Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moving Moodboard

Clips: 1. The Greek synchronised swimming team 2. Student protests against rising tuition fees in London, 2010 3. Fanny Craddock makes an omelette, Christmas 1975 4. McCartney family home videos, Scotland 1970 5. The infamous Doncaster Rave film from 1993 6. Roller skating on Venice Beach

Another Moving Moodboard post has been long over-due. I made my first one over a year ago and you can see it here, though as is the case with the natural ebb and flow of internetland, some of the videos have since been deleted from YouTube. That's okay though, if we wanted things to be permanent we might look to other places than the internet.

A step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Press play on Moondog's 'Bird's Lament' right there at the top. 
Step 2. Press play on each of the video boxes, hitting mute at the same time, or experimenting with however much sound you would like from each. Scroll up and down, watch it all come together. 
Step 3: Enjoy Fanny Craddock's eyebrows, the McCartneys running along a Scottish beach, the hypnotic movement of synchronised legs and watch students standing their ground during the 2010 protests before the apathy crept in. 
Step 4: When it is all over, go on as you were.

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Miss.D said...

I love this idea! Such a great way to make moodboards more interactive!