantasy. Marshmallow or Bubblegum Daiquiris and flavourings evoking the smell and taste of fizzy cola bottles. As someone who noshes a bang of Haribos in one library sitting when the going gets tough, this kind of night out suited me just fine. 


Helen Le Caplain said...

The Alechemist serves such delicious drinks - have you tried the spiced rum punch? To die for!

With regards to borrowing your flatmnate's stuff - as long as it's with her permission there's no problem - that way you get more looks for less!


Duck said...

Loving the texture on the Topshop top, it reminds me of Christopher Kane with all the white embossing on the pastel colours. And I am JEALOUS you can fit into a school skirt! I tried to buy M&S school shorts before Christmas but they just don't go up to my waist size anywhere! I've been investigating plus-sized children's wear. I really want that itchy grey wool texture.

Anonymous said...

cool coat!!


Fashion Follows Her said...

Drinks that taste like fizzy cola bottles- sign me up for a little nostalgia!

Joy said...

The neon and the fitted silhouette are so unexpected. Love the extreme juxtaposition between that and the coat. It's a hot look!

Anonymous said...

Those cocktails sound like really great! Love how you always combine the clothes, you really have an unique sense of style, love that. And the lime jacquard top and the hot pink jumper from the previous post are awesome, wish to have a jumper like that one reminds me of Nastassja Kinski in Paris,Texas and of my mother, 'cause she used to have one like that but it got lost on some moving we did.

Oh and nice to read on the comment you left me on my blog that The National's England is one of your favorite songs too.

hope everythings goes perfect, xx

Aquaruby said...

Love the top. Apart from the colour, it's very Audrey Hepburn!