Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Moodboard

Hello Weekend, you old chestnut. It's come around quickly once again, hasn't it? This week I've been enjoying reading A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. I've been coming to terms with not having a mobile phone (what- no instagram?!) after having mine stolen last week. Clue: oddly liberating. I've been eating homemade lentil, red cabbage, kale and bacon soup at lunchtimes and working my way through the Piccadilly Records Top 100 playlist, which is stellar.

Now I'll do that thing when I finally tackle the overzealous collection of tabs cluttering my screen and compile them into a snazzy moodboard. Have a wonderful weekend, all.

Hand-rolled cigarette russes with sparkling neon sprinkles- are these not the kittens of the baking world? So small, so pretty, so coo-inducing. I haven't baked for blooming ages (I get more out of cooking these days but that's also because this usually happens when I go down the sweet route..) but these, nestled in a pretty tissue-papered box would a brilliant Christmas present make. Via Smitten Kitchen (you know the drill- only click on that link if you have a full stomach and a spare hour)

Cocktail Boyfriend Jeans The other day my colleague Polly asked "If you could take up a whole new look without any judgement from the outside world, how would you dress?" We pondered everything from promiscuous thigh-high boots to 1920s flappers dresses. Now that I've had the time to reflect I'm kicking myself- of course it would be 'Miami Beach Divorcee', no questions asked. All manicured nails and tassles and big sunglasses and cocktail print flares. House of Holland understands this quasi-trashy aesthetic which my brain likes to revisit. Woah mama.

Like many people, before the obligation of regular homework and the distraction of The Sims and MSN and MySpace I used to spend all my time drawing. I'd draw babies, teenagers, families, groups of best friends; experimenting with how realistic or cartoonish I could make the eyes and realising the more varied a group of people was in size and shape, the most interesting they were. I'd write little bios next to these imagined people and then create stories about them. 'Erin, 14, best friends with Claire, supports Liverpool FC, favourite colour; yellow, likes to eat pasta and hang out with her sisters.' I can't remember how long I did this for but I'm fairly sure it was a matter of years, stopping around the time I went to secondary school. One of the best things about this pastime was that I was completely unselfconscious about having a pen in my hand. now whenever I draw I'm often pausing to decide if it looks 'good'. Later on at A-Level I studied graphic art and got the same pleasure from redesigning the album art for a Beirut album, scanning the insides of envelopes and photographs of my Mum as a teenager, ripping pages from National Geographic and bringing everything together on photoshop. I miss spending so much time cutting and sticking and making but most of all I miss feeling unselfconscious. I'm trying to be better at leaving my laptop at work in the evenings to allow myself time to revisit my pens in the evening. A spate of illustrators websites have been sitting in my tabs recently which has only increased the urge. In particular I've been enjoying Sam Brewster's drawings, which remind me of 1950s children's books and old matchbox illustrations.

YMC brushed wool jumper Goes together with Christmas evening like turkey and cranberry sauce.

Igor Termenon has his fingers in lots of pies. He's the editor of photography zines Girls on Film and Boys on Film and is part of the team behind Future Positive. I've been enjoying going through his personal site, in particular his photographs of Glasgow. For me, Glasgow is the mistress. If I was to leave Manchester for anywhere else in the UK, it would be Glasgow, and Termenon reaffirms why.


Anonymous said...

Love your moodboards. I always discover something new. I used to draw a lot too, but my main pastime, or better said my main passion ('cause I dream about living of it one day) it is to write. So I'm also trying to spend more time doing it and try to finish my long term unfinished novel one day soon.

The Sam Brewster drawings are awesome, and I'm in love with the Cocktail Boyfriend Jeans from House of Holland, definitely something I'd love to wear on the next holidays. And the wool jumper looks so cozy and perfect for Christmas eve. Here in Spain, it's so difficult to find those kind of wool jumpers with colour stripes. Everything is quite sober :( I like minimalist clothes too, but in this time of year I'd love to find something like that on the stores and it's pretty difficult. Only in a couple of vintage shops in my city you can find something similar, but not as cozy and cute as those jumpers seem to be.

Oh and I really like everything Igor Termenon does. I follow his magazines 'cause a friend of mine, Silvia Conde, works for Future Positive from time to time and has done a couple of collaborations with Girls on Film. She runs this amazing community, Soft Skin, I think you might like it:


Camille said...

Those high waisted cocktail flares!!! They look like they'd be pretty easy to replicate, I think I just found what I'll be doing with my Christmas holidays...

I'm with you when it comes to drawing, writing, and making collages, and I truly miss taking my time and yes, not feeling self-conscious. I used to have big plans to become a writer (in French), I used to be a manic doodler, and I feel all this energy has been transferred into manic tumblr scrolling or something.

This is probably going to sound strange, but I've had this striped wool sweater for some time and it always reminded me of your general aesthetic. It's no YMC, but if you like it and it fits you, I'd be really happy to send it your way (

Lily said...

Lovely composite of images and inspiration as always. Love the Miami Beach Divorcee character. Love the cigarette cookies. Love the image of said Divorcee serving these cookies at a dinner party.

Sonya said...

Gorgeous pics! Love those trousers!