Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Apron Appreciation

I bought this dress from the JW Anderson x Topshop collection last week and man, I like it. It makes me feel like a French painter or a baker who means business. I work at the cafe in the Whitworth Gallery and there is a woman who works at the gallery who always comes in for a bowl of soup at lunchtime wearing a fantastic denim apron. It is sturdy and a dark wash of indigo with paint flecks and cutting dust along the sides. All good aprons should have various dust on the sides- the greatest pleasure in wearing one is being able to wipe your hands on yourself when they're dirty like you did as a child without any adult instincts getting in the way, and for the muck to actually add to the personality of the denim. A crumb, paint, coffee gradual, jammed, free-for-all.

My dress isn't quite in the same category as hers but I like it with its little frills. I wore it to my Aunt's 40th over the weekend. Before I left the house- in some anti-Coco Chanel philosophy- I added a couple of accessories. (Sacre bleu! She always says to remove them! Well, I'm never much the accessories type, so if anything I should always follow the opposite of her 'isms') So on when my banana brooch and up went a ponytail. All after a brush of the teeth, of course. 


Anonymous said...

<3 perfect!

blue roses said...

with the clean simplicity of your apron-inspired dress, i am sure even lady chanel would forgive an accessory or two. i usually drip in them, though, so perhaps i am just hopeful.

Ally said...

I love a denim apron!! I'm still obsessed with trying to find the Muji one that the staff at Nordic Bakery wear. Tempted to get a job there just to get an apron.

Thanks for your comments on my blog by the way! I'll be checking out that article later today and look forward to reading more of your thoughts on it. Recently I've also turned almost entirely to blogs and websites outside the pure fashion realm. There is just so much to learn and so many other exciting things out there that I want to explore! It makes my brain feel good, especially since leaving uni and entering the workforce it can sometimes feel like I'm not using it all that much.

And thanks for the comment about my hair :) I went light blonde last year as it went into that weird dark-blonde nothing colour phase. It's a bitch to maintain and get's a blue tinge sometimes from London's crazy hard water, but I'm ok with that.