Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life Now

How to update the blog after a two month hiatus? A blank box is always sort of overwhelming but there are lots of fun things to talk about like 'GRADUATING' and 'REAL LIFE STARTING' although those topics can be tackled in a fairly easy way with these two photographs:

In other news I got a job! This is a very exciting development for me as I'm working at Creative Tourist which is a website that I've hawked from afar over the past 3 years and which helped me to locate the interesting 'non-studenty' stuff going on around Manchester while I was new to the city. In the mornings I get out of bed, make myself some porridge and then travel into work with 'I'm Every Woman' by Chaka Khan blasting in the background, just like Bridget Jones when she walks to work over Waterloo Bridge with her hair all tucked under her scarf. Just like that. 

I'm living with two of my best friends and a red cornsnake called Morpheus who we are looking after for a friend who has moved to America. We have little mice frozen in the bottom drawer of the freezer for him to eat every 10 days. 'Morpheus fed!' is marked on the calendar every few rows and watching him attack and consume a partially defrosted little mouse whole is fascinating and morbid in equal measures. Sort of like the footage you occasionally see from nature programmes of giant serpents lying very fat and still after tucking into a small piglet from a nearby village, but a lot of more bearable. I still haven't quite plucked up the courage to take him out of his tank (I'm more of warm-blooded pet person) but time will tell. 

In the evenings we have been working our way through the first season of Twin Peaks, drinking slightly too much wine and singing passionately along to the theme tune and shouting 'She's dead! Wrapped in plah-stic!' We all then hastily handwash our shirts to be worn the next day, hang them in the shower and head to bed. 

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Congrats on the job!